Friday, January 14, 2011

Why ‘Liberal’ Media Is Scared of The Religion Of Peace!

Hindu Terror, Saffron Terror and such terms can be found in abundance in our media. Prominent among the users of such terms are Rajdeep Sardesai, Barkha Dutt, Sagarika Ghose, Arnab Goswami and their channels. Politicians aren’t too far ahead. For the Congress (I) Hindu Terror is now an industry, particularly for people like Digvijay Singh, his protégé Rahul Gandhi and, of course, P. Chidambaram. This is easy because your life will not be in danger if you keep using the term Hindu Terror. Islamic Terror? Well, that’s the religion of peace, isn’t it?

For about a week now our MSM is obsessed with the killing of a ‘liberal’ called Salman Taseer, the late Pakistani governor. NDTV even had his son and daughter sharing their sorrow and possible fate in Pakistan. Rajdeep Sardesai even tweeted “Salman Taseer loved his whiskey and his women. Served me fine scotch in Pakistan. Was a liberal in an illiberal milieu.” Salman Taseer exemplifies the reason why our politicians and “liberal” media are so scared of the religion of peace and to call Islamic Terror what it is.

A report from the Sydney Morning Herald (Also quoting the Telegraph and Times Of India) had this to say:

"The leader of an Islamic political party in Pakistan has warned the daughter of a murdered politician to ''remember her father's fate'' and to stop supporting his cause. Salman Taseer, the governor of Punjab, was shot dead ......because of his campaign to pardon a Christian woman sentenced to death for blasphemy. Many Muslims celebrated the murder and marched in support of Taseer's confessed killer. Shadab Qadri, the leader of Sunni Tehreek, said the politician's daughter, Shehrbano Taseer, 21, must stop speaking out against blasphemy laws. ''We read the statement of the slain governor's daughter in a newspaper. She should refrain from issuing such statements and must remember her father's fate,'' Shadab Qadri said........On Wednesday, Ms Taseer told the BBC Today program: ''My father's stance has been misrepresented and has been misquoted because he simply said these laws are being misused and they target the poor, the dispossessed and the voiceless. ''He said it's a man-made law and these things should be debated in parliament. That has been misconstrued into saying that he has been blasphemous.'' The Times of India has reported that a court in Punjab has sentenced an imam and his son to life imprisonment after finding them guilty of blasphemy for removing a poster containing verse from the Koran......The Times, said the father, Mohammad Shafi, 45, and his son, Mohammad Aslam, 20, had been accused of blasphemy arising out of differences between the Deobandi and Barelvi sects."

...As of January 13, 2011
If one were to go by Shehrbana Taseer’s statement, her father was killed mainly because he was misrepresented and misquoted. If that alone can merit death you can imagine why cowards in our media and politics won’t even touch Islamic Terror with the ‘Truth’! Those who commit acts of terror in the name of Islam are supposedly misunderstanders** of the religion of peace. How often have you heard statements like “terrorists have no religion”, “those terrorists are not muslims” or “they have hijacked Islam”? And then you will have a Barkha Dutt running programs like ‘Why muslims are being stereotyped’ or a Zia Haq of Hindustan Times lamenting he was denied US Visa because he was a muslim. Haq even writes a blog called ‘They Call me Muslim’ (reminded me of the western movie ‘They call me Trinity’)! It may be fair to say that many in the media and politics are practicing what has come to be known as ‘Stealth Jihad**

For someone to be killed or sentenced to death for blasphemy is one thing but to be killed for speaking out against blasphemy laws is another extreme altogether. And it is in India that muslims like Ilina Sen (wife of Binayak Sen sentenced to life for Maoist links) feels her life is in danger.

Those Hindus involved in terror activities deserve condemnation and should be hanged to death or sentenced for life. However, it’s the media that is guilty of energising such people when they lie or mislead or cover up for Islamic Terror. If our media had the courage to speak up on Islamic Terror it would sooner or later force governments to act. On the contrary the media acts as an extension of the Congress and the UPA and the likes of Digvijay Singh to tarnish Hindus and gloss over Islamic Terror.  There should have been as strong a campaign by the media to hang Afzal Guru as there was to seek justice for Jessica Lall and some others.

One should also bear in mind that much of the terror funding flows from Saudi Arabia. Wikileaks only confirmed what many already knew. One of the reasons for the mainstream media’s silence on Islamic Terror is who funds it. Most people know a large part of our media is funded by mid-east money. If ever the funding or foreign subsidiaries and other companies of our media are exposed, it will make a sorry reading. Fear and money are the keys and that’s the reason our media won’t talk about Islamic Terror.

