Thursday, February 24, 2011

‘Erring Barkowitch’, Rahul Kanwal & A Dog Named Ramdev

Rahul Kanwal of Headlines Today seems bent on being bracketed with the likes of Barkha Dutt, Rajdeep Sardesai and their clan. How else does one explain  his stupidity in questioning Baba Ramdev on his assets on his program ‘Centrestage’ on HT (Feb 23). If at all he did ever want to question that, why did it take an 'Erring Barkowitch', oops Ninong Ering, the Arunachal MP, or gutter-mouth Digvijay Singh to rake up the issue? Hmmm! Looks like a Bloody Indian Dog is behind the story.

First, it has been reported that Erring Barkowitch called Ramdev a ‘Bloody Indian’ and a ‘Dog’. Well, get used to it Ramdev, many foreigners have used that tag for Indians and Erring Barkowitch may still not be happy at the idea of being Indian. Why? Because Ramdev chose to question the black money affairs of the nation and the Congress. Sometime back I wrote the piece ‘Digvijay Singh–Wag The Dog’, so it’s natural for job-less DS to have jumped into the dogfight.
Digvijay's Spiritual Handbook

We are used to barking dogs, but what makes Rahul Kanwal and DS bark ? First, because he questioned the Congress’ black money business Digvijay states the assets and donations to Ramdev’s trusts should be investigated. So Rahul Kanwal picks up that ‘bone’ and questions Ramdev. Only one problem. Who should be looking into the assets of Baba Ramdev? DS seems to repeatedly forget that he is part of the Congress-UPA non-government at the centre.  It is the government’s business to look into disproportionate or illegitimate assets of any individual or entity. So what stops the government or its IT department from investigating Ramdev’s organisation? Of course, we all know by now DS's utterances come from his own special 'spiritual' handbook.

And then this moron, Rahul Kanwal, from HT has this great question for Ramdev: “Aren’t you mixing spiritualism and religion with politics”? Why? Because Ramdev chose to question the black money dealings of the Congress. Now what in the world makes Kanwal believe that a spiritual or religious leader does not have the right to question the Congress or any political party. Is it the exclusive privilege of the medicrooks? And then in the face of such questions Baba Ramdev shows up documents supposed to be balance sheets of his organisation explaining assets worth 1100 crores. Never mind that. DS comes up with an even greater suggestion: Ramdev must certify that every donation received by his organisation isn’t black money! Isn’t that rich? Is that Ramdev’s job or is it the government’s job to verify and ensure no black money has been transacted? And instead of questioning the stupidity of Digvijay’s remarks Kanwal keeps asking about the assets of Ramdev. Bravo Kanwal, welcome to the Mediacrooks Elite Club!

Another statement that DS makes is that Ramdev had used his non-political meeting to make political statements. Really? It was Kanwal’s job to remind this DS that citizens are free to make political statements and ask political questions at any public forum.  After all didn’t DS’s protege seek a meeting in a University hall in Chennai for a political meeting? And I had defended Rahul Gandhi’s right then. And jerkowitch Kanwal, even as a supposed newsman, forgets that Baba Ramdev has already floated an Anti-corruption party called ‘Bharat Swabhiman’.
Bloody (Red) 'Indian' Dog

Both Kanwal and DS need to learn that any Indian citizen has the freedom to raise any issue concerning India anytime, anywhere in any public forum, even political issues. This is not a privilege limited to media crooks and political dogs. As for Baba Ramdev’s assets it is none of Kanwal’s or DS’s business. If there is any illegitimate money involved it is the business of the IT department and the government. And may be the IT Dept. should investigate the Congress too. So DS can eat his own shit and go complain to the IT department. He might even get a reward!

As for Erring Barkowitch he is just another 'hand'-man with utter contempt for Indians. The scams, the corruption, the black money are all indicators of how much the Congress really cares about India and Indians. I don’t know if he feels like he is a ‘red’ Chinese, but I sure know what a ‘red-Indian’ dog looks like. And Rahul Kanwal can save his bark for better issues. Barking dogs seeking sound ‘bites’! That would be a new one!


  1. Rahul Kanwal used to be half decent once upon a time, esp. when he decided to do a piece on the Radia times, albeit belatedly. It seems now that he has completely lost his nuts as well, in a bid to outdo his tainted peers.

    Ramdev need not have gone to any channel, IMO, to given any explanation. He doesn't know the extent of crookedness of our journos. You should have watched Star News (Hindi) interviewing Ramdev! They flashed "Ramdev ki 1172 crore ki sampatti" 24/7 on their channel, forgetting to mention that this is the property of the various Trusts which undertake numerous activities from pharmaceuticals to schools to ashrams.

    Rahul Kanwal has become such a CROOK of late. I saw a discussion on his channel on the Godhra verdict where he KEPT HARPING on the question of COMPENSATION by the MODI govt. to the acquitted persons. You won't believe it - he had the BALLS to suggest to a BJP MLA from Gujarat that the govt. of Gujarat should be MAGNANIMOUS enough to not appeal against the acquitted as a part "truth and reconciliation" with the Muslim community. I was aghast!! What sort of a MORON of a journalist will make such a statement?

