Friday, January 7, 2011

Digivijay Singh Should Take A Lie-Dectector Test

Read 'Digvijay Singh -Wag The Dog'. The BSNL phone records proof that DS claims to have produced require scrutiny and investigation. No one has questioned DS better than Subramanian Swamy. Here's a DNA report on the statement of Swamy:

"The photocopy of the telephone records that Singh produced before TV cameras needs to be scrutinised since the telephone number on which a call was made from Singh's telephone was to a general SIT number in Mumbai and not to any of the two numbers on which Karkare could be accessed," Swamy said. Read the full DNA report.

All the statements made by DS clearly appear to be dubious, contradictory and in some cases outright lies. The media appears to have lapped up the nonsensical proof provided by DS without any corroboration by the MTNL (Bombay operators of the landline which he seemed to have called). Besides, even that is absolutely no evidence that he actually spoke to Hemant Karkare.

The only truth behind this whole episode is the intent of the Congress (I) and Digvijay Singh to throw more dirt at Hindus and to distract from the season of scams.

There is one way to resolve this. Since this concerns a serious investigation into the 26/11 attacks Digvijay Singh should be put through a lie-detector test. If he has the guts, let him take one ! Or else, this particular episode in his stupidity will remain a lie forever.


  1. r r patil the mah home minister has not apologised to digvijay singh as he had demanded.therefore patil obviously stands by his earlier statement of there being no mtnl records of any calls DIRECTLY made to karkare.why is d singh then not pursuing his demand for an apology from patil? elementary my dear watson!

  2. All the intellects and those with some common sense were skeptical of the bashing the diggiviggi were crying wold. SS has come little modified since being professed in investigative. He is proved beyond doubt that a paagal and deserved to be admitted without time loss in mental asylum.

  3. You have aptly put. DS should go lie detector test undoubtedly. One more strange thing is happening since yesterday. MSM is branding RSS as terrorist organization and congress is saying because of terror links of RSS, LeT angle is weakening.


  4. The attitude of the media is indeed distressing in keeping the karkare issue alive periodically. I wonder why they can not counter the contradiction in Digvijay's claims on call records of his conversation. The Congress game plan is clearly to defame and discredit BJP by linking it to terror. A former Congress minister of Gujarath was convicted to 20 years imprisonment by the TADA court on 4 Oct 2008, for masterminding the twin Surat blasts of 1993. On the basis of this can we say the Congress is indisputably linked to terror. The gives the details of the conviction.

  5. @ Mr Vaidyanathan:

    Please do not fall into this trap! The Congress crooks deserve much worse than being thrown into the loony bin. Evaluate the damaging effect DS's diatribe has had, and would have had, had it not been shown to be all lies.

    DS must be prosecuted, and should not even be allowed to escape using the plea that he is a loony! Further, the punishments must be exemplary lest any one else should attempt similar subterfuge in future.


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