Saturday, March 19, 2011

Politicians Need Not Fear The Media

If you were out on a vacation like me and came back to find things a bit different there is nothing to worry. It all remains the same and you are guaranteed a new scam any day. The ‘Cash for votes’ cable leaks by Wikileaks is now on channels everywhere. While all the channels are having a good time with the new story there is one channel that stands out – CNN-IBN. They still claim to be the first to have exposed the cash for votes scam in 2008. The sting-tapes they did not air on July 22, 2008.

As most people know now, CNN-IBN actually buried the video tapes of the sting operation they carried out. A truncated version was aired only much later. In between there was this drama of BJP MPs showing up suitcases with cash in the parliament.

In this particular story, there were many loose ends that needed to be cross-checked, corroborated and investigated further before the story could be aired. As it transpired, even before we could complete the process of investigation, three BJP MPs made allegations in parliament of having been bribed and displayed cash in the House”.  That’s not a statement from the CBI or the ED. That was the statement in a post by Rajdeep Sardesai defending not airing the tapes. You can be forgiven for a moment for thinking CNN-IBN is an investigating agency and not a news channel. It is anybody’s guess why the tapes were not aired or what pressures came upon CNN-IBN to avoid the telecast.

Typically, politicians and other diplomats and spokespersons are on all the news channels at each others’ throats. One statement from Pranab Mukherjee stands out. He stated ‘cannot confirm or deny” the contents of Wikileaks. At least one thing is clear now. The leaked cables are far more reliable for facts and accuracy than the reports in our media. So it’s no more our media that exposes anyone, while they can’t help falling over each other in claiming credit for the expose or ‘impact’!

Suddenly, it’s not the media that our politicians have to fear anymore. It is the breed of politicians and diplomats making statements through classified channels that might scare them more, especially with Wikileaks doing what the media should have been doing. This could well be a trend and the future might see more sites like Wikileaks that expose the truth. As for our media I am laughing at their comic attempts to scavenge. I am tempted to tell them:  ‘go take a leak’!


  1. Dear Sir,
    i was wondering if your were lost, seeing the same Radhika Tanwar post for so many days.

    Any way welcome back.

    I am waiting for Assange to release the list of Swiss account holder.


  2. Politician suck the blood with the help of straw so that the aam and aadhmi do not know the feel of pinch.

    But our PM outsmarted them with his not only camouflaging their attitudes but cementing at times of warranting thus both are at par.

    He had lost his integrity and his suffix for ever

  3. Madhusudan ThakkarMarch 20, 2011 8:29 PM

    Cash for Vote was suppressed by our media crooks.Sudhendra Kulkarni during his interactions with editor Sheela Bhatt and Barkha Dutt[incidentally her coverage was better than Times Now & CNN-IBN]blamed CNN-IBN that it deleted major portion of tapes of their sting operation when the same was submitted to then parliamentary committee headed by Singh Deo.Now Wikileaks have confirmed our media crooks are giving importance to this matter.Please add name of Prabhu Chawla in media crooks.During his interaction in IBN-Live and CNN-IBN he was shamelessly defending MMS and more aggressive in defending Congress than even Manish Tiwari.Our sickular media once again failed to give prominence to this issue in 2008.

  4. Politicians are not worried about media is a true statement. Politicians of all sizes know how to take care of the revenues of of TV channels.IBN and NDTV are two examples of media's credibility levels


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