Monday, January 31, 2011

Rahul Gandhi - The Tears Of A Clown Prince

Some recent headlines seem to reflect the deep anguish and sorrow that Rahul Gandhi feels over various issues confronting the nation. Times Group: “Cash abroad belongs to poor, bring it back.  Indian Express: “Give me ten years of your life and I'll make you proud”. DNA: “Black money must come back”.  NDTV: “Don't complain, change the system”.  CNN-IBN: “Rahul Gandhi urges the youth to act on corruption” and there are many more. All this from a recent press conference the Clown Prince held at Aurangabad. So let’s sample some more stupid utterances from this man and understand the meaning.

"The way I see this is that corruption is a serious issue. It (the burning of the official) is a symptom. We haveto see that the symptom does not spread. I believe we have to change the system. We have to go deeper into the systems as to what is there in the system that makes this happen.." he said. On the issue of black money stashed abroad, he said, "First of all, it is not true that government is not putting in enough efforts. I think we should put as much efforts as possible to ensure that what is Indian money, what is the money of the poor people of India, comes back."

The first drops of tears. By the way, who is WE? If I were to be in grade 4 and reading newspapers I could have made those statements too. And I would still claim to have a clean conscience. Trouble with Rahul Gandhi is that he cannot recognise that his own party is the symptom. His own Congress is the virus of corruption and he would like us to believe he is outside the system as some independent observer and not part of the corrupt ruling coalition. And what systems is he talking about? The very systems that his party is unwilling to cleanse.  “Corruption is taking place because doors of the political system are closed and the average person who wants to do good is not allowed in.......Common people feel politics is corrupt... it is not working the way it should work. We believe the only way to change this is to look at the way parties are structured," he said.

Hmmm! More tears from the prince. For a party that has seldom had any democracy within and is rich in its sycophant population he makes a startling discovery that “common people feel politics is corrupt”. Politics is not corrupt, politicians are. Those who do not raise voices against their own partymen and women hardly have the moral authority to sermonise others. This child needs some growing up. 

"What disturbs me is that everybody points to corruption but few people actually look at the political system where the problem lies”. Well, what exactly is the political system? And is he a part of it or from some UN or International watchdog? This is the guy who is sitting close to the bull ring of the system and educates us on where the problem is. The system is one of this clown and his Congress who have tarnished every institution and system in this country to escalate corruption. Unless he means that all other political parties should disappear since coalition creates a lot of systemic problems for his party. Without coalition his party would have an even greater monopoly on corruption and destruction of any system.

On religious terror: "No religion in this world recommends the murder of innocent people... terrorism is no different than murder, in fact worse as it targets innocent people..” What wisdom indeed. One has to wonder how many religious books the clown prince has actually read. I agree with him on one point though. Terrorists, if at all they want to target someone, they should target corrupt politicians, not innocent people. I assure you such terrorists would be overnight national heroes.

On the gruesome murder of Additional District Collector Yashwant Sonawane by the Oil mafia Rahul says: "Cannot allow this to happen again... we need to look at why it's happening and figure out the problem in the system." Is there any wonder why this kid reminds P. Chidambaram of Rajiv Gandhi? Anyone remember the lines of “Hamey dekhna hain, Hum dehk rahein hai....” from Rajiv Gandhi? And I still wonder who the hell is WE? Every line from this prince starts with WE! If by that he means his own party and the clowns in it, well and good. If in all of his 40 years he hasn’t been able to SEE, I wonder who he is expecting to see by WE!

"We need to look for the cause of corruption. The money that is meant for development is being stolen by vested interests..." Guess what? After over 60 years WE need to look for the cause of corruption. Don’t ask the people asshole, ask your own party men and women. Ask your own family which has held power for many years. Answer the charges that you and your family hold Swiss bank accounts before pointing fingers at everyone else.

The most laughable one from the clown prince has to be this one: “...The current political structure is based on family and relations, even while making appointments..” All one can say is, look who’s talking! This child is from the very party that is accused of lying to the Supreme Court about the CVC. That under an emblem that states 'Satyameva Jayate'. Why shouldn't we accuse this party of having turned that slogan into 'Shityameva Jayate' for the all the misdeeds of over 60 years?

