Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Supreme Court - The Last Truthful Media Standing

In yet another rap for the Central Government the Supreme Court has directly questioned its ‘secular’ credentials. A bench said the government has reformed only Hindu laws and failed to overhaul personal laws of minority communities. Effectively, as we have known for ages, secularism in India basically means being ‘Anti-Hindu’. Trample on Hindu culture, control Hindu temples and make a mockery of our Constitution which enshrines a ‘Uniform Civil Code’.

The wrong practices under ‘secularism’ in various democracies have directly led to the victimisation of or discrimination against the majority community. In the first place there shouldn’t have been laws like Hindu Marriage Act or Muslim Marriage Act or Sikh or Christian marriage Acts. There should have been one single Indian Marriage Act. That Act could well have recognised religious practices under which marriages are conducted but all other laws should have been uniform. That Act could have authorised Priests and Maulvis to authorise and register marriages with legal stipulations.

It is not fair to blame just the government alone. The ones who practice and encourage ‘minority-favouring’ secularism are all over the media. The communists, the pseudo-secularists and the anti-Hindu brigade. The NDTVs, the CNN-IBNs, the Times-NOWs, the Aaj-Taks, the Headline-Todays and many more. Is reform required in religions? Absolutely, yes! Hinduism, Christianity, Judaism, Sikhism and most religions have undergone reforms. It is only the one major religion of Islam that refuses to undergo reform. It is not for no reason that more and more European leaders are now waking up to the fact that ‘multiculturalism’ has failed miserably. It is important for any community to be tolerant, but simply a bad principle to tolerate the ‘intolerant’.

The Rahul Gandhis and Digvijay Singhs may equate Hindu outfits with terrorism and Nazism. The cost of perpetuating such twisted practices of ‘secularism’  by the Congress and the Communists is immense and will destroy the nation. If gutter-mouths in the Congress, the Communist parties and the media are able to frequently attack Hindus it is because, as the SC rightly observes, “the Hindu community has been tolerant to these statutory interventions”. The UK has seen the birth of the English Defence League (EDL). It may not be long before a ‘Hindu Defence League’ is born. India is not the same as UK, USA or other western countries where immigrants form the minority community. Indian minorities are people of Indian soil and origin. The difference ends there. The streak of ‘intolerance’ runs uniformly among some minority communities in the west as also in India. It is this intolerance that fuels pseudo-secular policies and laws.

True secularism is not about asking the majority community to be more tolerant. It is about ending ‘intolerance’ that exists in any form. If secularism can still survive in India it will most certainly be because of Hindus and not otherwise.


  1. Great, timely post!!
    I read the news clip in the morning and felt absolutely elated and my respect for the judiciary just went up a notch!

    Now, it remains to be seen whether the media will discuss this pertinent observation by the SC with the same enthusiasm with which they discussed mayawati's sandals being polished.
    Something tells me NO. I still remember the fuss that was created by the media over women being denied entry in Sabramila temple, while all the while I kept thinking if they will ever discuss Muslim women being not allowed to visit mosques or Christian women not allowed to become Bishops.

  2. In other news, this article on Narendra Modi finds place on the front page of NY Times website. It's a little less biased than other international articles.

  3. I am not surprised that MSM has virtually ignored this news.

  4. It is amazing that the court has to rap the knuckles of the government over the captioned. Then what role the secular tagged political parties have in store and why they did not question equally the media?

    Now it is a concluding fact that the media is not for putting forth the fact to the common but after money from ads with sensational news for a few days more to the point with the government. It is all praise for the court to have highlighted the lacunae over the government.

  5. plagiarised
    The Muslim population in India was 13 crore according to the 2001 census, while the entire population of Pakistan is 17 crore in 2010. The Hindu and Muslim alike share the idea of India and Pakistan is not a sub-patriotic option. In 1989, even an enlightened Socialist like George Fernandes declared, “Whether we want to admit it or not, most Indians consider Muslims a fifth column for Pakistan.” If the Congress really seeks the empowerment of the Indian Muslim, a Uniform Civil Code is a must. The judiciary has made this clear. Politicians who question judicial activism may be reminded of Justice Bhagawati’s words, “The judge is not a mimic. Greatness of the bench lies in creativity. It is for this reason that when a law comes before a judge he has to invest it with meaning and content.” The government must cease being creative with the meaning of secularism and stop mimicking the realities of 1947. Otherwise the parable of equality will remain unexplained to India.

  6. Looks like one of the things that went against AK Ganguly...


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