Friday, August 12, 2011

TimesNow May Collapse Under ‘Arnab’ IMPACT

Update (August 12): This was originally posted on February 18, 2011. I thought sending a new QBox to Arnab to Impact the fall of Narendra Modi might help. Order placed. When the TimesNow kicking and screaming is over we will have elections soon.

Rarely a night passes without Arnab Goswami telling us how many questions he would ask. On the night of February 16, the day MMS finally broke his ‘silence’ and spoke to TV editors, Arnab gave us some interesting statistics. There were 16 editors and a total of 20 questions were asked. That is hardly a scenario that Arnab would have liked. I must mention though that it was extremely insensitive and discourteous of Harish Khare to have interrupted Arnab and tell him it was not an ‘interrogation of the PM’ and to show some ‘courtesy’. In this case it was Harish Khare who was being a jerk. After all wasn’t Harish Khare a part of the Times Group earlier? After wrongly snubbing Arnab he allowed Prannoy Roy to not only make a long-winded statement but wrap 2 or 3 questions into one to the PM. Well, Prannoy is from NDTV so that probably goes well with Harish Khare. But this is about Arnab Goswami.

For a start, let me state clearly that Arnab is not as despicable as some of his peers from other channels. He just believes he has to set a record for the number of questions and then let Times Now outrageously claim that it has ‘impacted’ all the outcomes.

TimesNow Impact: Kalmadi sacked. TimesNow Impact: Darbari suspended. TimesNow Impact: Lalli (of Prasar Bharati) suspended. TimesNow Impact: Antrix chairman to go? TimesNow Impact: SMS fraud. TimesNow Impact: Sports minister acts for national swimmers. TimesNow Impact: Isro Deal cancelled. TimesNow Impact: Hosni Mubarak resigns. Oops! The last one was a tweet from somewhere. The other channels are just cheats who are repeating the ‘Impact’ claims of TimesNow. 

So if TimesNow alone can Impact so many outcomes I have started to wonder whether we really need a CAG or CVC or PAC or JPC. Such is the power of Arnab Goswami’s constant questioning. Exactly a year ago Arnab had just about asked 702,855 questions on TimesNow according to highly reliable sources from Fakingnews. Since that report, the Guinness Book of Records organisation has been keeping a watch on Arnab and have now reported that Arnab has set a world record of 1,000,000 questions. The most ever by any TV host or journalist in the world. Watch out for the ‘Breaking News’ about the Guinness Certificate on ‘Your channel’.

The 20Q Gadget specially made for Arnab by Firebox.Com

 The current information on TimesNow’s new strategy is that they are now planning to take the number one spot in ‘Breaking News’ ahead of India’s most loved and respected channel ‘IndiaTV’. And the trick is to keep asking more questions that have no answers and all silly answers can then become ‘Breaking News’. Take that Rajat Sharma! But in all fairness since TimesNow keeps telling me that it is ‘Your channel’ I have decided to help them in asking more silly questions that have no answers. I have sent a special 20Questions Machine to Arnab Goswami that might just deliver one answer on being asked those 20Questions. This is a gadget specially designed for Arnab Goswami who can’t seem to get answers despite so many questions.

I have only one fear. With the chances of the number of questions exponentially growing because of the gadget their ‘Impact’ would also be phenomenal. And I wonder if TimesNow itself will collapse under the Impact of Arnab’s questions. Wouldn’t that be nice?


  1. Madhusudan ThakkarFebruary 18, 2011 11:27 AM

    In the conference I was also at loss to understand why nobody from India TV was called[Its viewership is definitely more than News 24]Also there was only Arun Purie from TV Today group whereas there were two members from TV 18 Rajdeep Sardesai and Sanjay Pugalia[who also asked silly question like Pranoy Roy and Anuradha Prasad].All in all students from Mumbai asked better questions to Obama than our sickular editors

  2. Times Now is mildly more balanced than the rest of the English channels and relatively less sold out to Congress.
    But honestly speaking, it is an absolute PAIN to watch the channel sometimes. Their TIMES IMPACT nonsense is so narcissistic and self-congratulatory. And factually incorrect. At least Rajdeep had the decency to state on Twitter that The Hindu first broke the ISRO-Devas scam, though it was more intended to preempt Times Now claiming credit than to actually praise the newspaper

  3. I agree with free_verse. Arnab Goswami comes as someone who is given to a lot of histrionics pompousness!!

  4. arnab at least has some guts..the smarmy prannoy roy makes you puke.