Jesus Christ, Moses and Netaji Bose move over... The final river of tears is this one : “Give me ten years of your life and after that you will be very proud of your contribution.." Sure, we will give you TEN YEARS happily, IN PRISON! All of your party men, including those turned a supporting blind eye to corruption like your PM, Sonia Gandhi and You, should be in prison for TEN YEARS. If we give you those ten years we will be proud of our contribution.

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Ramachandra Guha’s Paintings

If you are looking for some information on an exhibition by Ramachandra Guha (RG) or pictures, you are mistaken. This one is about how some historians also become ‘painters’ in their own write. They ‘paint’ history. Communists and “eminent” historians of the JNU class have been doing it for ages. Modern day painters will include the likes of Arundhati Roy and Ramachandra Guha. Both are similar in many ways, though RG is often very critical of Arundhati. Their paintings are full of emotions, sentimentalism, falsehoods and a deep dislike for facts. Both are frequent guests at Outlook Magazine which recently carried one of RG’s paintings. You can read the piece titled ‘A nation consumed by the State’ at Outlook.
This particular rant by RG is about ‘three enemies of India’ or probably the idea of India. Here’s a paragraph from this rant:

The plural, inclusive idea of India has three enemies. The best known is the notion of a Hindu rashtra, as represented in an erratic fashion by the Bharatiya Janata Party and in a more resolute (or more bigoted) manner by the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh, the Vishwa Hindu Parishad, the Bajrang Dal and other associated organisations. When Khilnani published his book in 1997, Hindutva appeared to be the major challenge to the idea of India. To the “theoretically untidy, improvising, pluralist approach” of Gandhi and Nehru, he wrote, the Sangh parivar offered the alternative of “a culturally and ethnically cleaned-up homogeneous community with a singular Indian citizenship, defended by a state that had both God and nuclear warheads on its side.

That pretty much sums up the central idea of the entire piece itself and you can guess where his entire argument or theory will go from there. Of course, he manages to sprinkle it with bits of Maoism and Corruption destroying the idea of India, but that is more like an afterthought. So, when the basic premise of a painting starts with a half-truth one can understand the persuasion of its author. Where it lies is that it doesn’t recognise the fact Hinduism is essentially secular. RG goes on to mention that many religions flourished in India but refuses to recognise that it is Hinduism that allowed that in the first place. Writers like RG will spare no effort to distinguish between Hinduism and Hindutva. Their entire theory is based on this superficial and non-existent distinction. They will not recognise the fact that our society has existed as a pluralist, multicultural society for centuries because of Hindutva and not otherwise.

As for the “theoretically untidy, improvising, pluralist approach” of Gandhi and Nehru our historians typically whitewash the many ideological mistakes that the two have made in their pursuit of this ‘untidy’ approach. Mind you, secularism is not bad, but it is bad the way it was practiced and is still being practiced by the party that claims the legacy of Gandhi and Nehru. First and foremost, the Gandhi-Nehru idolisation has been taken to such an extent that our “eminent” historians will not even question or explore many of their mistakes. The RSS, BJP and other outfits RG refers to were born in the 20th century much after the Congress. And there is a reason why those ideologies were conceived. To equate this with Maoism or Communism shows the warped logic employed to decipher the perceived threat to the idea of India.

Nowhere in his entire piece does RG try to explain why the BJP, a political party, which had just two seats in 1984 in the parliament has come to not only become the main Opposition party but was also in power from 1998 to 2004. He would like us to believe that the ugly head of Hindutva or the Rath Yatras of L.K. Advani were core reasons. And most of all ‘Islamic Terror’ or ‘Islamofascism’ is not even a threat to the idea of India.

