Friday, March 4, 2011

Prime Sinister – Too Low For Zero

I am not talking about the French metal group but the words are from an Elton John song. In my career I have come across many resumes in which an applicant has claimed to be ‘honest, sincere and clean’. My response has always been that being honest, sincere and clean is normal and it doesn’t get anyone a ‘premium’. You do not get a special increment or raise because of honesty or sincerity. So why is it that a lame duck PM gets to hang on to office because of these very personal traits? Along with character there is something called ‘Conscience’. You can read it as conscience or con-science, whichever way suits an office. For consistently heaping corruption on the nation I would think in the PM’s case it would, indeed, be ‘Con-science’!

Manmohan Singh has brought nothing but indignity to the high office of PM. The latest Supreme Court ruling on the appointment of  P.J. Thomas as CVC being illegal is the proverbial last straw for this honest and clean man. No matter who his boss is, no matter what the compulsions of a coalition government, one can still choose to act on one’s conscience. If anything, his conduct increasingly appears to be sinister in the manner in which the corrupt have been shielded.This is not a Prime Minister in office, this is Prime Sinister!

I have often called him a ‘head-in-sand’ PM. And with good reason. There can be no excuse or reason for condoning a string of corrupt practices under his rule. Whatever his loyalty to Sonia Gandhi or Rahul Gandhi he has failed to put the nation first. That’s the least expected of a PM. And these words from the Elton John song seem to reflect his current predicament quite appropriately.

Head-in-sand - Prime Sinister?

I'm too low for zero
I'm on a losing streak
I got myself in a bad patch lately
I can't seem to get much sleep
I'm too low for zero
I wind up counting sheep
Nothing seems to make much sense
It's all just Greek to me...

Manmohan Singh has sunk to such levels of ineptness that he is too low for even zero. He might want to wonder why he even has to be defended so often by tainted Congressmen. It is time he quit honourably and let some one else take charge. I don’t care about his legacy or that of the Congress. He has already earned the title of ‘India’s worst PM’ and there is nothing more to add to his legacy. His leaving might help bring out the truth about all the misdeeds of the UPA.

Mr. Prime Sinister, please leave!


  1. If one MMS bows out, what is the guarantee that another who will step in there will not be far worse than our former President Zail Singh. He was prepared to sweep the floor at the orders of his PM, so he said.

    Look at the crowd of politicians that stand around Jayalalitha prepared to dive at her feet some two kms away. Same goes good with our Soniaji. We need to have politicians from a different planet.

  2. Ravinar,

    Your words are harsh but apt. I wish MMS must become more assertive now instead of muttering coalition blah blah.


  3. It is wrong to blame MMS. He is merely an arrangement, to fool "we the people" once again.

    He has been given entry from the back door of Rajya sabha,and being deliberately kept weak otherwise during the last election,
    he could have easily won LS seat from Chandigarh or Amritsar.

    He has filed false affidavit to show his domicle state as Aasaam (prior to the amendment in constitution, which again is a big farud on fedral structure).

  4. a wolf in sheep's clothing !

  5. A babu...always a babu..our PM..yes man to his boss(es)!! As for the rant of media about his personal integrity etc etc...nothing is a bigger lie!! What integrity ere they talking about when he presides over the most corrupt and inept that has no feeling for people that elected it in the first place? He is most morally corrupt one!!
    And watch out for the carefully made up image of honest media. It is the same ones mostly with the wheeler journos on their roll!! Does it not explain everything??

  6. When Prime Minister Manmohan Singh recently blamed the Centre’s drift in governance on “coalition dharma”, he perhaps also had the appointment of the Central Vigilance Commissioner (CVC) in mind. For, all three names shortlisted by the Congress-led UPA government were recommended by the DMK.According to BJP sources, while P J Thomas was Telecom Secretary and recommended by former Union telecom minister A Raja, Subbaroyan Krishnan and Bijoy Chatterjee were favourites of Union Chemical and Fertilizers Minister M K Alagiri.S Krishnan was Secretary in the Department of Chemicals & Petrochemicals, while S Krishnan retired as Fertiliser Secretary. Not only was Raja’s candidate P J Thomas preferred over the other two recommended by Alagiri, both Manmohan Singh and Union Home Minister P Chidambaram insisted on his candidature despite strong objections from Leader of Opposition Sushma Swaraj. The decision was taken on the basis of majority, overruling Sushma’s objections. In the minutes of the selection committee meeting on the CVC appointment, Sushma wrote “I disagree” and signed under it, thus recording her dissent.During his recent interaction with TV editors, Prime Minister Manmohan Singh had said: “No one should doubt that I am conscious of my responsibilities. But I have some compulsions. One has to tolerate a great deal in coalition politics, or else go for elections every six months, which is also not the proper course to adopt.”
    Thus he is simply warming up the seat for the furture pm and observes like dead wood the coalition dharma at the cost of common; tax payers not aam and aadhmies

  7. It is still not too late for MMS to walk out with respect

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