Thursday, January 6, 2011

Digvijay Singh - Wag The Dog?

Since the series of UPA scams broke out Digvijay Singh (DS) has been in the news. Mostly for the wrong reasons. Well, I would think that’s the job assigned to him. To muddy the picture and create confusion and to distract from the scams. He first starts by attending a book launch of ‘26/11 an RSS Conspiracy’ by his friend Aziz Burney. There he makes some comments about Hindu Terror and how Hemant Karkare, the ATS Officer, feared for his life.

Mind you, DS reiterates that he is in no doubt that Pakistani terrorists were responsible for 26/11 and Karkare’s death. So why would a person attend the book launch of something called ‘26/11 an RSS Conspiracy’? That book doesn’t sound like a romantic love story or any work of fiction. Does it? And since then DS has been on a roll with all kinds of confusing and contradictory statements. The mainstream media laps it all up like a faithful dog without any questions.

"I had spoken to him three and a half hours...It was between 6 and 7 pm on 26/11.... I was very shocked when I came to know that he was killed", he told reporters today. (My view: If this were true, then DS would have been speaking to Karkare while he was putting on the supposed bullet-proof jacket and then all the way to his death...) Three and a half hours? A working ATS officer speaks for three and a half hours to a non-working has been? (I want that job!!)

When asked about phone records he stated that BSNL does not maintain records beyond 14 months. That itself was surprising. I was under the impression that given the terrorist threats cell phone companies were supposed to maintain records for seven years. But never mind that, he manages to get the BSNL records after all. So whether BSNL or DS lied about the 14 months is another matter altogether.

He later said (with phone records on Jan 5):

The call was placed at 5.44 pm. Singh said, “I called up Karkare on the ATS office phone number listed on the website.” Singh had earlier maintained that he had spoken Karkare on his mobile phone number; now he has cited ATS board number. It still does not constitute indisputable proof that Karkare had spoken to him.

He knew Hemant Karkare well and for long for the Officer to be confiding in him and yet he didn’t have his number? He had to find it on a website? Well that’s possible, after all we all search for our close friends’ phone numbers on websites, don’t we? Imagine DS hanging around somewhere with nothing to do and so he decided to search for Hemant Karkare's phone number on a website.That's totally credible!

TOI reports: According to the documents, Singh called Maharashtra ATS number 022-23087336 from his BSNL mobile number 09425015461. Karkare and he talked for about six minutes.

India Today reports: The BSNL call records apparently show that Karkare called Singh from his office landline on that fateful day. The call was made at 5:44 PM and lasted three minutes. Digvijay said the call was made on his mobile phone. 

Why can’t the mediacrooks make up their mind on how long DS actually talked? And to whom? Why should anyone believe that because DS called a landline number in the ATS office at Mumbai that he actually spoke to him? And the time of the call, of course, is another issue too. First DS said it was between 6 and 7 pm and the records show 5.44 pm. Fine, after over two years a slight variation in time is acceptable. But how long did he talk? 3 Minutes? 6 Minutes? Three and a half hours? And who actually made the call to whom? DS to Karkare or Karkare to DS?

And most of all, why did DS call Hemant Karkare at all? Is there a reason? If it was just a friendly courtesy call one would have thought DS would have called Karkare’s mobile number which initially he had claimed he had. Given that it’s the BSNL which has provided proof of his call it implies it was DS who called that landline number from his mobile. So one can safely conclude that Karkare definitely didn’t make a call to DS. But did he actually receive the call from DS? Seems unlikely, especially because dead men tell no tales.

Aziz Burney may not be the only one to hatch conspiracy theories. A wag mentioned to me that DS called Karkare because DS already knew that Karkare was going to die. Isn't that possible? Isn't it possible that DS suddenly decided to call Karkare because he knew the officer was going to die? This is another angle that investigators should look into as well. 