RG is typically not a historian in the league of “eminent” ones such as Romila Thapar. But he continues their cause by not recognising the failures of Gandhi-Nehru which has contributed to the ills of India. If it took a foreigner to make a film about ‘Gandhi’ then it also took a foreigner to analyse the mistakes of Gandhi. No one has chronicled it better than Konrad Elst in his piece “Learning from Mahatma Gandhi’s mistakes”. There are many others too. But like the enthusiastic IPS officer who wanted the ‘I hate Gandhi’ page removed from Facebook and filed a criminal complaint, our historians tend to completely overlook the mistakes of Gandhi-Nehru which have contributed to the divisiveness of India. (And by the way that IPS officer may need to file criminal complaints against Facebook pages like ‘I hate Sonia Gandhi’ and ‘I hate Rahul Gandhi’ and others that abound in there.)

RG likes to fault RSS or the BJP for their ideology. One has yet to hear from him or from any other historian what exactly is the ideology of the present Congress (I). That is more important given that it is the ruling party and may come to power in the future too. He is not a bad writer. He indulges in erudite, sentimental and intellectual claptrap as much as the Arundhatis do. Ramachandra Guha denies he is a socialist or a communist but his writings don’t back that. The greatest award he received for literary work was for his cricket history. Maybe he should stick to cricket. He might win more awards.

Friday, January 28, 2011

Govt. Shouldn’t Censor News, But NBA Will...

No, I am not talking about some Basketball league or the Narmada Bachao Andolan. This NBA is different.

There was this mosque at Jangpura in Delhi. A relatively posh locality in Delhi. This mosque, Noor Masjid, was demolished by the DDA under orders from the High Court.  The mosque was built on encroached DDA land and therefore the court order for demolition. This followed with rioting by muslims in protest. Some newspapers and websites reported the incidents but TV news channels apparently blacked out the whole incident.

Zoomindianmedia, another site that regularly tracks Indian media has a full post on the TV blackout of the incident. Barkha Dutt, after persistent queries by tweeters, seems to have responded by tweeting: “All channels decided against (telecast?)...NBA decision. Just like on Telengana.” Well, that NBA is the National Broadcasters Association.

And they even have an Ethics Code for TV channels and the first of this reads as under (excerpt) :

Impartiality and objectivity in reporting:
Accuracy is at the heart of the news television is the responsibility of TV news channels to keep accuracy, and balance..... If despite this there are errors, channels should be transparent about them......Truth will be a defense in all cases where a larger public interest is involved, and in even these cases, equal opportunities will be provided for individuals involved to present their point of view. This also applies in cases where television channels report on those holding public office, though by virtue of doing so, no person can claim immunity from scrutiny from or criticism by news channels.

You can read the full guidelines on ethics at their website.

So according to Barkha Dutt the blackout decision was taken by NBA. The riots were followed by Sheila Dikshit meeting the Imam Bukhari (of Delhi’s Jama masjid) who was to lead Friday prayers last week. So in this case there was neither truth nor public interest involved and therefore a good case to blackout the news on TV channels. The media which cannot stop shouting itself hoarse over censorship will now do the censorship for you.

The mosque case is one of illegal occupation of public land, illegal construction, the Delhi government not protecting public property till the HC gets involved. Following the demolition, people riot, even hold prayers at the same spot with the support of the CM. All that is not truth or public interest. The fences erected by the DDA were also brought down by the mob. Some residents in the locality have objected to the nuisance being created for them because of the rioting, blockades by policemen and the prayers still being held there. The mockery of a High Court order is not news-worthy. You don’t need to know.

The NBA ethics code also states on its page: “It is a fundamental paradigm of freedom of speech that media must be free from governmental control in the matter of “content” – censorship and free speech are sworn enemies.” The NBA itself might be doing the job that it doesn’t want the government to do.

Monday, January 24, 2011

If There Is Blood, Omar Abdullah Will Be Responsible

It is amazing that both the UPA government at the centre and the state government of J&K are opposing the flag hoisting at Lal Chowk. One wonders at the wisdom of the Manmohan Singh government. The PM himself made a clumsy statement that flag hoisting on Republic Day should not be used to score political points. So since when is flag hoisting an act of scoring political points?

