Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Prof. Rahul Gandhi : Inflation & Corruption Linked To Coalition...

On a ‘bad-TV’ night this could happen to you. Congress spokesman Manish Tiwari and CNN-IBN’s Sagarika Ghose could be on at the same time. The duo can out-decibel even the headbanger group called ‘Bhayanak Maut’! The two are very different. One is a TV screen hog, shouts over everyone else, knows more about law than Ram Jethmalani, can talk endlessly without meaning anything, can interpret everything that Rahul Gandhi says, usually starts with a statement of not having heard the actual statement and the other, of course, is Sagarika Ghose. One is the Raging Bull and the other is Ms. Caconfonix herself. So between them they managed to once again cloud the stupidity behind Prof. Rahul Gandhi’s utterances.

So the simple question that Sagarika put across to Tiwari was that Rahul Gandhi’s statement  to the effect that price rise and corruption are consequences of compulsions of coalition government was ‘meaningless’ and asked Tiwari to explain. That was Prof. Rahul Gandhi addressing students in Lucknow in a meeting organised by National Students Union Of India (NSUI) on January 11, where he linked price-rise and corruption to coalition government. Do you feel educated now? (For a change the media was allowed to attend this particular meeting, unlike the ones before.)

And so Manish Tiwari responds with a disclaimer that he hasn’t heard the statement but will interpret it for us. How kind of him! Apart from more lipstick, Tiwari now adds jewellery to the pig! He goes on to explain rainfall damaging onion crops and finally established a clear reason for the high prices. ‘It’s because demand exceeds supply”! Lo and behold, Manish Tiwari has founded and established a principle of economics that all the Amartya Sens and Keynes and the likes of the world never discovered. How come we idiots never knew anything about demand and supply affecting prices? Do you feel educated now?

Rahul Gandhi was asked  why the UPA government is "not able to control inflation and corruption as his grandmother and late prime minister Indira Gandhi could do". Really?  I wonder what bright student asked that question. Someone educated by the likes of Prof. Rahul Gandhi probably. I will field that one for the student. It was in Indira’s time that corruption was institutionalised, inflation started pinching the common man. Hoarding as a practice was born during Indira’s time. The ‘angry young man’ was born during Indira Gandhi’s time! Do you feel educated now?

Coalition may be a compulsion but it is outright majority that has institutionalised corruption in India. Rahul Gandhi seems to remember Indira Gandhi but seems to have forgotten his dear father, Rajiv Gandhi. Rajiv Gandhi was voted to power on a sympathy wave with the Congress then getting 413 seats in the parliament. No single party ever had that kind of majority. Yet, after arriving as Mr.Clean, Rajiv Gandhi is remembered most for two things. One is the infamous reversal of the SC ruling on the ‘Shah Bano’ case and two, the infamous Bofors scandal. The Bofors scandal is a landmark on the road to corruption by politicians and the Gandhi family. That didn’t come out of coalition compulsions, did it? Prof. Rahul Gandhi can likely be a future PM. Do you feel educated now?

It is one thing for the media to report Rahul’s stupid utterances with undue prominence but altogether another to  have someone like a Manish Tiwari interpret it for us. The lipstick is getting thicker by the day. I feel educated, do you?


  1. superb far as tiwari goes,the louder the voice,the weaker the argument.tiwari elicits a wondrous scorn in all his viewers with all the inanities that he comes up with.indeed a rare talent who can decipher the gobeldegook that rahul gandhi speaks all the time

  2. This भोन्दू युवराज will turn 41 this year, so any chanace of educating him are useless!

  3. the middle aged congress yuvaraj should be banned from speaking without a script.....

  4. Who bothers for the cong if not to run with coalition? He had obliquely referred to Sarath Pawar who is the agri minister who went in deep slumber which resulted this inflation.

    The sycophants instead of interpreting the right reason for the disturbance of equilibrium due to mal functioning of the agri minster wants to patch up in different language as common for them to detract for their unbecoming in the first place.

    Tomorrow if they (the superwoman and superman) were experiencing purgative they will point out the needle of reason on coalition and Sibal would say not at all and add truly speaking they did not attend nature call; to this extent they have denigrated both their caste and intelligence

  5. The media has no one to call other than Manish Tiwari the idiot, Kabil sibal the high decible maker with no substance, Abishek Singhvi, another idiot, Ravindra Prasad another joker in the pack of cards, and few more cry ladies who are morons. What a TV channels we have? God bless.

  6. Madhusudan ThakkarJanuary 13, 2011 11:02 PM

    Manish Tiwari and other congress spokepersons like Jayanti Natrajan,Dighvijay Singh & Abhishek Singvi think CNN IBN & Times Now as their own channel.The other day Manish Tiwari during discussion on inflation gave big lecture to Arnab Goswami. Similarly Kapil Sibal also "insulted" Rajdeep Sardesai the other day [ when he announced in the press briefing that there is no loss to the govt. in 2G spectrum].Editors of these channels will tolerate all nonsense from these congress spokespersons.BJP spokespersons should also adopt this strategy and should also give tit-for-tat replies.

  7. someone unjustly blamed sharad pawar here. he is oevrly busy in nation building exercies - you name a patriotic deed and you will find him neck deep in it...housing for poor - he or his chronies are running housing projects everywhere in maharastra, name sugar - he has fortified sugar lobbies to save them from stupid blackmail of low pricing for populist measures, name onions - same thing as his patriotic deed for sugar, sports - India will be soon saved from spending a lot of money spent on sending a large contingent to olympics as IOC is thinking to ban India from Olympics, making astrological predictions on hoarders hold on prices of essential goods... the whole nation knows he is busy in nation building and so demnading his attention in for his ministry'trivial issues is not justified. To do justice to him, why this nation does not explore the happenings in health sector where due to absence of any media or public attention, price of all medicins have sky rocketed and to make the matter worse for poor indians, a lot of indian pharmaceutical companies were sold to foreign companies...Hey Ram

  8. Unless he opens his mouth, how will we know the level of the person who is wanting to be the next PM

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