Thursday, February 3, 2011

Egypt & 'The Fifth Column'

TV channels and other media are full of the ongoing protests in Egypt and other Middle East states. A quick over-throw of the regime in Tunisia has followed protests in Jordan, Yemen and the ones in Egypt have been the most dramatic and have caught the world’s fascination. On Tuesday (February 1) Arnab Goswami went hammer and tongs at the USA. Some of his outrage included “America should stay out of Egypt”, “US should stay out of middle east” and so on. Those are not quotes but what he effectively said. The others aren’t too far behind. It was impossible for Christianne Amanpour to not be there, so one can understand how hard it must have been for Barkha Dutt to have not rushed to Egypt. Someone must have stopped her, and thankfully so. Typically, most of our TV channels turned it into greater drama than was already on the streets of Cairo and the anchors themselves were calling for Hosni Mubarak to step down.

A thought on revolutions. Our own independence struggle was a revolution and partition was a consequence. Where democracy and real freedom are not at the core it will be easy to see where states can go. Former Soviet Union’s October Revolution needs to be remembered. That Pakistan, with its Islamic Republic Constitution, has gone down the drain is not hard to see. Iran is not hard to see. Tunisia is already in the making. That is the danger for Egypt. And this can spread much farther.

The Fifth Column?
Arnab Goswami’s calls for America to stay out is understandable.  However, for a super-power that brokered peace between Israel and Egypt, for a country that has poured billions into Egypt, for a country that has several interests in the mid-east, it is not possible to stay completely out. And it shouldn’t. Indian governments have been stupid enough to either get fully involved or completely withdrawn from our own neighbours. Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Myanmar are all good examples of how these countries are slowly being courted by the Chinese to strangle India from all sides. And, of course, we have the friendly Pakistan next door which our TV anchors, journalists and communist media love so much.

Hosni Mubarak’s rule of 30 years has been autocratic, corrupt and one of suppression. One that has also seen killings of minorities and church bombings regularly, especially Coptic Christians. The longer a government’s rule the more ineffective, the more brazenly corrupt it’s likely to be. Sooner or later people are bound to revolt. This has been seen in Iran before in 1979, in China in 1989 and in many other places. It is a lesson that no party should be voted to power twice in succession. India is already paying the price with the corrupt UPA government. So one can imagine what 30 years of power can do. Imagine what 60 years of Congress has done to India.

However, much as we would like to believe and are being told over and over again by the media that the popular uprising in Egypt stems from the people’s desire for more freedoms, economic well-being and a yearning for democracy, one hopes it is just that and does not turn into what Iran has come to be. There’s a reason to be skeptical. The protests are largely backed and driven by the Muslim Brotherhood, even if not openly so. There may be more, but the one sane analysis of the situation comes from Swapan Dasgupta on his blog – ‘Islamist regime may follow Mubarak exit’.

First, about the Muslim Brotherhood. This is an organisation founded in 1928 and is banned in Egypt since the assassination of Anwar Sadat in 1981. Members of this organisation, however, contest as independents to the assemblies in Egypt. They support terrorist organisations like Hamas and many other Jihadist organisations. Their final goal : An Islamic Caliphate across the middle east and maybe later across the world. They are staunch opponents of Israel’s existence. Egypt’s peace treaty with the Jewish state is also a cause for the unrest with the Muslim Brotherhood.  Anti-Israel posters also find place with others in the current protests. Early morning on February 3 protestors were heard shouting ‘Jihad, Jihad’ on CNN in Cairo, in the middle of clashes between pro and anti-Mubarak crowds.  

Robert Spencer, a keen observer of ‘Jihad’ and ‘Islamic’ activities had this to say on his site

"Research analyst Lorenzo Vidino writes about The Muslim Brotherhood's Conquest of Europe: "Since the early 1960s, Muslim Brotherhood members and sympathizers have moved to Europe and slowly but steadily established a wide and well-organized network of mosques, charities, and Islamic organizations." Their ultimate goal "may not be simply 'to help Muslims be the best citizens they can be,' but rather to extend Islamic law throughout Europe and the United States. With moderate rhetoric and well-spoken German, Dutch, and French, they have gained acceptance among European governments and media alike. Politicians across the political spectrum rush to engage them whenever an issue involving Muslims arises or, more parochially, when they seek the vote of the burgeoning Muslim community. But, speaking Arabic or Turkish before their fellows Muslims, they drop their facade and embrace radicalism." Read the devastating full post here on the infiltration of the West by the Muslim Brotherhood.