If the PM made that statement Omar Abdullah came up with a beauty! He states: ''Unlikely that I'll be able to leave Lal Chowk open and give them the space to raise the flag with the pomp it deserves, which I think is an insult to the flag. If the BJP really wants to raise the flag with the pomp and ceremony it deserves it should join the official ceremony. Instead of trying to overshadow the function, they should be a part of the function and give respect to the flag hoisting that it deserves".

The separatists along with other anti-national speakers like Arundhati Roy, Maoists and others go around Delhi, Chandigarh and other places to spew their anti-national venom using the freedom this nation allows. And yet the UPA and the J&K governments find flag hoisting a disruption of peace and an insult to the flag itself. Someone should be telling Omar Abdullah that a flag hoisted in celebration anywhere in the country, even on the leanest of poles or sticks is an honourable act. Adbullah describes Lal Chowk as just a bazaar and not the proper place for a flag. When will the media call such lies?

Time and again the separatists have been burning the Indian flag with impunity and hoisting Pakistani flags. Instead of combating such people the Indian government is at war with the BJP on the issue. A train from Karnataka with BJP workers was turned back from Maharashtra during night time on January 24 while the passengers were sleeping. Such cowardice is not known anywhere else in the world where patriots express solidarity to symbolic acts of flag hoisting on their own territories. If anything, the UPA and the J&K governments should be offering all protection to the Ekta Yatra and let them hoist the flag.

In a democracy freedom of speech and assembly and the right to hoist the national flag should neither be denied nor should be opposed on any grounds whatsoever. After all, the ones who feel offended by this are only the enemies of the nation. Contrast this with a US Supreme Court order in 1978 which allowed Nazi groups to march through Skokie in Chicago. Skokie is a predominantly Jewish locality and the Jews had objected to such a march. And the Jews were not even separatists or enemies of the state. Yet the supreme court allowed the march to protect the group’s right to freedom of expression and assembly. The state cannot cite threats of violence by separatists to disallow free assembly and flag hoisting. It is the state’s job to ensure protection to the event and not prevent it.

Maverick politician Subramanian Swamy puts the issue in its right perspective. He mentions that Lal Chowk is a historic place and not some "bazaar area" "as the present chief minister blandly and ignorantly states". And further adds "The UPA government is duty bound under the Transaction of Business Rules framed under the Constitution to officially unfurl the tricolour national flag at Lal Chowk in Srinagar, J&K"

Many media pundits are also lecturing the BJP on giving up the Ekta Yatra. These so called liberals will write endlessly about a Pakistani governor being assassinated and the intolerance that pervades the state of Pakistan. Would they like the intolerance of separatists dictating the course of this country as well? Instead of strongly backing the yatra the media too is guilty of supporting the separatists indirectly. They keep asking if the BJP if it will accept responsibility if there is violence or deaths. Why should there be any violence or deaths? The media should be holding the government responsible for the safety of those in the yatra and not the other way around.

No matter what happens, if there is blood, then Omar Abdullah would have to bear the responsibility. Not those who wish to hoist the flag.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Banana Journalism: Mail Today Follows Aroon Purie’s Lead, Plagiarises Blogger

It was not so long ago that India Today (IT) publisher Aroon Purie plagiaised a story about superstar Rajnikanth. Stupidly enough, he blamed it on ‘jetlag’. Aroon Purie leads by example. So now a group journal MAIL TODAY (MT) has a book reviewer plagiarising a blogger. A blogger? Yes! As is common now, bloggers are increasingly turning out to be better journalists and writers than those employed by the mainstream media. The lead was, of course, set by The Times of India, which not just plagiarises articles but even spoofs.

Reviewing the book “Another Chance” by Ahmed Faiyaz, this is what Kunal, the blogger, wrote in his post:

“The protagonist of ‘Another Chance’ is Ruheen – a girl who tends to gain the attention of people not suited for her, and she realizes her follies only after being in a relationship. Trying to find a port in stormy seas of life, she meets Aditya – a college friend and soon they are in a relationship. Personal and professional pressures force them to break up, and Ruheen finds solace with Varun – a childhood buddy. Her interactions with them both, and her relationships with them form the story.
The book is a light read. It had a taut plot, and it rarely slacked, if at all – it moves from Mumbai to Amsterdam to Shimla seamlessly”. This was posted on November 30, 2010 by Kunal.

