Sunday, February 20, 2011

Barkha Dutt: Domestic Concerns Are ‘Distractions’

Barkha Dutt feels left out  in the cold. So she writes a piece called ‘When the iron’s cold’ in the Hindustan Times. HT is nearly the mouthpiece of the Congress that hosts people like Barkha Dutt, Vir Sanghvi, Vinod Sharma and, of course, Shobana Bhartiya herself, the Congress MP. 

 Of all the questions that were asked or weren’t asked at the PM’s meet with TV editors she feels “there wasn’t a single question about Pakistan”. Oh yeah? Well, first of all this was a meet with all the TV ‘Editors’ so one has to wonder why Barkha Dutt wasn’t there. Hmmm, that would be like the tainted questioning the tainted, wouldn’t it? And the reason for the missing questions on Pakistan? Well, we are ‘distracted’ by domestic issues! Distracted? Yes, that’s what Barkha Dutt feels about national issues, a distraction where Pakistan is concerned.

NDTV sent in her boss, Prannoy Roy who is not an Editor in the working sense of it. Why didn’t she tutor Prannoy to talk about Pakistan? All that the NDTV boss managed to do at the Press Meet was to deliver a long-winded sermon on ‘incumbency’ and asked if MMS would be a candidate for PM again 2014. That’s how concerned Prannoy was for the nation. In the only chance that he got instead of asking some real and relevant question, you can trust NDTV to ask some silly hypothetical question in the face of burning issues of the day.

And Barkha thinks the absence of questions about ‘Pakistan’ is because of disinterest. First nobody, nobody in the public gives a damn about ‘Pakistan’! The only ones who give a damn and suck up to all kinds of ministers and politicians indulging in the ‘peace’ charade are members of the media. There’s the TOI with Aman Ki Asha and there is Barkha’s obsession with Pakistan. Or should I say media’s obsession with Pakistan. But most of all the suggestion that we are ‘distracted’ by domestic issues and therefore overlooked Pakistan can only come from a very narcissistic view that it was somehow an issue only ‘I could think of and none of those idiots at the press meet’ bothered to think of.  

I, for one, strongly believe Pakistan is the 'Sewer of South Asia' and doesn't merit even the attention our media bestows it. And yes, we can also do without the likes of Rahet Ali Khan, Veena Malik or Adnan Sami. We have an abundance of talent in India, but it's the media that wants these stupid Pakis. Around the time of the PM's press meet guess who Barkha was interviewing? Yes, Foreign Secretary Nirupama Rao, and the topic? You guessed it - Pakistan!

Corruption, Black Money, Scams, Tainted judiciary, Corrupt media, near collapse of governance – if all these are ‘domestic distractions’ then the lady seriously needs some help. So, for the benefit of Barkha Dutt I have put up a self-help Narc-chart. Analyze That!


  1. Hello Ravinar
    Have been following your blog since few months and I truly appreciate your efforts to put a face to the narcissistic media mash. It is really sad that our media queen (Pun intended) thinks that domestic issues are "distractions". Lady!!! Wake-up. Or else we would not have any domestic issues to think of nor will you have a domestic front to unleash your journalistic "potential" on "we the people".

  2. truly why should we bother excessively about pakistan besides keeping our guard up and maintaining diplomatic relations.barkha dutt and prannoy roy suffer from some massive inferiority complex vis a vis pakistan exhibited by their "hate your family,but love your neighbour"attitude.i think they know the score but act regardless, pursuing some agenda of their own.their credibility is zero and they know it.

  3. About 2 1/2 years back NDTV showed a 30 minutes
    programme on a book show in Karachi. Can you imagine a programme on a Indian national news channell
    about a book show in Karachi? I almost stopped
    watching NDTV after that. And now after Radia
    episode I have completly stopped watching.

  4. @Ravinar:

    You couldn't have been more correct. Pakistan could possibly even qualify as the Sewer of the World too, or would you save that title for Islam?

    Correct on "Aman ki Asha" too. Our media is sold out. And, yes we have enough talent in our country. However, I might go to the extent of stating that even if we didn't, I wouldn't bother about Paki talent.

    These 'artists' make money in India, and then possibly give Zakat (donation) for Jihad (mass murder of non-Muslims). In this sense, TOI is a traitor for facilitating this!

  5. i mean even a kid learns if he falls from a step, he will be careful while treading there next time.

    But this lady is outstandingly incorrigible.

    I pity on some good journalist from NDTV. i wonder what goes in their mind.

    Please put some views on the latest edition of Sham awards.

    PS: have you heard clearly what she said on stage.

  6. Ravinar (Mediacrooks)February 20, 2011 10:22 PM

    @ urbanlama

    I haven't seen that award show. But the awards themselves are a sham, especially coming from a dubious TV channel. Like I said, Narcs only have a one-step thinking process, there is no second thought.. LOL!

  7. Hey Ravinar, this is completely unrelated but read this heartwarming story that should send naxals and all naxal sympathizers a big fat hint of where exactly they stand in the eyes of the people they claim to represent.....

  8. Madhusudan ThakkarFebruary 21, 2011 3:15 PM

    I have one suggestion for Barkha Dutt.If she wants to erase her "KALANK" She should immediately go to Libya.This country is in deep turmoil people are fighting for freedom,liberation and democracy.Entire world is looking for authentic news from this country.

  9. @Madhusudan Thakkar

    It's too dangerous for her to go there. She'll go only where others' security can be compromised to protect her.

  10. @free-verse
    No. I object your school of thought. She would go over there provided if she can divert the people to save the man in distress that too if his is a minority associated with corruption.

  11. Madhusudan ThakkarMarch 02, 2011 10:04 AM

    Barkha Dutt has already filed her report from Cairo on Libya crises.Here also her obsession with Pakistan is clearly visible.Christaine Amanpour has already interviewed Gaddafi.Let's see if she succeeds in getting Gaddafi one on one.

  12. bukha is a extremist muslim.............and hides its identity, while media jihad


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