Saturday, March 5, 2011

Manish Tiwari Establishes ‘The Supreme Court Of Perception’

On Friday (March 4) there were two events of significance concerning the CBI. First, the Supreme Court issued notices to L.K. Advani and others on the Babri case on an appeal by the CBI. Earlier, a High Court had quashed further proceedings against Advani & Co. on this case. The second, a Delhi Court accepted the CBI’s appeal for closure of the Bofors investigation.

Predictably, Congress spokesman Manish Tiwari was invited on CNN-IBN to comment on the SC notice to Advani. I assume Tiwari believes the SC too may throw out the CBI appeal. So instead of commenting on the notice Tiwari makes a sweeping judgement on Advani and others. His repeated statement to CNN-IBN’s Bhupen Choubey was that regardless of the outcome of the appeal in the SC it was established in the eyes of the people that ‘Advani and others, the BJP, the VHP, the RSS and the Sangh Parivar’ were responsible for the Babri masjid incident. And his statement effectively meant that in ‘public perception’ the people and groups involved were already ‘guilty’. And like lame ducks, both Choubey and the other anchor on CNN-IBN allowed  Tiwari to continue with his senseless rant.

Manish Tiwari - Chief Justice: 'Supreme Court of Perception'
Manish Tiwari is supposedly a lawyer. I have no idea since when lawyers started using ‘perception’ as strong evidence in legal issues. Never mind! I agree that perception does influence thoughts and actions of people but I doubt courts are influenced by perceptions. Perhaps they do in ‘The Supreme Court of Perception’ conveniently established by Manish Tiwari, with himself as its Chief Justice. So, I have some more cases for Mr. Manish Tiwari.

In the second case where a Delhi Court has accepted closure of the Bofors case are Rajiv Gandhi, Quatrochi and others now ‘perceived’ to be ‘not-guilty’? The media should take that to the Court of Manish Tiwari and it would be interesting to hear his answers.

Again, Advani recently apologised to Sonia Gandhi on Swiss bank accounts. Hmmm, that again should be taken to Manish Tiwari’s court of perception. Do people really believe that Sonia Gandhi or family does not have Swiss accounts? On Friday, on the black money case the petitioner once again repeated the charge of the Gandhi family holding illegitimate Swiss bank accounts and ill-gotten wealth. That includes a 2 Bn dollar pay off by the KGB. What does Manish Tiwari’s court of perception have to say about that? An Allahabad court has recently issued notice to Rahul Gandhi in a petition of ‘illegal detention’ of a woman named Sukanya and her family. What’s the perception Mr. Tiwari? In the same related incident there are allegations of rape against Rahul Gandhi floating for over 4 years on the net. What’s the perception, Mr. Tiwari?

Who killed Sanjay Gandhi? Why was the inquiry commission closed? Any answers from the court of perception? How did politicians like Madhavrao Scindia, Rajesh Pilot and YSR die in mysterious accidents? Should we take these cases to the courts of perception?  I am quite certain the loud and foul-mouthed Tiwari will certainly have answers to all of these. The case of Hassan Ali, accused to have black money to the tune of 9Bn dollars in Swiss bank was not being pursued vigorously by the UPA. This till the Supreme Court had to lash out asking “what the hell is going on..”. And the media suddenly reveals political connections of Hassan Ali. What’s the perception, Mr. Tiwari?

The media frequently calls politicians and allows them to make ‘hit and run’ statements without any follow up questions. If perceptions were votes Mr. Tiwari, you would be selling vegetables at Crawford Market.


  1. Yesterday during a discussion on bofors case at Time Now, when Ram Jethmalani started telling the story of "Rahul cought in USA", our great Arnab Goswami cut short him and refused to listen this part.

    It is not always that Media allows politicians to make ‘hit and run’!

    There appears to be an advisary by I & B ministry on "Treatment given to Congress and non-congress speakers on television channels", specially those who are getting daily dose of Bharat Nirman advertisements.

    By the way, the it is not Delhi High Court which has accepted the CBI’s appeal for closure of the Bofors investigation, it is "Tis Hazari court".

    The matter may be challenged in High Court as informed by petioner advocate & whistle blower Ajay Agarwal

  2. Manish Tiwari, DS, Sibal,Sangvi are all black sheep for the nation under the guise of politicians. They besmich all nonsense for the moron common assuming that whatever they take the morons will subscribe.

    The author has rightly questioned, why no equal breath the other cases closed did not come from the horse mouth of court on perception. It is not they to be blamed but the media and the anchors questioning the foul mouthed. It is our nemesis to tolerate such crooks.

    सम्वेदना के स्वर rightly pointed out the episode of Ram jetmilani's silenced by the tainted black sheep.

  3. @ सम्वेदना के स्वर

    Thanks for pointing out the error about Delhi High Court...have made the correction.

  4. even a vegetable vendor at crawford market would perceive that this regime is corrupt and is only interested in perpetuating the fast eroding teflon of the gandhis.the day the media self injects some testosterone, the truth will out.

  5. was watching the entire DMK- CONGRESS divorce episode on NDTV a littele while ago... missed the kargil queen Padamshree Barkha Dutt very baadly during these discussions..It's really very sad of her!! when the time for NAMAK KA HAQ came, she has been deputed to Libya. Come back queen!

  6. I am not surprised. Manish represents cong and he must have been under direct instructions from the high command. The fact that you and I are talking about this subject proves a point---no one trusts either the TV channel nor the Cong spokesperson

  7. There is definitely remote button held by the I& B on the censorship of the comments made by those from the ruling party or the govt. Sometimes,s the anchors are not found to be neutral on the issues and there clear indications of pre-thoughts on the anchors as they would not entertain if the genuine replies are not in line with theirs. People like Manish Tiwari should be followed properly for their unfounded and cheap remarks on any organization or individuals. They should never be allowed to make hit and run comments and banish.


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