Thursday, January 20, 2011

‘Terror’s Creed..’: More Poppycock From Rajdeep Sardesai

Let me first reproduce excerpts from what Rajdeep Sardesai has written on his blog at CNN-IBN: (Read the full post here)

“ If chain smses are a measure of the 'national' mood, then its clear what the popular opinion has been after every terror attack in recent times. "Not every Muslim is a terrorist, but every terrorist is a Muslim" was a familiar sms after every such incident. But now ...... there could be a twist in the tale. "If every terrorist is a Muslim, has Swami Aseemanand converted to Islam?" is the new counter sms....... So far, terror was seen either as a cross-border phenomenon or part of a larger 'jehadist' mindset. Now, if investigators are to be believed, there are at least a dozen terror incidents, stretching across several states, which have been masterminded by terror groups inspired by Hindutva.... When a Rajnath Singh as BJP president visits Malegaon blast accused Sadhvi Pragya Thakur and claims she is 'innocent' and is being harassed by the state government, he is taking a political stance incompatible with the rule of law. Has he, or any BJP leader for that matter, attempted to ever empathise with innocent Muslim youth who may also be facing similar charges? Similarly, when senior Congress leader Digvijaya Singh attends the release of a book on 26/11 that describes the attack as a RSS-Mossad-CIA 'conspiracy', then he is only legitimizing those forces who are choosing to see terror through a prism of religious hatred. Why doesn't he unambiguously reject such elements rather than flirt with them” ?

To start with, after every stupid utterance of Digvijay Singh he can be mostly seen on CNN-IBN with Sardesai. Why didn’t Sardesai ever ask him the questions instead of asking them on his blog? While claiming BJP has not empathised with innocent Muslim youth who may be facing false charges Rajdeep dupes his readers by not asking the right question. Who is empathising with Afzal Guru? And for what reason?

It is the serious ineptness of the UPA in allowing killers like Afzal Guru or the killers of Rajiv Gandhi to defy justice that spurs anger among citizens. So is Aseemanand innocent? I don’t give a damn! If he is guilty, screw him and sentence him to death or life. So why is Rajdeep not highlighting the fact that Aseemanand, in his confession, clearly mentioned his acts were a ‘bomb-for-bomb’ tactic. Does it not tell him something? Or does Rajdeep think the nation is a bunch of idiots who can’t tell the difference? But if a scholar like Rajdeep Sardesai cannot distinguish between unprovoked acts of terrorism and acts of revenge then he is as good as any other Congress moron, chief among them being Digvijay Singh. Rajdeep lives in denial when he refuses to acknowledge that what he calls ‘Hindutva’ terror is not inspired by religion or Hinduism but by 'revenge'. In stark contrast much of Islamic Terror is clearly inspired by religious scriptures. The emails of Indian Mujahideen, various Islamic websites quote religious scriptures as the basis of their terror attacks. I need not go as far as referring to the Quran being used to supplement the diet of Islamic Terror to educate Rajdeep.

The media crooks ran campaigns to seek justice for the killers of Jessica Lall and some others. Where is the campaign to carry out the sentence against those who attacked the nation and our parliament and killed our jawans? To now see this self-righteous approach by a biased media crook is simply disgusting. The politicians are scumbags and no one doubts that. It’s the media that is more corrupted. It is the media that divides the nation more than politicians. Rajdeep happened to be one who reported on the Gujarat riots and even received awards for it. Will he explain why his channel never highlighted Hindu deaths in those riots? Is it because more muslims died? By that logic the fact that Islamic terror is a universal phenomenon is why it gets that tag and that is why Hindu terror cannot be given that tag because a few individuals resorted to revenge killings. And Hindus are not defending any Hindu killers. In contrast muslim clerics praise the terrorists and Osama is a hero to many muslims. How does Rajdeep explain that? Can Rajdeep explain why he has never managed to question that scholar Rahul Gandhi who equated RSS with SIMI?

As for the BJP members defending any Hindu killers, Rajdeep needs to ask himself a question. How did a party with just 2 seats 25 years ago in the parliament come to this strength? How did it gain such a prominent voice? These questions might give him some answers if he ever asked himself. But honesty is not a strong point in our media

If the focus of Sardesai’s post under reference is politiicisation of terror then he himself is the one to blame, along with other media crooks in the business. Who puts up two politicians of different hue after every terror attack or arrest on TV channels? Who interviews Digvijay Singh after every stupid utterance of his? Mind you, reporting what some politician has said is fine, but why give them all a platform for discussion or interview them after every incident or arrest or developing story? More than the politicians it is media crooks like Rajdeep Sardesai who could be held responsible for dividing the nation on communal lines and polarising the population because of their biased and slanted reporting.

