Wednesday, February 16, 2011

The PM’s Con-furtherance

The meet apparently started with Eid greetings. I could only laugh. This may be a different Eid, but it may be fair to call the PM an ‘Eid Ka Chand’ where his press meets or addresses to the nation are concerned. Harish Khare, the PM’s media advisor, welcomed the TV editors as “masters of the universe” and allotted ‘one question to everyone’! Take that for rationing. So effectively, once in a few years a media editor will get to ask the PM one question. Yes, we are a 'functioning democracy'!

After some mild praise for the media for taking the scam reports to people the PM mentioned that it’s a disservice to project the country as ‘scam-driven’. The PM can rest safely assured that the media hasn’t taken all the scams to the people. They themselves may be involved in many. Now why in the world would anyone get the impression that India is ‘scam-driven’? Are the ordinary people to blame? Is the media to blame? Singularly, the UPA has bestowed this inglorious reputation to India and it will be difficult to remove that tag very soon.

This video on Youtube and doing the rounds in emails is a 'scammy-image' of India that the UPA can claim much of the credit for. 

Manmohan Singh did not nothing more than refer to the enormous scams as ‘irregularities’ and offer the same worn out defences that his party and UPA have been offering all these months. Far from addressing issues of corruption his own Congress morons were busy raking up all issues of Hindu terror in their own plenary session and at every public meeting.

It is a sad comment on the state of the nation that corruption has taken such a front seat in the discussion ring. If we were free of the major scams we would have been talking about the non-performance of people like Sharad Pawar, Kamal Nath, the loot of the Aviation industry and so much more. And what do you know? If you were a TV editor given one important question to ask you would ask the PM about cricket! That’s right. Ask him about his favourite cricketer and India’s prospects at the ICC world cup.

Sometime back the Congress clown prince, Rahul Gandhi, blamed coalition politics for corruption and inflation. Now you’ve heard it from the PM himself. That coalition dharma requires comprises. Why didn’t we know that? That compromises really mean corruption and loot of the nation?  And if you were looking to really hear anything from the PM – all you got was ‘Raja said..and Isro said..’.  He said, she said and they said...and I still say nothing new.

The journalists had questions on Egypt, Telengana but nothing about defence or security issues and hardly much on black money. Only recently we had Pakistan asking for information on Samjhauta blasts etc. when that country is yet to act on anything. Our media had no questions on that at all. And, of course, you can expect Prannoy Roy to soften the blows for the PM. He asks the PM about next elections and anti-incumbency and whether he will still be a PM candidate in 2014. I guess it will take NDTV a long time to come back to the realities of today. After all didn’t they just conclude another sham award ceremony for entertainers and one politician?

The most significant thing that the PM said, according to me, was that “this time the corrupt won’t get away” ! Well, at least that is a clear admission that so far the corrupt have gotten away. Other than that, Manmohan Singh increasingly comes across as nothing more than a blundering, muttering babu. He should honourably quit and spare this nation any more embarrassment.

And if all that is not enough, you then have  Manish Tiwari telling the world that instead of appreciating the PM inviting the media and talking to them, the media and opposition are criticising him. Yeah and “India is a functioning democracy” according to the PM. Maybe in your next life. With journalists not allowed to press the PM further and limiting the questions this wasn’t a press conference. More like a Con-furtherance on behalf of the Con-gress party.


  1. On email by Emmaarcee


    Disgusting and quite irritating. What else?. All the media crooks were there in the durbar and the "Nodal' crook Khare started the game. The questions are framed well in advance, vetted and sent to the PM for his dry run and was staged well. Poor Arnab was chided lightly sending message to others not to be asking sucessive questions.

    My understanding is that there is no problem anywhere and things are under control. There is nothing exceptional about the 2G but a slight misunderstanding and that did not deter the PM to go with Raja taking the time of the happening. According to him, guilty, if any, will not be spared.

    Question remains then what is all this tamazha about Raja and his custody by CBI. There is no scam any where is the message by the PM. Are not we wasting our time?

  2. You are right, Ravinar!

    In this Con-furtherance, the electronic media also got exposed. Except Arnab Goswami of Times Now (u have to give him credit!)remaining editors proved themself suffering from radia-activity.

    A couple of days before, they had given Bharat Nirman and Swabhiman advertisement to all prominent news channels....

    And by the way, why they have invited only news editors and not special correspondents covering PMO?

  3. What else can we expect from NDTV and P.Roy now. Its a proven fact that its a propaganda wing of Congress.

    Was Barkha there? lolz

    Other night i was flipping channels and there it was the great lady Barka Dutt interviewing an army general.

    I mean does these people have no common sense or they are pushed to do interview with this crook lady from the top.

    Shameless. Indeed

  4. MMS skin had become thick on hearing the scams repeatedly and haplessly witnessing them to take place under his nose. The corruption of cong had been a tall order in history of 200 years in corruption. Our media have become totally sycophants and they are morally corrupt hence they have lost balance owing to their own act and they are unabashedly professing as if chaste but people have understood them very well.

    One wonders could not god bless an insane to snatch AK 47 and take first opportunity of such corrupted media persons projecting to educate the common on their own conjectures?

  5. In case somebody noticed, the ENTIRE conference was about the PM, PM and PM! His role, his responsibilities, his deficiencies. The handpicked media refrained from asking any questions about the role of the CONGRESS GOVT. as a whole, the PARTY POLICY. No question was asked about Sonia Gandhi, the party president, the one who practically calls all the shots. Why shouldn't she be made to sit through a conference as well? Can't people see what is happening here? The Congress is using PM as a shield. He has become a scapegoat who will be ultimately blamed for of Congress's failures and Congress will emerge out of this as the unintended victim of a bad PMship. And that incompetent buffoon Raul Gandhi will be made to look like the saviour. I am not supporting MMS here. But it is unfair that Congress (and particularly the high command Sonia) should be allowed to have it so easy. Ultimately, it is all about the PARTY to which PM belongs. He has been IGNORING all the misdeeds in governance but ultimately these misdeeds are of the Congress.

  6. I only feel sorry for him. What else can one say about a man who was brought into do a specific job of governance

  7. Already jokes have started coming out about the 2G scam, MMS' press 'con'ference.... Clear sign that we will all laugh it off and forget everything in the next news cycle. This 'vicious' cycle is here to stay as long as we stay the same - indifferent, shameless and proudly claim collective loss of memory as our national virtue. The political class and the bureaucracy as usual will lie low till everything blows over. And they know it will - just a matter of time. What are WE going to do is the key - apart from passing 'intelligent comments' about revolution in Egypt and earth quakes in New Zealand.


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