Tuesday, February 1, 2011

The New Congress (I) Movie - 'Shityameva Jayate'

I was just wondering where Digivijay Singh (DS) has disappeared. After finding someone to heap all the abuses on the RSS and Hindu outfits one has yet to see a response from ‘Diggy Shit’ on the apology that Aziz Burney has tendered recently.

Aziz Burney had his 15 minutes of fame with a book called ‘26/11 An RSS Conspiracy’. That was the culmination of many other articles written by him over a few months. And who does he have at the launch party for his book? The Dhimmi Raja, of course.

After peddling untruths in wholesale Digvijay found an able ally to spread his conspiracy theories and lies about 26/11. It is sound philosophy and an even greater marketing principle to do something outrageous and then to apologise rather than not take the risk. One must give that much credit to Aziz Burney. Now that he may have achieved some sales for his book he is willing to change the title. He probably realises that even the most outrageous has to have some scientific basis or logic. Circumstantial evidence may support a scientific one but on its own its not good enough to find someone or some entity guilty of crime.

In defense, Burney claims his theory was based on Hindu outfits being found responsible for Malegaon and other blasts. If nothing else, this reflects childish idiocy on his part to not realise that Malegaon and 26/11 had nothing in common. Sure, the deaths of Hemant Karkare and other officers on the night of 26/11 are yet to be fully explained. That is all the more reason for any sensible journalist, writer or politician to not fling wild charges around.

All the more reason why politicians shouldn’t peddle shit about issues that they do not know the complete truth about. This is what Digvijay Singh is a master at. I have to safely presume that DS has for sometime been the head of the Dirty Tricks Department of the Congress (I) and is sincerely carrying out the assignment handed out to him. Create conspiracy theories, accuse Hindu outfits and thereby hope to endear Muslims to the Congress fold. Someone has to tell this shit-peddler that elections are still far away, so he needs to wait a while before he goes full strength in his calling.

Untruths to the Supreme Court, untruths about 26/11, scam after scam are the greatest achievements of the Congress (I) in its last 6 years in power. While the media went to town with DS’s outrageous statements, barely anyone talked about the apology tendered by Aziz Burney. This was largely left to some small  newspapers and some websites. 

Await the new version "Shityameva Jayate" from the Congress
DS could make a complete film called ‘Shityameva Jayate” with the current Congress cast led by its leading actors Rahul Gandhi, Manmohan Singh, P. Chidambaram etc. and directed by Digvijay Singh. A reader of this blog pointed out to me how the slogan ‘Satyameva Jayate” has become a joke for the Congress and the UPA government. Rightly so.

For Digvijay Singh the new slogan has to be ‘Shityameva Jayate’! And his pupil, Rahul Gandhi is right behind him on this new principle. Wait for the new movie!


  1. Someone informed me that his ass had gone on excursion and would be back after six months. Till such time he had borrowed DS' face. Therefore, he would be back after five more months

  2. मैंने किसी जोशी-पोशी को पत्र नहीं लिखा : बर्नी
    Tuesday, 01 February 2011 17:05 अजीज बर्नी भड़ास4मीडिया - प्रिंट
    यशवंत भाई, आई हैव नाट रिटेन लेटर टू एनी जोशी-पोशी. इट इज ए पार्ट आफ साइबर वार अगेंस्ट मी. नो मैटर. दे मस्ट नो मैं वो पत्रकार हूं जिसकी एक किताब ने देश की राजनीति का एजेंडा बदल दिया. मैंने लिखा इराक पर, बुश को माफी मांगनी पड़ी. मैंने लिखा कल्याण पर, उन्हें सपा से जाना पड़ा. मैंने लिखा आतंक पर, आतंक का छुपा चेहरा सामने आ गया. असीमानंद का कनफेस, उपाध्याय पर मिलिट्री इंटेलीजेंस की रिपोर्ट, इशरत जहां केस पर सतीश वर्मा का बयान...

    ये सब मेरे लिखे पर मोहर है. और याद रखें, ये सब जब मैं लिखना और बोलना शुरू करूंगा तब कश्मीर से कन्याकुमारी तक एक ही आवाज सुनाई देगी, अजीज बर्नी की आवाज.


    अजीज बर्नी

    (भड़ास4मीडिया पर प्रकाशित खबर ''अजीज बर्नी का एक और माफीनामा'' के जवाब में अजीज बर्नी ने अपनी उपरोक्त प्रतिक्रिया एसएमएस के रूप में दी है, जिसे यहां प्रकाशित कर उनका पक्ष रखा जा रहा है

  3. @ Anonymous - Your Hindi comment on Aziz Burney's denial.

    Your information is incorrect. I have not referred to any Bhadas4media. I have referred to the apology which was carried in Burney's newspaper 'Rashtriya Sahara' in both Hindi and Urdu editions. I have not referred to any letter supposedly written by him to anyone. So your comment is factually irrelevant.

  4. The apology from Aziz Burney comes after RSS filed criminal suit against him. Aziz had no other choice but to save his ass. It is good that RSS has said it will proceed with suit immaterial of apology. Aziz clearly knows that when he faces court, it will be hard to save his ass.

    It has become fashionable to allege all things on RSS/Hindu organizations without of any solid evidence and then when threatened with consequences of facing the court, apology is tendered. But by then all the damage is done and aam aadmi is left with only the first part ( allegaitons ) and media showcasing these allegations as proven facts.

  5. ok...Mr. Ranvir, n 10x 4 the info.

  6. Dig Vijay Singh is a curse on this nation and, therefore, an avoidable payload.He should be dropped in the mid sea.

    The curse that this country suffers is that political appointments have no merits. Does this country suffer the appointments of creeping presidents like Sharma and sage old idiots who need to be carried on a stretcher to be the holding important positions of this country. Shame.

  7. Another "gem" from Diggy


    PS - Ravinaar, hope you'd do a piece on the unceremonious, biased Tehelka leaks. The author of the Tehelka expose article is particularly notorious.

  8. @ free_verse..

    Yes, I am aware of the Tehelka nonsense. I'm just seeking some more information but right now working on another one...

    Thanks for the link and the suggestions you come up with..


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