  5. The Hindu first broke the ISRO-Devas! Why? This is anti BJP but pro DMK and congi, yet pioneered to publish against cong? The cong wanted to fix DMK to extract more seats in the ensuing general election as they are together due to expediency over the scam in the first place and to oppose Jaya.

    But the subject magazine with some blood relation with one between the Marans, wanted to rescue the DMk and indulged so else they would not damage the cong to favour BJP.

  6. arnab has mindlessly tried to get at modi recently after almost prejudging that what the gujarat cops said was gospel and could not and should not be disputed,never mind the fact that sanjiv bhatt remained absent from duty despite several reminders.yesterday arnab and the hate modi brigade were put in place firmly like never before. i felt dismayed at the fact that arnab was trying to 'out barkha' barkha dutt. sad..

  7. Arnab disappeared for a week around the time Mumbai blasts happened last month. I have beginning to have a faint idea of what may have ensued in that time, because ever since his return, he has become indistinguishable from the other paid Congress stooges.

    I have no problem if he targets BJP people, as fiercely as he did to the Congress during their various scams this past year. All I request for, and DESERVE, is INTELLIGENCE !!! The debate on Modi the other day has turned Arnab into a certified IDIOT.

  8. Narendra Modi is nice and a good gentleman. Jayalalitha is also nice but sharper than 100 Modis.

    The devil advocate earned his wrath and will never again venture to interview her. The best of Arnab Gosamy was at his lower ebbs when he, interviewed her few days ago for the first time in Times now.

    This guy while interviewhim persons like Obama or someone like that completely surrenders. He lost his voice out and a chooo...... thiya at that while interviewing Jayalalitha..

    He was scared of her. Mani of the Congress is also like that. Why should the idiot called Swapan get engaged with Mani. Does not BJP has more commendable idiots than shwapans. I pity that Shwapan . He should confine to Bengal.

    Let me have a chance. I will maul and tear Mani.
    Mani should regret the day that he was born.

  9. You are absolutely right in your assessment of Arnab impact. Last night on News Hour at Times now continued to disseminate misinformation on the point of Cr.P.C. 144 ( apprehended danger ) and punishment under section 188 of IPC due to sheer ignorance of law which was clearly explained by Mr. Raju Ramchander Senior Advocate of Supreme Court in simple and plain language in the debate. If I were at the debate, I would have put my 'SIMPLE' question to him that if he incurred the displeasure of his employer what options are left for his employer or for him. Will he resign willingly or wait for the natural consequences being his services terminated. Then will he go to court of law or sit at Satyagrah at JP Park for fast unto death symbolising the icon for his fellow employees ? Times Now should take care that the freedom of press is the license base on the ethics and not the absolute liberty. The anchor ought to be the person who is conversant with the history of this nation and respect for the rule of law. Nation cannot protect the Constitution without rule of law. There are dozens of events that whenever the trouble was not appended in budding it has resulted in destructions of life and property to an unimaginable magnitude. Arnab, you see people on road but you have least regard for the people in their houses and for goods at their shops. Siding with the antagonists of rule of law and insinuating the protagonists of law you are inciting mobocracy and not the democracy.

  10. Arnab is an Ixxx... Just questioning and blaming the people whom he questions that too without any basis. My watchman also does that. If HE has to provide some use, then start giving answers ixxxxand not questions...
    A real idiot times now is able to afford

  11. All Time idiot....Times now really need some thought on him...

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