Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Life, Liberty & The Pursuit of Sharia

Yesterday (March 7) there were protests in New York over a controversial hearing to be conducted by American Congressman Peter King. The hearings are about the radicalisation of the muslim community in the US. While it may appear to be singling out the muslim community Peter King has stated that “if Al Qaeda were recruiting any other group -- be they Jews, Hindus or Irish Catholics -- he would have the "same hearings for those groups." The truth is that it’s mainly members of the muslim community that have been indulging in terrorist acts in the US, demanding extraordinary privileges and then there are some who have gone to the extreme of wanting Islamic law in the US. Some states like Oklahoma have even passed legislation to outlaw Sharia law and there are debates on whether such legislation is actually needed.

The protests in NY have been covered extensively by our online media. Yet, when it comes to the outrages by members of the muslim community our media slips those under the carpet. Our liberatti sheds tears for the likes of Salman Taseer and Shahbaz Bhatti but there were no serious protests or reports over a Bangalore newspaper being attacked for carrying an article by Taslima Nasreen or the Statesman’s editors being attacked and dragged to court for reprint of an article about Mohammad. Those who attacked Taslima at a Hyderabad meeting roam free. The new dean of Darul-Uloom, Ghulam Vastanvi was attacked by his own community for suggesting that muslims are also progressing in Gujarat. This was twisted to infer that he supported Narendra Modi, when in reality he had made no statement endorsing Modi.

The uprisings in some countries in the middle east and north Africa have had our media gloating over how the protestors have revolted against dictators in the desire for freedom, liberty and democracy. The uprisings are justified and dictators should be thrown out. But what’s going to replace them? Secular democracy? It would be a rare mullah or Imam in the Islamic community who hasn’t strongly endorsed Sharia as the replacement. Tunisia is almost on the way to Islamic Sharia rule. Time will tell what happens in Egypt, Libya and other nations. The Muslim Brotherhood makes no secret of desiring Sharia law.

Omar Ahmed, the founder of CAIR (Council on American-Islam relations) is reported to have made it clear: "If you choose to live here (in America) ... you have a responsibility to deliver the message of Islam...Islam isn't in America to be equal to any other faith, but to become dominant...The Koran, the Muslim book of scripture, should be the highest authority in America, and Islam the only accepted religion on Earth”. Though he later denied making the statement, the reporter stood by the report. CAIR is also linked to Hamas, the notified terrorist group. ISNA (Islamic Society of North America) has also encouraged Islamic law. The very idea of overthrowing the constitution of the USA and replacing it with Sharia law is a favourite idea of many Imam’s and muslim leaders. This, coupled with the number of terrorist attacks carried out by Islamic groups, does seem to justify the hearings that Peter King has proposed to conduct on radicalisation of muslims in America.

The problem is many Imams and muslim leaders abuse the very freedoms that democracies allow them. Anjem Choudary, recently promised a march to the White House to demand overthrow of the US constitution and its replacement by Sharia law. (Later cancelled due to ‘overwhelming support’!) Now, Anjem Choudary is not even an American citizen. He is British, the judge of a Sharia Court in Britain and is a champion of the concept of an Islamic UK and USA. Yes, Britain has over 85 Sharia courts. Some of his previous organisations have been banned in the UK. And yet no serious Muslim leader questions this man. I seriously doubt any muslim leader or prominent citizen in India would protest the desire for Sharia law to replace our own Indian constitution. The Imam Bukhari of Delhi is on record stating ‘Islam will rule India again’. There can be no denying the freedom to express such views. But this is a clash of ideologies that will eventually lead to a serious war, civil or world. Events in the Mideast and Africa have the potential to generate permanent conflicts. The ones cheering the uprisings the most aren’t those who value democracy. They are the ones who see the opportunity for an Islamic Caliphate.

'The White Masjid' - sharia4usa.com
If some Hindu jerk were to strongly suggest that our constitution be replaced by the ‘Panchatantra’ I would be revolting at the idea and would be strongly protesting. Yes, I would have a good laugh too! Yet, the idea of Sharia law in major democracies through the overthrow of highly cherished and valued constitutions does not seem to evoke any strong protests from muslims. And I doubt if there is any muslim leader who does not desire Sharia law in India too. Time will tell if they speak up. The pic here from Sharia4USA.com says it all. The site desires a ‘White Masjid’!

That multiculturalism has failed has now been accepted by many European leaders. The problem lies mainly with the muslim community. Two things seem to dictate this problem. Terror and Money. The Libyan and Saudi funding of many prominent universities in the UK has had many heads rolling. (Libya and the LSE: Large Arab gifts to universities lead to 'hostile' teaching) It is a matter of speculation but one wonders how many media and other outfits in India are being similarly funded by Islamic money. If not money, the extremists will use terror tactics of the kind that killed Salman Taseer, Shahbaz Bhatti, Theo Van Gogh, and continue to threaten the lives of many others who question or criticise Islamic practices. While protesting the hearings of Peter King, muslims would do well to question why their community is under the spotlight. It is the consequence of their own community members’ doings and not of others. They are not the victims here.

"Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness" is one of the most famous phrases in the American ‘Declaration of Independence’ and considered by some as part of one of the most well crafted, influential sentences in the history of the English language. And these words represent the inalienable rights of humans (Wikipedia). But if Anjem Choudary and many like him have their way,  the constitution would have a new preamble : ‘Life, liberty and the pursuit of Sharia’. I don’t think I want that, do you?


  1. This is very interesting. You write about efforts towards Islamization in USA; but do you intend to give insight in to Islam by mentioning this kind?

    I mentioned these and people think I am speaking for USA and not for India. But the problem here is two fold.

    People do not realize that Islam is same every where and if they (Islamists) are actively pursuing their (in their own words, it is striving hard)ultimate ambition in US, there is no reason to believe that Islamists are not pursuing their goal here: making Islamic law i.e. sharia supreme in the world. It just happens that some US media do mention activities of Islamists albeit without understanding core doctrines of Islam but nevertheless they do mention.

    But in India, it is not like this and mob violence by Muslims goes completely unreported and we have to depend upon websites that are sympathetic towards Hinduism; they may be truthful in mentioning that violence etc. but people literally do not trust the info. credited to these websites and instead tend to equate every one calling for looking critically at Islamic doctrines are branded as part of Hindu right wing.

    Our institutions, as they were created by left, have successfully implanted ridiculous ideas like all religions are same and India is a multicultural and secular society in people, that too at a very young age and then there is deceptive Bollywood. This conditions prejudice and acts as impediment to seek the truth objectively which means going against established norms.

    Anyway, one can read from below links:



  2. Most important one in this kind of news is content in the documents obtained by FBI during an investigation on Holy land foundation (some Islamic organization in the guise of social org. was collecting money) for Hamas.

    These confiscated documents reveal that CAIR and ICNA are nothing but off shoots of Muslim Brotherhood. They also reveal the main aim of Muslim Brotherhood i.e. to destroy USA from within.

    One can read detailed reports from below links:



  3. 1. We must be extremely alert against any efforts to portray Islam in a sanitized way. Islam is a sick ideology with a psychopath, mass-murderer, pedophile as its founder and eternal role-model for its followers. Its history is a story in deception and violence. Don't be deceived.

    2.As Islam is exemplified by Muhammad, Osama Bin Laden and Qardawi, the only way it can be handled the best is when there are equally psychopathic persons, a hundred times more powerful, and having a thousand times more hatred for Islam-Muslims than Islam-Muslims have for non-Islam-non-Muslims!

  4. I received a joke that a hindu, christian and muslim purchased new cars and did the pooja a hindu tying the lemon and garlanding in the front grill; a christian drawing cross on the bonnet but the muslim cut two inches of the exhaust pipe and thus performed the pooja.

    Few understood the joke and many when questioned, muslims are destructive in nature hence, performed so. I did not know to laugh at or weep! They are blood thirst, ruthless, torpid, haughty, and a few towns are over infested with the tribe but see their dominance. If they become a nation it is anybody's guess. They unquestionably shown the right place.

    We need another Sanjay Gandhi

  5. @ Sri

    Thanks for the links you provided and your comments. Yes, I am quite aware of these sites and a lot more. And yes, Islam is the same everywhere, in some places more vocal about their intentions and in some places low-key. The enormous Hindu population in India acts as a check on them, else you and I know what may come about. Our politicians and media are not living in denial, they are simply living in lies and suppressing truth consciously.

    @ Samalochaka

    Just let's wait for some time to see the outcomes in the mideast and north Africa. We will see the real face of it all.

    @ Vaidya

    Events elsewhere in the world will finally wake up the population in India to the threats that we face.

  6. If in US the Islamists want to spread like the nest of a spider, it is for the US authorities to care for. Why should we comment on that.

    In si far as it relates to India, No, we just will not allow that kind of a leverage. That is all to it.

  7. @ emmaarcee

    The very purpose of taking over US, Britain and other influential nations is that these are powerful democracies that have an impact throughout the world. Therefore, you can see where the Islamists are trying to go. Why don't you get to see such movements in China? That's because the Chinese would put down such silly movements with heavy firepower.

    The happenings in the US, UK and many countries in Europe are WARNINGS for us. It pays to be forewarned. And yes, the US still remains the beacon of democracy. It is not a banana republic like India. Unlike India the US has complete freedom of speech and a fundamental right to property. Indian democracy has neither. It is the absence of fundamental right to land that has resulted in so many maoist movements and communist ruled states.


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