As of January 19, 2011
This is the very same Rajdeep who tweeted how Salman Taseer was a liberal who loved his wine and women when the guy was killed. That should have been enough evidence for any moron to understand that Islamic terror is not just a threat to others but to muslims themselves. If someone can be killed for just questioning blasphemy laws you can imagine how strong the motivation for Islamic Terrorism can be. The underlying principle and cause for religious terrorism is INTOLERANCE! And intolerance is not a feature of Hinduism as a religion but predominantly a feature of Islam and its followers. Two Sikh guards killed Indira Gandhi. Do we call that Sikh terrorism? Yet most accusations of Hindu terror will invariably start with Godse,as if that was some terrorist act. Acts of deranged men are not consistent with systematic terror. Islamic terror has been systematic, consistent and religion-driven over centuries. For Rajdeep’s benefit I have once again put up the statistical pic from “’

Rajdeep Sardesai would do well to himself listen to the advice given by B.Raman which he quotes at the end of his post : “They should just shut up and let the investigators do their job!" That piece of advice should hold good for media crooks like Rajdeep too!

Finally Mr. Rajdeep Sardesai, Terror’s creed is NOT violence. It is terror itself! Violence is merely the physical outcome. Don’t believe me? Search and take a look at all the Fatwas issued and you will find an answer there! When you are robbed of your freedom, religious and otherwise, through threats that too is terror. The ultimate robbery being your life itself! If we were living in Saudi Arabia, you and I may not be writing our blogs. You and I are able to do so because of the absence of Hindu Terror. Grow up and get real!


  1. One Mr VS Gopalakrishnan writing in Sulekha Blog forum informs that out of some 34 outfits listed as terrorists Organisation by the Indian Govt under the unlawful activities(Prevention ) Act, 1967, there is not even one Hindu outfit in it. He questions if Hindu terrorism was prevalent in our soil, how come there is no Hindu outfit in the said list? This should answer, according to him, the bluff called by the Congress. Rajdeep Sardesai should refer to the statistics released by the Govt before he makes his statements?

    VS Gopalakrishnan’s blog on “HINDU TERRORISM VERSUS MUSLIM TERRORISM IN INDIA” is worth a read in the context of Ravinar’s above blog. He had given out the details with facts and also the origins of Motilal, Nehru etc.

    No doubt that Rajdeep is a hireling for CNN-IBN and is doing a duty for what he is paid for and, therefore, is a HONEST mediacrook.

    If we can pay him better, he will do a great job. What else?

  2. Dear Ravinar,

    Your blog is very popular. So I am urging you to write about the way congress instigated religious riots in Hyderabad.

    Everyone on the street in Hyderabad is aware of this. But I wonder why no one in media channel talks about it as they talk about Gujarat riots.


  3. Madhusudan ThakkarJanuary 21, 2011 11:15 AM

    People like Rajdeep are worse than Kasabs and ISI.During yesterday's debate on ban by J&K govt.for flag hoisting plans at Lal Chowk in Srinagar he was totally biased.Incidentally on another pro gramme on the same channel Mahesh Jethmalani openly blamed the channel for double standards to Bhupendra Chaubey[This is the same media crook who openly praised MMS before asking his question during his last press conference].Ravinar Ji also see the response of Muslims on comments by new Darul Uloom vice-chanchellor Maulana Ghulam Mohammed Vastanvi on Narendra Modi.On yesterday's debate on Headlines Today the views of Bandukwala,Owashi and Farooqi were shocking.Media is losing sense of direction and if this continues uninterruptedly the country will break-up.

  4. Rajdeep is a scholar? Scholar of what?

  5. @ Anonymous

    You wrote: "Rajdeep is a scholar? Scholar of what? "

    LOL! Scholar of balderdash and poppycock!!

  6. @ Chandra

    Thanks for the input. That issue is slightly older but still, the post on Sulekha adequately covers the topic. So perhaps a new post from me may not be necessary. However, in a related topic next I will provide the link to that post so that readers can refer to that too.

    Thanks again.

  7. @ Emmaarcee

    As in my reply to Chandra, the post you've referred to will also be linked in a newer post related to the topic.

    Thanks a lot.

  8. Dear Ravinar,
    After going through your blogs i really admire you .. we need someone like you to launch a news channels which is not biased ..what is stopping you .. i dont think funding will be problem ..there are many indians (majority) are attched to your views ..initially there could be funding issue but i think after a year or so it will not be an issue..

    If Rajat Sharmaa of India TV can launch a News channel and why not you ?


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