On January 16, 2011 the Mail Today, under its column Blurbs by one Saumya Pant, ran this review of the same book: (Read from line 7 of the review to line 4 from the end):

I keep repeating that in this tech-age it’s difficult to hide. This episode again establishes the fact the much of the mainstream media is nothing more than a bunch of intellectual thieves. In this case I even wonder if the Mail Today reviewer has actually read the book or just plagiarised reviews from various sources. Here is the meek apology that Aroon Purie sent to Slate Magazine’s Grady Hendrix, for his screw up:

Dear Mr. Hendrix,
As you are surely aware we have apologized to our readers for the inadvertent error in which part of your article on Rajinikant got published in my letter from the editor.
I would like to apologize to you as well.
I have also written to the Editor of Slate magazine.
Aroon Purie
India Today

Kunal’s blog is copyright protected under the Creative Commons License. Yet Mail Today brazenly copies from his blog. Instead of immediately apologising, the journal has engaged in protracted communication with the blogger. Maybe the blogger should seek punitive monetary damages so that mainstream journals will employ writers to do their own honest work.

So now that it’s clear people like Aroon Purie and his journals engage in the art of intellectual theft how much credence can we attach to many of their writings? It is quite impossible to expose all acts of plagiarism. This is is the reason anything a mainstream journal says has to be taken with buckets of salt. If plagiarism is their creed, what can one make of their opinion polls? Which is why I wrote the post: India Today–Banana Polls.

It seems it’s not just the polls that are banana stuff, but their overall writings can be termed as Banana Journalism.

Friday, January 21, 2011

Recall Teesta’s Padma Shri & Give Her The Padma-Sh!t Award!

It is not the first time that the Supreme Court of India has rapped the knuckles of Teesta Setalvad. This self-styled 'washing-machine of justice' for riot victims has been exposed over and over again. Some of the stinging comments of the SC in its latest rap concerning letters Setalvad has written to the Geneva-based Office of High Commissioner on Human Rights (OHCHR) include the following (From The Daily Pioneer):

Ø  “We can’t allow ourselves to be guided by any other agency. If day-to-day proceedings in this court are to be reported to that (international) organisation, it amounts to direct interference.”
Ø  “(for) All those cases monitored by us, we don’t want any communication in future with OHCHR.”
Ø  “This is not a plain and simple letter. It does say so many things about what is happening in courts which has no concern with the said organisation,”
Ø  “Will they be keeping track of investigation when we are monitoring,” and said, “We don’t appreciate such letters sent to foreign country.”
Ø  “It seems you (Teesta) have more confidence in them than us,” requiring to know “will they provide protection to witnesses, can they provide assistance to us.”
Ø  “Tomorrow even our proceedings will be sent to them.”  “Are they (OHCHR) their disciplinary authority”.

There is absolutely no more doubt that Teesta Setalvad has wantonly craved publicity and fame by exploiting the victims of riots. Sometime back the SIT investigating the Gujarat riots had also rapped her for fraudulent affidavits. Very recently one of her own former colleagues has turned into a witness against her. And for the second time in her life she had recently sought Anticipatory Bail!

Well, that is one individual called Teesta Setalvad clamouring for her 15 minutes of fame mocking every institution of this country and trying to internationalise national issues when those were being directly handled by the SC. But what about our media? The NDTVs and the CNN-IBNs continue to host this crook on various issues as if she is some Mother Theresa. Little does it occur to these media channels that frequently foisting this tainted person on the people of this nation is as good as justifying her acts and insulting the intelligence of viewers.

For all her misdeeds and untruths the UPA government rewarded her with a Padma Shri. Just like the Padma Shris were gifted to media crooks like Barkha and Rajdeep. It is time that the UPA seriously recognises their mistake and calls back the Padma Shri gifted to Teesta Setalvad.

