Friday, February 4, 2011

2G Scam – More ‘Si-BalShit’

After the sacking of Spectrum Raja one would have thought the induction of Kapil Sibal as Telecom Minister would bring in some sanity to the ministry. Most people have known Sibal to be knowledgeable, sensible and a straight-talking person. Being a top grade lawyer, he has usually chosen his words carefully in the past. Adversity and calamity bring out the best in a man or the worst in a man. Far from his best, it seems to have brought out the worst in Kapil Sibal. I am now tempted to say ‘Si-Bull in a china shop’. (Or 'Si-Bull in a mobile shop?)

Si-Bull In A Mobile Shop?
First, the uncalled for attack on the CAG when he stated: “We are extremely pained at the methodology adopted by the CAG for arriving at the [allocation loss] figures that have no basis. The “presumptive losses” had embarrassed the government and the nation, he said, and this “resulted in a kind of sensationalism, which has allowed the Opposition to spread utter falsehood among the people.” Falsehood? The CAG then stood by its report.

Later, in January,  in an interview with Rajdeep Sardesai, Sibal was unusually combative and almost militant. He even mentioned that all the letters to and from the PM that were being referred mostly didn’t exist and that the ‘Aam Aadmi’ had actually benefited from the spectrum policies. In other words, the aam aadmi had benefited from the 2G Scam. Sardesai was so battered by the ‘Si-Bull’ that he couldn’t even ask proper questions or get answers.

In between, he appointed retired Justice Shivraj Patil as a one-man panel to look into the irregularities in spectrum allotment. The justice dishes out a report that suggests wrong polices existed since 2003, during the NDA regime. Quoting the report, Sibal said the committee found that original spectrum allocation was "bad" and procedures were not followed both during the NDA government till 2004 and the UP government up to 2008.  This comes today, a day after Raja’s arrest.

It’s time the press and electronic media told Mr. Kapil, “Enough of your (Si)Balshit please get on with the job”. Kapil Sibal has the job of cleaning up the mess and moving on to ensure better policies, more transparency, and do the best to recover any losses that the nation may have incurred under previous policies, previous ministers or previous regimes. It would be a disaster if a respected politician and lawyer such as Kapil Sibal drowns himself in petty politics to defend the UPA. Nobody is blaming Kapil Sibal for any mess but if he continues in this vein he will attract the same revulsion that A. Raja has.

The arrest of A. Raja has nothing more than drama value and some comic relief. It means nothing unless he is sentenced to prison after a proper court procedure. In the meantime, Mr. Kapil please spare us anymore ‘Si-Balshit’! We would not like to see you become Si-BULL in a mobile shop!


  1. Kapil Sibal admittedly entered into politics on the persuasion of Narasimha Rao. Narsimha Rao probably was attracted by the suave Kapil Sibal when he defended him in the suit box case in the parliament.Thereafter, there was no looking back for him and he advanced politically coupled with a lucid tongue that he has.

    But of late this man finds himself irritated when confronted with facts. The leaves become yellow and dies off. So too our cleverness and agility both take a back seat giving a gentle space for an upcoming aggressive youngster in terms of intellect. Kapil has lost his days as Ram Jethmalani. Both have become spent force and nothing new to offer.

    What Kapil speaks now is unbearable and at this age of mine, I go berserk throwing my house chappal on the TV screen whenever he opens his mouth.

    Right now, I support BJP. I care a fig.But that BJP should be devoid of idiots like Jaswant, Sushmas, Murali manohar, Swamijis of all kind like Uma Bharatis. Let N Modi lead the pack and am sure how he turns this country.

    Anonymous, what is this add coming up. I do not find even one. Pl educate me in this.

  2. The Raja's arrest has thrown more questions than it answers. The timing, meeting between the two premiers, continuous ties between cong and DMK despite the arrest, the friction in MK family subsided. If Raja spills the beans there is music between the cong and DMk as to who got how much share such Pandora's box will surface out of cupboard. As swamy opined it is tip of the ice berg but the real beneficiaries are still at large.

  3. Kapil Sibal's appointment to Telcom Minsitry is to do Damage Control by confusing the matter.


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