Tuesday, January 4, 2011

NDTV Finally Pulls ‘The Buck Stops Here’

Wisdom seems to have finally dawned on NDTV. The channel has quietly pulled Barkha Dutt’s program ‘The Buck Stops Here’ from its usual night time slot of 10pm.

It would be apparent to Prannoy Roy & Co. that it is probably difficult to even get panellists to appear on a program hosted by a maligned journalist. In the face of mounting public anger and criticism it was probably getting difficult for Barkha Dutt to continue sermonising us on ethics, corruption and the like.

So what’s the next stop? That insufferable program ‘We The People’ should be the next to go and finally end the divisive discussions that have encroached our TV comedy channels for the last decade.

And what about Barkha Dutt herself? Well, I have to state that everybody deserves a second chance. If idiots in a nation can keep electing corrupt politicians then a bad journalist too deserves a second chance. So it might be wise for her to cool her heels in the backrooms of NDTV for six months or go on a reporting spree to foreign countries.

There is one more thing that NDTV needs to do. There are Facebook groups who have campaigned against Barkha Dutt ever since the 26/11 attack and the Chetanya Kunte episode. It may not be a bad idea to start a dialogue with members of such groups to recover lost ground and assure people that the channel intends to establish fair practice in reporting and analysing news. NDTV should also reopen its feedback and comments page on its website. That takes courage and humility at the same time.

Let’s see if NDTV has the courage and humility to interact with its strongest critics.

Note: This post is based on the fact that Barkha Dutt has not been hosting 'The Buck Stops Here' for some days now and the program is also not listed on the NDTV schedule on their website.


  1. Bdutt, must apologise before she gets another chance.
    What about SEEDHGI BAAT by Prabhu Chawla?

  2. After her terrible performance on the staged show and her unbridled show of hostility and petulance with some of the assembled panelists, she doesn't deserve a second chance. She's a street-smart lady and there would be no dearth of career alternatives for her.

    If Prannoy James Roy wants to come out of this without being singed badly, he should jettison Ms. Dutt pronto and start doing some serious damage control which may or may not ensure eventual survival for NDTV.

  3. Her moral turpitude is established and amply substantiated which pressurized NDTV to jettison her.Better late than never. Apropos her re entry let her try her best in Pak channels but surely not in India. No remorse for such autocratic and arrogant drove her to affront.How bold was she to project the false leave alone her conjecture as truth with her erudite English! How repeated was her bloviate to malign Modi?

  4. this explains why barkha is on a holiday ?

  5. the msm shies away from reporting the swiss bank accounts of political leaders which are available on their profiles on wikipedia.so much for their investigative skills.barkha dutt protested too much when quizzed.she has zero credibility as far as viewers go.ndtv should let her go.

  6. BDUTT:
    @AdvDeepakKumar no, the Buck Stops Here is back from Monday.. Happy new year.

    I guess we were being too optimistic. #Dalalmedia is incorrigible.

  7. There is no grey shade in Journalism. Either you are honest or you are not. Either you are ethical or your are not. Barkha has shown that she is unethical. Now I donot think she can ever talk about being ethical. There will always be doubt about the things she do, words she would say.

  8. i have written long time back that id Barkha in not guilty then she should face the punishment...finally blogger and twitter has shown the power to throw barkha out


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