Monday, February 7, 2011

JuD: Jihad, N-War Solutions To Kashmir Issue

Any ‘moderate’ muslim anywhere in the world will tell you ‘Jihad’ is an ‘internal struggle’ for spiritual cleansing. I am confident that the likes of Digvijay Singh and Rahul Gandhi will agree. It’s only idiots like us who do not understand the real meaning of ‘Jihad’ and frequently stereo-type muslims.

India has shown disappointment over the release of Hafiz Saeed, chief of Jamaat-ud-Dawa (JuD) and a suspect for masterminding 26/11 Mumbai attacks. JuD is suspected to be a front for Lashkar-e-Taiba. The release questions Pakistan’s seriousness in combating terror...Hafiz Saeed is also reported to be a co-founder of the Lashkar-e-Toiba (LeT)”.  That was a news report from June 2009.

On Sunday, February 6, at a Kashmir Solidarity Day meeting Lahore, Hafiz Saeed’s speech for spiritual cleansing of Kashmir was reported as under: (From DNA)
"You (Manmohan Singh) must remember that the movement of the Kashmiri people is nearing an end and I am telling you very clearly to immediately leave Kashmir. Otherwise we are ready to start a war against you to get this at any cost," "The only solution to the Kashmir issue is jihad," said Saeed. The jihad should continue "as long as Kashmir remains under Indian occupation" and there would be "no problem" if the fighting leads to nuclear war between Pakistan and India, he contended".

Well, we need not worry much about the JuD or the LeT. We have a bigger terrorist threat at home through Hindu Terror outfits. That is what Rahul Gandhi told an American Diplomat. Hafiz Saeed also blamed India for masterminding the 26/11 attacks. He is not wrong. The Digivijay Singhs and Aziz Burneys of India have also expressed similar sentiments. It was probably an RSS conspiracy.

A few days ago I wrote a post titled ‘Egypt & The Fifth Column’. The separatists in J&K are understandable. Why should we believe that there aren’t hidden separatists in the other parts of India? The more the weakness of the UPA government and greater their attempt to cloak the real threat of Islamic Terror with strident cries of Hindu terror the more emboldened the likes of JuD and LeT are likely to feel. For long many leaders have been calling upon muslims in India to merge with the mainstream. It may have happened to some extent. But there is a certain religious intolerance among certain sections of muslims which will inevitably fall prey to the designs of JuD and LeT, if they haven’t already done.

Not surprisingly, British PM David Cameron has recently announced that multiculturalism has failed in Britain. This follows earlier such announcements by Angela Merkel of Germany. The community being responsible for this according to them is not Hindus or Jains or Sikhs. They singularly point to muslims who have proved to be against any norm of democratic and liberal society. And on cue, the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt has announced that they would like to implement the ‘Sharia’ in Egypt.

Here is a video of a Fox News interview with Imam Anjem Chowdhary. This Imam is one who deeply desires complete Islamisation of Britain and is also reported to be a Sharia Court Judge in one of Britain’s Sharia courts. A Sharia court in Britain? Yes, there are more than 80 of them. And this is the multiculturalism that David Cameron states is failing.

                           Anjem Choudhary on Fox News "..You can live under Sharia"

Let me caution you, Fox News is often cited as a right-wing conservative news channel. I have not pasted this video for a Fox News’ programme but to reflect on the views of Anjem Choudhary. And he holds out this promise in the video “...Islam is coming to your can live under Sharia”. But when our own politicians and media tarnish many Hindu outfits as ‘right-wing’, ‘communal’ and such choice tags you have to know what they are inviting into this country through a backdoor. A veritable fifth column. If we talk about these, don’t be surprised getting labelled as ‘Racist, Bigot, Propagandist or an Islamophobhe’.

So all the mediacrooks who were tom-toming the theory that the protesters in Egypt were seeking democracy, freedom and liberty should now stop lying and realise the fact that much of the protests was fueled by the Muslim Brotherhood and their ultimate aim is Islamic rule in Egypt. Our friendly neighbour, Pakistan, is already an ‘Islamic Democracy’. The Times of India, NDTV and similar news outfits desire nothing but great peace with Pakistan. Nothing wrong with that. The only problem is Islamic rule and Democracy are not compatible. According to the Islamists, democracy is man-made and that is not acceptable to them. Therefore, their God-made laws and systems will always triumph over man- made ones. That’s a certainty.

The columns that some of our media friends write could well be ‘The fifth column’ in reality. Aziz Burney was not the only one strident with his conspiracy theories about 26/11. Digivijay Singh, A.R. Antulay are among prominent subscribers of that theory. And among the many journals that espouse such theories has to be Tehelka. Yes, the journal that employs journalists who believe in journalism and who get paid to tell the truth!

An interesting piece about Tehelka titled “Turncoat Tehelka” appears on Sandeepweb, and I produce some excerpts below:

.....Back to the fearless paper’s fearlessness, we see that Tehelka in February 2009 published an article entitled THE CURIOUS TALE OF MUMBAI TERROR by one Raveena Hansa. The full text of the article is here. An unending stream of the author’s medically-untreatable bowel movements on an overdrive, it basically says the following:
  • There are unanswered questions about 26/11.
  • There are doubts about who killed Hemant Karkare.
  • The attack is not entirely the work of Pakistani terrorists.
  • We can’t rule out the possibility of “Hindutva terrorists.”
  • Pakistan is as serious about shutting down terror networks as India is.
And then inexplicably, Tehelka took down that article from its site, a fact that went by unnoticed except that the indefatigable Barbarindian detected this sleight-of-hand and posed a question to the fearless paper. The paper responded with:

@barbarindian Sorry that article wasn’t published on Tehelka. Altho, same article on Countercurrents w/ diff headline Here.

That is the fearless Tehelka denying an article it carried supporting the conspiracy theories about 26/11. One needs to be reminded that Tehelka had nearly shut down some years ago. The blog Sans Serif carries a post about how the Congress government helped restore Tehelka. Is it any surprise that such a fearless journal would need to reward the Congress with some propaganda?

The dangers of the media being corrupt and not willing to call the lies spread by several politicians or events that unfold in the nation and the world is a clear warning that propagandist media will eventually destroy every democratic value and freedom that we cherish. Hafiz Saeed and his JuD are emboldened to threaten Jihad and N-war. And on the sidelines of the current SAARC meeting our journalists are busy interviewing various people on the next move for peace with Pakistan. We need a watchdog over the media so that they do not abuse the very freedom we cherish to open the backdoors to those who wish to destroy India.


  1. Politics can buy steadfast principles and make a steel bend like a rubber. No political party is free from corruption of sorts. They need vote banks for their survival and appeasement is the best policy. He or she who has clear views has no place in politics, for power is such an aphrodisiac that no one likes it to let go.

    So, where is the place for patriotism and things like that before Power? The Politicians would go to any extent to dish out rice for Rs one per kilo, dole out free colour TVs and even worse they make out impassioned speeches to move heaven and earth. A vast majority of poor Indians fall a prey. There is no redeeming from this. Our poor meadiawallahs are an integral part from this suffering Indian multitude.

    Is there a way out?. I don’t think so

  2. This is called social engg., i.e they will keep on saying rubbish till ppl will start accepting and gradually believing it, in coming yrs (10- 20 yrs)... Its horrible and we should stop it .... but i dont know why??????


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