Would the media like to one day fear Hindu Terrorists in the same manner? Would someone like to be killed for blaspheming Hindu gods or religious scriptures? They need not fear. Hindu culture does not have blasphemy laws, rules or traditions.

** ‘Misunderstanders of Islam’ and ‘Stealth Jihad’ are terms coined by Robert Spencer of Jihadwatch.Org


  1. Liberal media which is either hand-in-glove with the Religion of Peace, or has surrendered to them, has been consistently exhibiting symptoms of "world-view subversion", a point raised here.

    We reproduce the salient quote:"This is an excellent illustration of World View Subversion. When your adversary has conditioned you to think his thoughts, and articulate his wishes, your battle is already half lost. ..."

    So there has to be a concerted effort against this subversion.

    Otherwise these are nothing other than invitation to non-Muslims to do what Muslims have been doing all along. And it will not be for long that non-Muslims will be able to ignore this.

  2. It has become the heyday for the ornates and therefore, there are live MK, PC, Moily, Diggiviggi, and so on in addition to the paid news channel. They have made an object surrender for money and sacrificed the ethic in the altar of money and sycophancy, to the party which relies their vote banks on minorities and the ignorant (aam and aadhmi) to loot the nation never ending.

    However, the lipstick pig has devised that the inflation is going out of control with the coalition politics and it is expedient to make absolute majority for Nehru clans but there are no intellects to vote for their party and now seriously thinking cushioning with the innocent lot (students) by reducing the voting age to 16. India is facing a crucial stage. God alone should save the nation for, infested with steak of problems but the governance is pregnant with chain of scams and busy to wriggle out safely and securely for the loots.

  3. Quote: a Zia Haq of Hindustan Times lamenting he was denied US Visa because he was a muslim. Unquote.

    Yes. US denied visa because in the wisdom of US, Zia Haq could be a terrorist. US consider all Musalman as possible terrorists. No doubt on that. And yet, mind you, the US does give in so much of Visas for the Muslims even now.

    The same US has denied visa for Narendra modi because of the reported excesses of Godhra and N Modi could not visit US even this day. If ever Modi becomes the PM of this country called Bharat, he should never visit US but call that country by pleasant names. Let Modi try to put down that US by his magnanimity.

    Our courts are not only below par but at times act over jealously. It is one such kind where harsh decree was handed down to Binayak.

    Arnab Goswami, Rajdeep Sardesai etc are not muslims but Hindus whose character and outlook have undergone a sea change when money cam make them dance. That is why I keep saying that the need of the hour is an independent no nonsense TV which will not be subordinate for any one. Before even we can think of having an independent TV, we need to have three or four journalists specialized in the same subject who will never be a subject of temptation for money to change colours. But then we should have the honesty to accept our mistakes and never try to talk in the language of Abishek Singvi, Kabil Sibal, Manish Tiwari, Renuka and Jayantis.

    I have heard of younger brains who can establish such TV channels for not much of money. The logistics might cost more. Ravinar, it is time you start thinking in those lines. Let me try if I can catch that guy who established the Kalignnar TV way in its initial stages. He was known to me through a friend..

  4. @emmarcee
    Bear in mind if deforestation takes place, the straight trees are cut first. It has been further established and amply substantiated all straight forward officers are cornered and their contributions put on zilch by the filched for obvious reasons. When we groom so, the rest will always target it and scuttle its growth in all possible avenues. Because, we have little sweet people in this nation.

  5. Madhusudan ThakkarJanuary 16, 2011 3:58 PM

    NDTV has again started Hindu bashing with full force at its command.Yesterday no efforts were spared by Vikram Chandra to create communal divide.For a moment I thought that I am watching some Pakistani channel.There was derisive laughter from audience on the comments of Spokesperson from Abhinav Bharat.Shoma Chaudhary of Tehelka was supported by Vikram Chandra to spread venom against Hindu community.Time has come to seriously think about establishing some TV channel.I also agree with emmaarcee that Ravinar should take lead in this matter.

  6. V Iyer,

    I totally agree with you. But then blood boils, Sir.

  7. I only hope Rajdeep Sardesai has had the chance to read this article by the son of the slain Salmaan Taseer:

    "Why My Father Hated India"
    Aatish Taseer, the son of an assassinated Pakistani leader, explains the history and hysteria behind a deadly relationship


  9. once surely an ANNA will come who will kick these bloody... pro congress pro sonia media


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