Former American Special agent Paul David Gobatz infiltrated CAIR (Council on American-Islamic Relations) and revealed the deep nexus between CAIR, Hamas, Muslim Brotherhood in his book titled “Muslim Mafia: Inside the Secret Underworld That's Conspiring to Islamize America  It would be naive to think the Mafia will want to stop at Europe or America. They have more than willing support in places like Pakistan and some countries in South Asia as well.

In every country where the muslim population has attained significant levels there is a growing desire for Islamic rule or implementation of Sharia. Britain, France, Germany are prime examples. And consequently the existence of ‘The Fifth Column’ should not be dismissed as wild conspiracy theory. In India our own Imam Bukhari, of Delhi’s Jama Masjid’ is on record stating: “We were rulers here for 800 years. Inshaallah, we shall return to power here once again”" and threatens “this country is in for another partition, so let us be prepared for nation wide riots and violence.

Islamic regimes and Sharia are incompatible with Democracy. Let us be under no illusion regardless of how our media paints the Egypt protests as. It is in the interest of democracies to be on guard and therefore Western & Eastern democracies must be closely involved in Egypt and the Middle-East. The lies and paints of the Indian media notwithstanding.


  1. You are such a hypocrite. Though you claim to be neutral, you are not. It is fine to be such a hard critic of the media or of the congress, but you cannot hide the fact that you are biased towards Modi and Gujarat. 95% of your post keep criticizing the congress or the media everyday ( is the bjp so very innocent, i wonder?) I know that your not going to admit it, but if you run your blog the way you are , i dont see much of a difference between most of the main stream media who support congress or you who supports BJP.

    P.S: I have another thing to prove that you are a hypocrite. You had written a post in which you said that the media unethically forces people by displaying ad's while people are watching their programmes ( apart from commercial ads). Sir, for your kind info, if i come to your site to read your (so-called) unbiased posts, why do i see ad's on your website as well?

  2. @ Anonymous:

    You wrote: "You are a hypocrite...."

    I am slightly bemused by your comment but welcome it. First off, I have not 'claimed' to be anything as you suggest. Second, I am critical of the media's partisan approach and the Congress, being the ruling party for their corruption and practices. Maybe if the BJP or the NDA were in power they would receive similar posts too. Which is what the media should be doing. They are supposed to watch the ruling party and politicians in general.

    Coming to the invasive ads. I think you stretch your imagination a bit too much. The ads on this web page are neither intrusive nor interrupt your reading of any post. They do not appear between any lines or paragraphs to invade your reading comfort. I am sure if you thought about that, you can see the difference.

    Thanks again!

  3. Darling anonymous,

    You may probably have a point in that the blogger does spare BJP. The ads is a different thing. Even if you run such a blog, things might be the same way.

    Murali Manhor Joshi is atrocious. If ever he becomes a Minister, he would screw up this country. That Cong has been too much in power and they keep on screwing up this motherland. Let us give a chance to BJP. Let us see how they perform once again. let us not kill the baby in the womb itself.

  4. Hinduism knows no age and the rest are all byproducts for power hunger or disgruntled with. You see in our politicians suffix secular, if you probe their personal life, they will have more than one wife hence, it is wedded to justify their attitude which is disarmed in Hinduism. When the mushroom byproducts want to be peerless, Hinduism is witnessing all the ordeals on it majestically as weathered many storms in the cycle and drives a zilch as brooks opined river “men may come and men may go but I go on forever.”
    So anonymous, no one be it Mody or Vajpayee is required to safeguard Hinduism. Yet, but for such leaders, the others more to the point the congis would harass the Hindus and indulge for forceful conversion since, their absolute majority has become a big question mark thanks to mushrooming regional parties. Therefore, they rely on minority appeasement and ignorant aam and aadhmies - but they will remain so for ever to vote them repeatedly for, they are pushed to be greed psycho sans basic amenities – is a different matter. Now the lipstick pig opined to include the innocents too (by reducing the voting age to 16.
    If you are a Hindu you will know the meaning of the reasoning of the rituals. For analogy sake after marriage the girl would be sent to her parent’s home off and on only to boost the bond between the couple. Our media too gives break for the relay and insert the ad but unbearable modulations for money as the anxiety of the viewers are encashed by them. But the frequency drives us irritable. Here, the ad does not interfere your coherent reading hence, your predetermined allegation is meritless in the first place.