DS may have launched that book about the 26/11 Conspiracy but unfortunately a pigeon again told me what book he actually reads. So I have just one line that describes both the Congress (I) and Digvijay Singh – Wag The Dog!

Update: (Jan 7) If DS has produced BSNL proof then that has to be his mobile call to the ATS landline number. That landline number has to be an MTNL number since Bombay is operated by MTNL. Why won't the media seek a corroboration from MTNL on the call? 


  1. A section of radia-active media is giving too much coverage to DS non-sense.

    Are you surpised to see that on the contrary no body is dare to show Subramaniun Swamy's interview or probe his claim in 2G spectrum case bribe has gone to 10, Janpat. (Startling revealtion are available on swamy's web site

  2. Ravinar,

    Great post. Hope DS would see this or his chelas bring this to his notice. To me it appears that his metal faculties are not functioning properly.


  3. Why not DS make the tele con between him and Kharkare public, I mean give out the recorded versions? There is recording facility in all the mobiles and the bigwigs like him always record the tele cons even in BSNL lines. Let him show what the conversations are if he really means business. This trouble maker is a paid hireling of the Congress like the Manish Tiwari and Abishek Singhvi etc. It is a shame that we have such mediocre netas in national parties to rule us. No wonder we have had leaders like Giani Zail Singh who were presidents of this Bharat who had the stupidity to admit that he would sweep the floor if ordered by Indira. Such is the type of politicians that we have in this country. The less said, more better on people like DVS.

  4. I seldom repeated to read in my ever life as now to do over toi and India today to understand who talked to whom? Moreover,
    It is merit worthy case to prosecute Diggiviggy for having suppressed the fact without bringing to the knowledge of the competent authorities in time but allowed the said officer to meet his fate, if the proof he adduced is any indication. It is dereliction of a citizen more so, a powerful unlike aam and aadhmi. Yet, it has its own gray areas as to

    1. why the said officer did not submit his apprehension about his life to his superior; had he no confidence on them?

    2. Else diggi viggi wish to state the total Maharashtra Police are saffron terrorists?

    3. Or why did the subject officer approach this man, an anti Hindu perhaps the officer in question was also anti Hindu?

    4. They worked in tandem?

    5. When the whole nation was in tension, how did the police officer in question leisurely devote time to talk to this man?

    6. The said officer believed more on this man than his wife?

    7. Does Diggiviggi accuse the officer’s wife too a saffron terrorist?

  5. Madhusudan ThakkarJanuary 07, 2011 9:56 AM

    Media is playing a very destructive role in giving legitimacy to DS views.The other day his conversation with Rajdeep Sardesai on CNN-IBN was "fixed".Very simple questions were asked.Similarly on Times Now we were told that panel will also haveRavi Shankar Prasad.Instead mysteriously there was no discussion and easy questions were asked to DS.It is clearly visible that people like Niira Radia are at work.The only difference is we don't have tape recorded conversation.

  6. @Ravinar,
    While I appreaciate your efforts here in exposing the true motives of the ENGLISH media, we must realise that barely a small percentage of the population relies on them for their news appetite.
    The rest are hooked to a number of local/vernacular media channels, some of them quite big themselves in terms of size and influence.
    Has there been any effort (by your or others) to examine the workings of these channels? While I watch AajTak etc. now and then, I am not a regular and cannot dicern their hidden motives, if any. To gaina true picture of the manner in which the Indian media works, we have to get a COMPLETE picture.
    I would be grateful if someone could enlighten me on aspects of the vernacular language media section? How are they placed? Are they under the control of the Kangress or the others? Are they biased? Do they also indulge in minority appeasement like our English pseudo journalists do? Is their content more scandalous than substance?

    Thanks in advance.

  7. @ Free_verse

    Thanks for your excellent comments.

    The answer to all your questions is a big YES! In contrast to the English national channels the regional language channels are surprisingly owned by politicians themselves. Some are owned by the local newspapers too. Examples are SUN TV, Jaya TV or Eanadu. As for Hindi channels like Aaj Tak, India TV or Zee or the rest, they are so crass that it's rather hard to watch them.

