Friday, February 11, 2011

Aarushi Case: Flogging The Dead Girl

We have to bring the Aarushi case to the domain of facts and evidence”! That’s what Sagarika Ghose stated last night on her CNN-IBN masala programme ‘Face the nation’.

Bringing out facts & evidence!
Well, you should know how the media does the best to bring facts and evidence to you. First, get some clowns for their 15 minutes of air time to mouth all kinds of conjecture. Play out all kinds of individual theories and opinions. The anchor will frequently add her own 25 paise worth of opinions and self-righteous indignation at everything. Throw in a relative or two of the murder victim. Of course, don’t forget to get the lawyer of anyone who is a potential accused and also a lawyer with no connection to the case. And if that old fox Joginder Singh of CBI is not available then get a K. Tulsi or some Raghavan. Put up some clips from the murder case with ‘Dhan Te Nan’ kind of music. There! You have your absolute concoction for ‘facts and evidence’! If you survive the cacophony you might even understand what that crap was all about.

Sagarika is not the only one on the Aarushi murder case. The moment the CBI announced closure of the case sometime back Headlines Today nearly solved the case for everyone. I wonder why the CBI won’t recruit some of the HT clowns to investigate cases. They would surely do as bad a job as the CBI does. And they would do it with a lot of that ‘Dhan-Ta-Nan’ music too. That would be like mixing 'Music & Murder', all for your pleasure.

Common sense might tell anyone that this sensational case is a strange one which has gone through lots of twists and turns. When it first broke in 2008 the media nearly made a thorough mess of it, even inviting the Supreme Court’s ire. They just can’t seem to stop. Now that another court has ordered Aarushi’s parents to be treated as accused the media should have pulled back a bit and let the law take its course. It is even absurd to see defence lawyers kicking and screaming on TV. Rebecca John, the defence lawyer in this case (and other defence lawyers in many cases) should learn the first rule that only the weak run to the media. It’s a simple business rule: ‘The winner is busy making money, the loser goes to the media or the courts’. Well good for her, she too has now had her 15 minutes of fame. News channels should safely only report developments on this case  rather than frequently indulge in discussions of prejudice. Here are parents who are victims and at the same time accused in the killing of their daughter. Let the legal process reach its conclusion.

If any TV channel were to recruit a news anchor, there would be some basic prerequisites. One has to be a ‘voice’ that doesn’t hurt the ears. If not for being that ugly Indian male,  Rajdeep’s wife, or being related to someone else, I doubt Sagarika would have been working in any news channel. Her voice hurts, and she makes it worse with a very offensive tone. Anchors are also expected to have opinions, but when they nurture deep-rooted prejudices it shows up pretty often on their programs.

Anchors are even expected to be a lot more diplomatic than the common man or say a lawyer or petty politician. Here’s a tweet that says a lot about Sagarika’s mental imbalance in her pronouncements and her racist nature and her prejudices. I always thought UIM stood for some mobile device. I am now learning that UIM stands for ‘Ugly Indian Males’. And they sound ugly on twitter too? Does this moron ever listen to herself talking? It is for this reason that I have fondly conferred the title of ‘Cacofonix’ on this unbearable,  screaming Indian-hater. CNN-IBNs 5-year completion had clips of her remember her unfortunate interview with Ram Jethmalani on the Manu Sharma (Jessica Lall’s killer) case. In that interview she had already proved herself to be a ‘law-bimbo’. And while she has memories of that she doesn’t seem to have learnt anything. And where legal issues are concerned it would be best to gag her like the people of Gaul always do with Cacofonix.

Stop offending our ears & intelligence!
As for her intelligent tweets, I will just quote a wag on her Bond scene:

Sagarika's Bond scene: "Hi, I am Ghose... Sagarika Ghose.. Saggy to you"....

Reply: "Hi, I am Subramaniam.. Bala Subramaniam..... 
Balls to you"


  1. In the Arushi case, the media needs to share as much blame as the CBI for obstructing proper investigation by the concerned law agencies by practically conducting a media trial, complete with journos acting as sleuths, and conjecturing all sorts of insane theories.

    As far as Sagarika Ghose is concerned, I agree, she is insufferable to watch/hear/read. Her absolute ignorance of all things law/procedure related is astounding. To make matters worse, her vanity forbids her from seeking info on aspects she is not certain about.

    On the Binayak Sen bail dismissal verdict yesterday, the CNN IBN news item as well as Sagarika's tweet had the following statement:

    "The two-judge division bench gave no reason for rejecting the bail petition. The entire process lasted for just a couple of minutes after the court assembled."

    This is absolute bunkum! I am lawyer and can confirm that this is such a MISLEADING STATEMENT. It tries to give the impression that the Court rejected bail on a whim and did not give reasons!!

    Does she know know anything of the court process? The judges don't sit around all day READING out judgments for an audience. Once the court assembles, the VERDICT is declared in a simple "Yes" or "No" or "Accepted" or "Rejected" with respect to the prayer in the petition/application. The ACTUAL JUDGMENT TEXT (with reasons) is available on the Court's website for all or has to be obtained from the Court clerk by the concerned parties.
    Swapan Dasgupta immediately replied to her tweet pointing out there's a 34 page order on the bail application. Neither she nor IBN website has corrected the mistake.

    This is shoddy journalism at its best. It's easy to understand why Ram Jethmalani was so angry with her. These people in the media think they are better than the judges and can take law into their own hands.
    It is absolutely unethical that they keep obliging the Talwars for interviews, given that they are now officially accused in a very sensitive criminal trial. Is this the way to treat a sub judice matter?

  2. ha ha!cacophonix usually has the blacksmith fulliautomatix ready to bonk him on the head if he even threatens to sing.....if wishes were horses!!rajdeep and sagarika (as per a netizen)-ugly aur pagli.

  3. Couldn't have said it any better! Though I get to see very little of this stuff (wouldn't in any case, even if it was served to me on a platter) from the little I have seen, I can say you are spot on.

  4. Yes flogging over dead has become a tradition of media offlate till they get another sensational to insert ads with high pitch volume.

    There was an MP demanded the newly wedded bride from her before day married groom so as to enjoy and take her back after couple of days, frail groom approached a surrendered naxal who slained the MP and released the girl then he entered the role he was slained by another surrendered naxal living in jail with a help of a goon - who is stated to be slained by his jail jail inmate is a different matter- again the latter was stated to have been killed by his trust worthy. The total episode is from AP and the Sakshi TV broadcast for over a week. Now obscure over the same and the fate of the trusted is not known. His property is stated to be around 400 crs. perhaps he might be given ticket by cong or TDP for Vijayawada constituency for the next election. So goes the episode. Better do away with listening media.

  5. Interesting link...

  6. Ravinar,

    Why no new posts from you since 5 days? Any particular reason?


  7. @ Ram

    ...was on a short break. Back to the egg now and the smell of scams and corruption. Hahahaha!


  8. Whenever I see Sagarika, my sympathy goes to Rajdeep who is unfortunately suffering silently for years....


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