Monday, January 31, 2011

Rahul Gandhi - The Tears Of A Clown Prince

Some recent headlines seem to reflect the deep anguish and sorrow that Rahul Gandhi feels over various issues confronting the nation. Times Group: “Cash abroad belongs to poor, bring it back.  Indian Express: “Give me ten years of your life and I'll make you proud”. DNA: “Black money must come back”.  NDTV: “Don't complain, change the system”.  CNN-IBN: “Rahul Gandhi urges the youth to act on corruption” and there are many more. All this from a recent press conference the Clown Prince held at Aurangabad. So let’s sample some more stupid utterances from this man and understand the meaning.

"The way I see this is that corruption is a serious issue. It (the burning of the official) is a symptom. We haveto see that the symptom does not spread. I believe we have to change the system. We have to go deeper into the systems as to what is there in the system that makes this happen.." he said. On the issue of black money stashed abroad, he said, "First of all, it is not true that government is not putting in enough efforts. I think we should put as much efforts as possible to ensure that what is Indian money, what is the money of the poor people of India, comes back."

The first drops of tears. By the way, who is WE? If I were to be in grade 4 and reading newspapers I could have made those statements too. And I would still claim to have a clean conscience. Trouble with Rahul Gandhi is that he cannot recognise that his own party is the symptom. His own Congress is the virus of corruption and he would like us to believe he is outside the system as some independent observer and not part of the corrupt ruling coalition. And what systems is he talking about? The very systems that his party is unwilling to cleanse.  “Corruption is taking place because doors of the political system are closed and the average person who wants to do good is not allowed in.......Common people feel politics is corrupt... it is not working the way it should work. We believe the only way to change this is to look at the way parties are structured," he said.

Hmmm! More tears from the prince. For a party that has seldom had any democracy within and is rich in its sycophant population he makes a startling discovery that “common people feel politics is corrupt”. Politics is not corrupt, politicians are. Those who do not raise voices against their own partymen and women hardly have the moral authority to sermonise others. This child needs some growing up. 

"What disturbs me is that everybody points to corruption but few people actually look at the political system where the problem lies”. Well, what exactly is the political system? And is he a part of it or from some UN or International watchdog? This is the guy who is sitting close to the bull ring of the system and educates us on where the problem is. The system is one of this clown and his Congress who have tarnished every institution and system in this country to escalate corruption. Unless he means that all other political parties should disappear since coalition creates a lot of systemic problems for his party. Without coalition his party would have an even greater monopoly on corruption and destruction of any system.

On religious terror: "No religion in this world recommends the murder of innocent people... terrorism is no different than murder, in fact worse as it targets innocent people..” What wisdom indeed. One has to wonder how many religious books the clown prince has actually read. I agree with him on one point though. Terrorists, if at all they want to target someone, they should target corrupt politicians, not innocent people. I assure you such terrorists would be overnight national heroes.

On the gruesome murder of Additional District Collector Yashwant Sonawane by the Oil mafia Rahul says: "Cannot allow this to happen again... we need to look at why it's happening and figure out the problem in the system." Is there any wonder why this kid reminds P. Chidambaram of Rajiv Gandhi? Anyone remember the lines of “Hamey dekhna hain, Hum dehk rahein hai....” from Rajiv Gandhi? And I still wonder who the hell is WE? Every line from this prince starts with WE! If by that he means his own party and the clowns in it, well and good. If in all of his 40 years he hasn’t been able to SEE, I wonder who he is expecting to see by WE!

"We need to look for the cause of corruption. The money that is meant for development is being stolen by vested interests..." Guess what? After over 60 years WE need to look for the cause of corruption. Don’t ask the people asshole, ask your own party men and women. Ask your own family which has held power for many years. Answer the charges that you and your family hold Swiss bank accounts before pointing fingers at everyone else.

The most laughable one from the clown prince has to be this one: “...The current political structure is based on family and relations, even while making appointments..” All one can say is, look who’s talking! This child is from the very party that is accused of lying to the Supreme Court about the CVC. That under an emblem that states 'Satyameva Jayate'. Why shouldn't we accuse this party of having turned that slogan into 'Shityameva Jayate' for the all the misdeeds of over 60 years?

Jesus Christ, Moses and Netaji Bose move over... The final river of tears is this one : “Give me ten years of your life and after that you will be very proud of your contribution.." Sure, we will give you TEN YEARS happily, IN PRISON! All of your party men, including those turned a supporting blind eye to corruption like your PM, Sonia Gandhi and You, should be in prison for TEN YEARS. If we give you those ten years we will be proud of our contribution.


  1. I dont think there is any contradiction within congress.It seems to me a very well planned strategy. Each one, MMS, SG,Digi,Chidu, Ahluwalia, speaks deliberately on the same issue in different language so as to confuse the common man and let analysts keep scratching their heads till next statement.
    125 yrs old party has only one agenda--Promote RG at any cost.

  2. Rahul Gandhi speaks like a newspaper journalist or panelist at some activists' conference.
    In fact, HE is the one in control of the "WE". If he wants he can turn things around.
    And pray, what is a youth supposed to do after devoting 10 years of his life to this man? Patrick French has found that at present, ALL CONGRESS MPs belowe 35 years of age have entered politics through the hereditary route. There's NO CHANCE that a common outsider has of holding a position of power or relevant in this Congress party, possibly the least democratic public organization in the country today

  3. He is indisposed of his marriage legalized till now though he is forty and surpassed his half life. He is going to clean the Aguste stable? In otherwords, he is overstuffed and hence, blabber like this for, wherever, he meant "we" his conscience dictates that he and his party. What he must address to the congress he addresses to the public.

  4. rajiv gandhi used to say-desh ko yeh banana hai,desh ko woh banana hai-well we have become what he wished-a BANANA republic.winds of change are sweeping from tunisia,egypt....

  5. Chappal se maro isko!

  6. if at all RG becomes the PM, he will be the dumbest PM ever

  7. Keep up the good work and a Very good article. I feel very sad that Indians are very ignorant people. we really don't know who our real enemies are just like our ancestors. We require more media outlets like yours so that at least younger generation will come to know about the truth. we all should strive for new revolution in this country. If we continue with our old ways, India is doomed.

  8. Just imagine, if he becomes the prime minister!
    Tughlak will be outbeaten within minutes;-O


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