  2. I saw a Congress crony politician on AajTak yesterday repeatedly insisting the Yogis and sadhus should stick to their sphere of activity and not encroach upon the domain of politics. In one go, this idiot politician threw out of the window the inalienable political rights guaranteed to every human being.

    Then, towards the end of the programme, this Congress stooge issued a threat-cum-warning to Ramdevji that he should not be under the impression that just because he has spiritual followers, these will translate into VOTES! I could see the Congress was PETRIFIED at the idea of Ramdevji dtepping into politics. Congress till now has been surviving on Muslim vote and disjointed Hindu vote and Ramdevji with no less than 500 million (right?) followers, will spell DOOM for Congress.

    Digvijay Singh has just made it so much easier. I hope that the UPA loss gives him a massive heart attack if nothing else....

  3. It is meaningless to discuss about a person who is blessed with inter placed his head and bum. He should have been born ten minutes later so that god would have rectified it. But if he himself revisits his own statements after making he would, I suppose, realise that it is the height of the absurdity.

    As the author well weft across the right perspective of warp on the platform to question the corrupted congis. I am amazed that still congis claim they are congis means how they have discounted that the citizenry have nothing in their head so that they can drive home anything they wish. The media idiots are shameful for tuning in tandem with the corrupted for the benefit of their pittance.

  4. Madhusudan ThakkarFebruary 26, 2011 10:19 AM

    Not only Rahul Kanwal but other crooks like Arnab Goswami and Rajdeep Sardesai are now singing praises of MMS especially after his speech in Rajya Sabha.Same is the case with crooks like Aashutosh of IBN live and Kishore of Star news.All these crooks firmly believe that ONLY THEY have right to question on corruption and hindu spiritual leaders should only confine their activity to Yoga and Satsang.

  5. Sonia Gandhi had already ordered her Politicians to be on offensive against her Oppositions. Don't we see today also The Corrupt Kapil Sibal and PM tries to BAT for A RAJA, blaming NDA policy on 2g and cheat the country? Not accepting the truth of LOOT done under table selling spectrum at low rates on paper. India needs more aggressive campaign to expose the corrupts. Baba Ramdev would not throw stone on anyone if he lives in a Glass House. Congress is getting scared of him.

  6. Most of the Media used BABA RAMDEV an as expert on Black Money and Scams to speak blunt. This helped to raise high TRP. The day BABA declared War against Corruption, they saw their Masters [ CONGRESS POLITICIANS ] in danger.

  7. The catch word of India Satyam sivam sunderam have become satyam spectrum scam

  8. What ever it be, does Baba Ramdev have an asset worth 1100 crores?. That is the question. And if so, within how many years that swamy made this much of money? What are his connections?

    We need to take stock of this. Well meaning friends should offer valid reasons as to how such amount of money could be made. I know I did buy some tablets from his centre at Marol, in Mumbai for Rs 500/ or so relating to BP.He sells good.

    He does run a yoga centre there. But Es 11000 crores? Really mind boggling money.

  9. When idiots and biased anti good anti Hindu chaps preach that the Baba should not enter politics, it means very clearly that this domain (politics) is reserved exclusively for crooks and scoundrels and the last refuge of all that is worst in human beings. Rahul's filthy tongue wagged relentlessly with Narendra Modi too. Kamina ha aur bika hua hai aur kaminon ki asliyat chhup nahit sakti chahekitna bhi chhupana chahe. Kharab khoon badal to nahin sakta naa?

  10. Looks like you are damn adamant proving them wrong.. sometimes i wonder who belongs to the 'clan' you have mentioned.. I don't know how you are so sure that this baba don't have assets or whatever allegations are against him. When you don't have facts its best to take a nuetral stance than going the way you have gone..

    I dnt know if PM or BJP is at fault, whether Baba have those assets or not.. but supporting or opposing anyone without facts is not a virtue expected from educated and learned people and you crossed the line perhaps because of your anger with the media's attitude (rightly so) or your general bias towards baba(speculation on my end).

    The way Kanwal behaved is regretful and shameful, but sir, with all due respect to your intentions, using terms like MORON,jerkowitch etc etc..puts you in no different league. The main hatred towards media is the way they put across a point of view and regretfully you have chosen no better way.

    - Puneet

    1. I understand your polite point and I would have had written same kind of sentences few years back(when I was ignorant of this MSM shit) ..... but the people here are done with being ignorant and talking on things in different level of understanding ..... If you find that this is crude and improper discussion then with all respect I suggest you better hang on to MSM shit for some more time until you realize the threat they are posing to us (Indians and Hindus in particular)..... Keep up the good work Ravinar :-)

  11. @ Puneet

    I have to assume that you don't read too carefully. I have nowhere stated that Ramdev DOES NOT have assets. But whether those are legitimate or illegitimate is not the business of Kanwal or Diggyshit. They can conduct an investigation or complain to IT or ED for action. Perhaps you don't see the difference. As for the clan, in case you didn't get it, you probably don't know what I'm talking about, which is fine.

    As for calling some media people morons or jerks, I am sorry to disappoint you. But if I find a moron or a jerk I will call them so. You have the freedom to call them what YOU like. This blog does a lot of plain-talking and, obviously, not everyone may like so that too is fine.

    And yes, I am determined and adamant in proving them wrong where appropriate. That's why this blog exists.



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