Friday, January 21, 2011

Recall Teesta’s Padma Shri & Give Her The Padma-Sh!t Award!

It is not the first time that the Supreme Court of India has rapped the knuckles of Teesta Setalvad. This self-styled 'washing-machine of justice' for riot victims has been exposed over and over again. Some of the stinging comments of the SC in its latest rap concerning letters Setalvad has written to the Geneva-based Office of High Commissioner on Human Rights (OHCHR) include the following (From The Daily Pioneer):

Ø  “We can’t allow ourselves to be guided by any other agency. If day-to-day proceedings in this court are to be reported to that (international) organisation, it amounts to direct interference.”
Ø  “(for) All those cases monitored by us, we don’t want any communication in future with OHCHR.”
Ø  “This is not a plain and simple letter. It does say so many things about what is happening in courts which has no concern with the said organisation,”
Ø  “Will they be keeping track of investigation when we are monitoring,” and said, “We don’t appreciate such letters sent to foreign country.”
Ø  “It seems you (Teesta) have more confidence in them than us,” requiring to know “will they provide protection to witnesses, can they provide assistance to us.”
Ø  “Tomorrow even our proceedings will be sent to them.”  “Are they (OHCHR) their disciplinary authority”.

There is absolutely no more doubt that Teesta Setalvad has wantonly craved publicity and fame by exploiting the victims of riots. Sometime back the SIT investigating the Gujarat riots had also rapped her for fraudulent affidavits. Very recently one of her own former colleagues has turned into a witness against her. And for the second time in her life she had recently sought Anticipatory Bail!

Well, that is one individual called Teesta Setalvad clamouring for her 15 minutes of fame mocking every institution of this country and trying to internationalise national issues when those were being directly handled by the SC. But what about our media? The NDTVs and the CNN-IBNs continue to host this crook on various issues as if she is some Mother Theresa. Little does it occur to these media channels that frequently foisting this tainted person on the people of this nation is as good as justifying her acts and insulting the intelligence of viewers.

For all her misdeeds and untruths the UPA government rewarded her with a Padma Shri. Just like the Padma Shris were gifted to media crooks like Barkha and Rajdeep. It is time that the UPA seriously recognises their mistake and calls back the Padma Shri gifted to Teesta Setalvad.

Even otherwise, such national awards should be scrapped straightaway as political parties have not shown the maturity to analyse the worthiness of those who were given such awards. This does not make all the recipients unworthy. But a national honour has to be reserved for at least a life time of work which provides enough time to judge and analyse a person’s true contributions to the nation. While Barkha Dutt has been exposed as a lobbyist, Teesta Setalvad’s offences are even more serious. She has transacted with untruths, tried to defame the nation’s courts by internationalising issues being handled by them.

I now believe the CAG should be authorised to go into the funding of organisations like Citizens For Justice run by Teesta and many such organisations that receive funding from all over. Such NGOs should also be banned from collecting public funds.

A corrupt or convicted army-man is stripped of his medals and even uniform. A corrupt sportsman is stripped of his medals and titles. Why should it be any different for other civilians who have proven to be crooked and anti-national? I respect the Padma Shri award, but in case of Teesta Setalvad the Padma Shri should be called back. 

She deserves an award called PADMA SH!T !


  1. Great and timely post Ravinar!
    Teesta and Arundhati are self-serving crooks of the worst kind. In any other nation, the media would do the citizens a service by exposing their (mis)deeds, but here not only does media choose to ignore it all but also give them the attention that they are hungry for.
    Teesta and Arundhati have, ever since 2002, engaged in a bitter, relentless, vengeful campaign against Modi and his government and sought to undermine his great achievements in the state of Gujarat. While media continues to harp on the skewed views of these celebrity-activists, it continues to ignore te progress made in Gujarat, so that the unaware viewers are fed with slow but continuous doses of anti-Modi rhetoric. It's shameful. I have never seen media like the English Indian media. I was 'trying' to watch the Headlines Today debate yesterday on Muslim clerics and leaders 'aghast' at the latest endorsement of Modi by the Deoband head. And though I consider Rahul Kanwal to be reasonably sound, the tone and tenor of the debate was such that I could watch it for more than a few minutes. The only sane voice was that of Swapnal Dasgupta.

  2. The best administration is in Gujarat under the stewardship of Narendra Modi. The musalman themselves appreciate his rule in Gujarat. People like me want Narendra Modi to be the next PM of this country. To that extent, the BJP should undertake some Organisational changes and keep off other leaders including Sushma to pave way for N Modi. He is the real Bharat Putra who has nothing to gain and axe for himself.

    There can be no gansaying the fact on the above. Free___verse has aptly put in the views of many on Teesta and Arundatis and as well the other media crooks in this country. Ravinar, you are the Modern Arjuna, may be the all time great Karna in the accuracy of your arrows. Keep doing a great relentless service.

