Saturday, January 1, 2011

Indian Media Crook Of The Year 2010

The voting is done with and the results are out. I am thankful to all those who participated. Though this poll is by no means scientific, it is still honest and far more open than any of the polls that our media conducts on a daily basis. The media polls are  the biggest farces ever pulled on people. None of the TV channels ever show you how many people actually voted on any of the issues. You usually get to see something like 80% said Yes and 20% No. For all we know, 5 people might have voted and 4 may have said yes and therefore you have 80% saying yes. That’s a very convenient way of fooling people.

Not surprisingly, here is your Indian MediaCrook of The Year 2010 BARKHA DUTT and the Runner-up VIR SANGHVI

Barkha Dutt of NDTV                                           Vir Sanghvi of Hindustan Times
Both these journalists have brought to a climax what was always suspected of our media, biased, slanted, influenced and often outright lobbyists. The Nira Radia tapes have done to expose what otherwise would have been a daunting task. Not far behind is Rajdeep Sardesai and deservedly so. We have now been witness to even fake tweets by CNN-IBN and TimesNow. Rajdeep nearly polled as many votes as Sanghvi and lost the honour of being runner-up narrowly. One of the two, Vir Sanghvi, has slipped into the background a bit. The other, Barkha Dutt, continues to peddle her mindless nonsense still but has toned down her kicking and screaming. That NDTV continues to put her on their screens is proof enough that ethical conduct in the media is dead and gone.

There is hope, of course. The new-age media will be the online Social Network with its honest assessments and writings. They will be our new Watchdogs.


  1. BARKHA DUTT, VIR SANGHVI and Rajdeep Sardesai are put in the same scale but as the voting option once clicked closes for the voter hence, they were in the II and III position. yet,they have hardly changed their attitudes though the first one feigned as if learnt lesson but continued in the same tract on the very next day, precisely tutored by the NDTV.

  2. These shameless people haven't changed at all.
    These news anchors should be trashed in public with chappals, ofcource should be shown live breaking news.

  3. This is no brainer.2 of the prominant scamsters and a poll immediatly can only paint them in bad light.As a long term reader/watcher of Indian english newspapers, 24/7 news channels, I am of the opinion that the indian media is certainly third rate as many of the journalists have poor understanding of the language and also of the subject they write about.Unfortunately when shit overwhelms limited quality, what you get is only stench and disdain.But this is not going to limit these mediocre materials raking in money because India is a land for mediocre specimens.majority of middle and upper class indians are mediocre.Best brains who can sneer at these mediocre specimens have already runaway from the country.What is left behind is a large segment of oglers who die every day on ennui.

  4. Since these awards are not backed by any corporate house, they are genuine!

    please give us more of your critical analysis on these media crooks. your blog is getting popular in my friend circle.

    please keep it up!!

  5. Will the tainted, interview and express opinions or elicit opinions over the today's recap of old scam?


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