  5. @ All readers:

    If someone feels this site is severely critical of the media then I have to remind them that the title of this blog is 'MEDIACROOKS' and that is what the purpose of this site is. There is no intention of applauding our media, since they do that themselves with sham awards and claims.

    The day our media becomes more responsible, fair and balanced, this blog would probably close down.

  6. @all above: its the same anonymous here. Please dont project me as a BJP supporter. I am not. I only feel that the owner of the blog needs to be more biased and neutral in his posts. { I perfectly agree with his justifications and criticisms against Congress and the media.}

    Well, to the owner, you cant get away with corny explanations like that. If its a commercial ad in a TV, i can choose to avoid it. But like a ad that appears in the middle of a program, i am forced to watch it. ( Though it may sound too far fetched, as i scroll down to read another post, i am forced to see your ad. Your ad takes more ram memory and slows down my system. Its not a big issue - this one, but if you are so very critical of the ads coming and disturbing us on tv, then you have no ethical right to have ads in your website. Thats what i meant. )

    @emmarcee - For your information, I too have been running a blog since 2007, having about 50-100 hits a day, i have not turned adsense on and i dont trouble my viewers showing unnecessary ads.

  7. @ravinar - "First off, I have not 'claimed' to be anything as you suggest. " - Neither does the Indian media, say that they have an allegiance to the Congress.

    "Maybe if the BJP or the NDA were in power they would receive similar posts too." - There are 1000s of issues that happen in Karnataka every day, well if you really opened your eyes. you seem to be more bothered about rahul gandhi and Narendra Modi.

    p.s: I have always said this, i am not a congress supporter. But from the initial view i had of this blog is slowly beginning to change, becuase i feel that the author is now not being neutral. I hope that the author takes this point seriously and proves me wrong in the posts to follow. Good luck.

  8. @ Anonymous : On your response

    1. Whatever the mainstream media claims or not, their partisan approach to news is pretty much evident, even if you do not wish to see it. One would be pretty naive to expect them to claim to be some party's mouthpiece.

    2.As regards Karnataka, this blog does not take up state-specific issues. However, if you really go through this blog you will find plenty of mention of the corruption there. Although it is not the specific topic of this blog.

    3. Reg. Modi or Rahul Gandhi - the posts cover topics with the perspective of how biased the media is in covering them positively or negatively.

    4. Incidentally, there is one more comment you posted, which you probably deleted. As for the ads I don't think you still get the idea. Media survives on ads, I am opposed to "invasive" ads during programs. Where ads on this blog are concerned you are not forced to watch them, you can scroll up or down quickly and they don't intrude in your reading comfort. I would not think it slows down anyone's system usage as there is other content also on the right margins of the pages.

    Lastly, it is not important whether you are a Congress supporter or not. What is important is that you have chosen to criticise me rather than the contents of the posts. If you had found faults or inaccuracies in the posts I would have been happier. I hope you continue to read and crticise the contents of the post rather than the author. If that happens I shall be more than glad to write a separate post on your observations. If you write a blog it would be nice to comment with your blog reference and I would be happy to read too.

    Thanks again!

  9. @ Anonymous

    Your comment that I thought was deleted had gone into 'spam' and has been restored.

  10. @ravinar : i havent really felt the need to criticise your posts, as i have not found anything wrong significantly in your posts, which means that i do approve of what you post. i just dont approve of what you dont seem to post. i hope the idea is clear.

    their partisan approach to news is pretty much evident, even if you do not wish to see it - I never said or argued that the media was neutral. Events in recent days have proved that most of them have their affiliations towards a particular party.

  11. Hi Guys,

    Here is a sms message which says that "After seeing (NDTV's) Burka Dutt's reports, several Egyptians dropped their demand for Mubarak's exit. They want her to

    Can you guys connect this with anything, particulalrly anonymous.


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