    If you notice carefully, I usually pick up only nationally relevant issues rather than regional ones and in such cases whether English, Hindi or local, all of them are equally terrible.

    Some like NewsX or DNA newspaper still maintain some credibility though I am not issuing any certificates.

    As for the impact blogs like mine have..yes I alone can't do anything. But if you noticed in the case of Radia tapes the entire media was forced to act by the Social Network on the internet. That is how we can have an impact. In the future, the online networks, blogs, facebooks, twitter and such will have a very strong influence.

    What we can do is to keep spreading the word and as our country has more and more educated people the online media network will spread the truth and the mainstream media will either take a back seat or be forced to change.

    Technology waits for no one. Thanks for your reading and commenting so regularly. I appreciate.

  8. DS is talking and actually spoiling the case for Cong further. Cong has taken a beating on its reputation.
    It will be in interest of Cong to stop Ds from going on on the lose.

  9. Among all these award winning media crooks i have find a 30 minute programme called "Central Hall" on ETV UP/BIHAR/RAJASTHAN, a balanced one with wide reporting in 30 minute slot...its timings are 8.30 pm night (11.30 pm repeat) it is presented by Hari Shanker Vyaas.

    Ranveer! your blog is treat...keep it up

  10. Madhusudan ThakkarJanuary 07, 2011 7:34 PM

    Hindi news channels are "entertainment" channels.After departure of Prabhu Chawla there are no serious debates on Aaj Taak.Inspite of having seasoned journalists like Punya Prasoon Vajpayee,Alka Saxena and Swati Chaturvedi there is no serious discussion on important issues on Zee news.Sometimes there are good discussions on Star news by Chaurashia.India TV,Sahara Samay,News 24 and Live India have no serious debates they only show clippings from Realty shows from other channels.IBN Live and NDTV India have some good debates but both are blatantly biased and duration is too short.Inspite of having so many hindi channels and the viewrship is also very large,I am at loss to understand why no serious debates are conducted in these channels.

  11. @ सम्वेदना के स्वर

    Thanks for the kind words. Oh BTW the name is Ravinar (although Ranveer is a nice name too). I checked out your blog as well. Good one, keep going.

  12. @ Madhusudan Thakkar

    Thanks for the comments. If I were to describe most of our Hindi and local language channels I would use the term 'Mall' channels. A good debate would be one where two parties argue sensibly without shouting and talking over each other. And yes most of the channels are full of reality show clips, item numbers and masala. They believe this is what most Indians what.

    Time will change and maybe one day we will see the sensible debates we would like to see.

    Thanks again!

  13. Just a thought to take this Diggy Shit further.Was he responsible for Karkares killing as he would have known in depth what they were upto and have relayed the information to his pals in Pakistan. Think it would be apt to investigate his entire call details.

  14. On a funnier note: It is quite possible that Mr Karkare spoke to DS. And in most likelihood Mr. Karkare would have told DS to cut his "BS (Bull-S***)" and Shut-up. And in an act of revenge DS summoned his Pakistani brethren to "shoot-up".

    So it looks as if there indeed was an RSS conspiracy. RSS instigated Karkare to call DS, Karkare made DS lose his temper, which resulted in DS summoning his brethren from across the border!

    DS stands for "Death Summons"? Whoever this DS speaks to, ends up dying? Watch out Congressmen, this DS is speaking to your Prince Harming ReHaul. DS must be hatching a conspiracy to rid the world of another being!

    But DS, tell us one thing, how will you blame this on RSS?

  15. again you guys are in your own universe. Prabhu chawla a pimp was a good journalist. lol.
    I have seen swati grill digvijaya on the same subject on zee news.
    please could you all stop back straching each other.
    In which world is chaurasia, chawala and etv taken seriously. wow.


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