  3. @ Free_Verse:

    I agree with you. Especially that guy Owaisi is a major crook from the MIM. The same gang that thrashed Tasleema Nasreen. What appalls me is the "Dhimmitude" of the media towards these people. It is not so much that I support Modi or want to see him as PM, but I definitely detest a lying media.

    @ Emmaarcee:

    If one really looks at the lifestyle of Narendra Modi it is really frugal. He lives alone with two attendants and does not have any durbars at his residence like most pig-headed politicians. In this age of technology it will be hard for the likes of Teestas and Arundhatis to hide. People aren't fools they will see through the real colours sooner or later.

    Thanks both of you for your regular comments.

  4. Yes, the only way BJP can think of coming to power is if they promote Narendra Modi as a prospective PM.
    One of the major reasons for BJP's failings in 2009 was that it had no leader popular or acceptable enough to the people. And back then, Manmohan ji was still looked upon with some respect and credibility.

    Narendra Modi, in my opinion, is a one of those rare miracles that fate gifts to a country. If we allow ourselves to be driven by media-led false propaganda and deny him the opportunity to lead our country, we deserve to forever remain a corrupt, underachieving, poverty-stricken, third world country.

  5. Teesta has backing of powerful politicians. She will go untouched despite her free run.

  6. padma shris have lost all meaning as far as the public is concerned.these awards confer a dubious honor and a person receiving such an "honor" is often viewed with suspicion and disdain.a poll by ibn 7-hindi channel, shows that almost 80% of people surveyed in a recent poll thought msm was corrupt.people do know the score,but do not know where to turn to for news and opinion,even on the net.i stumbled on to this site by chance.

  7. We have always maintained a view that proper home-work is always lacking on part of India. And this persists because the responsible get away with it. Some examples are:

    1. Reputed media persons plagiarizing.

    2. Politicians like DiggyViggy opening their orifices to ooze fecal "wisdom"


    The "national awards" too have become a sham. Recall that MGRamchandran and his likes have got Bharat Ratna, while Teesta Setalvad got the Padma Shri.

    So not only should her PShri be revoked and PSh*t be awarded. Immense care needs to be exercised before such "intended to be prestigious" awards are given. The committee which decided on such awards must also be held to fire.

    The bottom-line being, that in any society if people keep indulging in wanton acts and keep getting away with them; a total and catastrophic degeneration is bound to follow.

    I second an opinion expressed in this blog-comments somewhere, that Mr. Ravinar start his own media initiative (possibly including vernacular languages as well).

    We would add that he also open to being criticized by other Ravinars. :-) It is this atmosphere of having to establish and maintain high-standards, that seems to be the need of the hour.

    All the best.

  8. Padma Shit! Washing machine of justice! Opening orifices to ooze fecal wisdom! Hat tip my friend, you're going great guns, keep the flag flying!

  9. Who knows how much went to munni to have arranged the coronation to these unscrupulous hustlers. Mr. Ravinar, bow the arrows continuously and make odd man out these from the society as your untiring witch hunt on burkah, the most proven ignominious from a wrong place in fine made to settle before sunset

  10. Mr. Ravinar,
    The job will be only half completed by giving Padma Shit to her. Remember 'Padma' stands for Lotus, which is very sacred for us. So, Padma still getting associated to these 'Boomibhaaraks' is totally unacceptable.

    Good blogs....keep it up.

  11. The Ahmedabad crime branch today lodged a First Information Report against social activist Teesta Setalvad after some riot victims from the 2002 Gulberg Society massacre case accused her of fraud.

    The riot victims had lodged a complaint against Ms Setalvad for allegedly collecting foreign donations, but not utilising them for the intended purpose. 12 residents of the Gulberg Society had sent a complaint to the Police Commissioner against Ms Setalvad around a year ago, who had directed a crime branch probe.

    The residents had sent a notice to Ms Setalvad, claiming that that Right To Information queries had revealed that she had collected huge donations from national and international organisations for the purpose of providing financial assistance for reconstruction of houses or developing the Gulberg Society into a museum.

    The complainants alleged that "despite collecting foreign donation of Rs. 63 lakh in the account of Citizens for Justice and Peace and Rs. 88 lakh in the account of Sabrang Trust, nothing has been passed on to the members of society."

    The victims, in a separate letter to the Ahmedabad Police Commissioner, had also sought a ban on the NGO from organising annual event on February 28 as a mark of solidarity to the people who lost their lives during the 2002 riots and inquire into the incident.

    Following investigations, the crime branch has registered an FIR against Ms Setalvad and her husband Javed Anand.

    On February 28, 2002, Ehsan Jafri, a former Congress MP, was attacked by a mob at Gulberg Society, a cluster of 29 bungalows and 10 apartment buildings housing mostly Muslims. The mob breached the boundary wall and torched houses. Mr Jafri was dragged out, hacked and burnt to death, along with 68 others. His frantic phone calls to police officers and senior politicians for help allegedly went unanswered.


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