Even otherwise, such national awards should be scrapped straightaway as political parties have not shown the maturity to analyse the worthiness of those who were given such awards. This does not make all the recipients unworthy. But a national honour has to be reserved for at least a life time of work which provides enough time to judge and analyse a person’s true contributions to the nation. While Barkha Dutt has been exposed as a lobbyist, Teesta Setalvad’s offences are even more serious. She has transacted with untruths, tried to defame the nation’s courts by internationalising issues being handled by them.

I now believe the CAG should be authorised to go into the funding of organisations like Citizens For Justice run by Teesta and many such organisations that receive funding from all over. Such NGOs should also be banned from collecting public funds.

A corrupt or convicted army-man is stripped of his medals and even uniform. A corrupt sportsman is stripped of his medals and titles. Why should it be any different for other civilians who have proven to be crooked and anti-national? I respect the Padma Shri award, but in case of Teesta Setalvad the Padma Shri should be called back. 

She deserves an award called PADMA SH!T !

Thursday, January 20, 2011

‘Terror’s Creed..’: More Poppycock From Rajdeep Sardesai

Let me first reproduce excerpts from what Rajdeep Sardesai has written on his blog at CNN-IBN: (Read the full post here)

“ If chain smses are a measure of the 'national' mood, then its clear what the popular opinion has been after every terror attack in recent times. "Not every Muslim is a terrorist, but every terrorist is a Muslim" was a familiar sms after every such incident. But now ...... there could be a twist in the tale. "If every terrorist is a Muslim, has Swami Aseemanand converted to Islam?" is the new counter sms....... So far, terror was seen either as a cross-border phenomenon or part of a larger 'jehadist' mindset. Now, if investigators are to be believed, there are at least a dozen terror incidents, stretching across several states, which have been masterminded by terror groups inspired by Hindutva.... When a Rajnath Singh as BJP president visits Malegaon blast accused Sadhvi Pragya Thakur and claims she is 'innocent' and is being harassed by the state government, he is taking a political stance incompatible with the rule of law. Has he, or any BJP leader for that matter, attempted to ever empathise with innocent Muslim youth who may also be facing similar charges? Similarly, when senior Congress leader Digvijaya Singh attends the release of a book on 26/11 that describes the attack as a RSS-Mossad-CIA 'conspiracy', then he is only legitimizing those forces who are choosing to see terror through a prism of religious hatred. Why doesn't he unambiguously reject such elements rather than flirt with them” ?

To start with, after every stupid utterance of Digvijay Singh he can be mostly seen on CNN-IBN with Sardesai. Why didn’t Sardesai ever ask him the questions instead of asking them on his blog? While claiming BJP has not empathised with innocent Muslim youth who may be facing false charges Rajdeep dupes his readers by not asking the right question. Who is empathising with Afzal Guru? And for what reason?

It is the serious ineptness of the UPA in allowing killers like Afzal Guru or the killers of Rajiv Gandhi to defy justice that spurs anger among citizens. So is Aseemanand innocent? I don’t give a damn! If he is guilty, screw him and sentence him to death or life. So why is Rajdeep not highlighting the fact that Aseemanand, in his confession, clearly mentioned his acts were a ‘bomb-for-bomb’ tactic. Does it not tell him something? Or does Rajdeep think the nation is a bunch of idiots who can’t tell the difference? But if a scholar like Rajdeep Sardesai cannot distinguish between unprovoked acts of terrorism and acts of revenge then he is as good as any other Congress moron, chief among them being Digvijay Singh. Rajdeep lives in denial when he refuses to acknowledge that what he calls ‘Hindutva’ terror is not inspired by religion or Hinduism but by 'revenge'. In stark contrast much of Islamic Terror is clearly inspired by religious scriptures. The emails of Indian Mujahideen, various Islamic websites quote religious scriptures as the basis of their terror attacks. I need not go as far as referring to the Quran being used to supplement the diet of Islamic Terror to educate Rajdeep.

The media crooks ran campaigns to seek justice for the killers of Jessica Lall and some others. Where is the campaign to carry out the sentence against those who attacked the nation and our parliament and killed our jawans? To now see this self-righteous approach by a biased media crook is simply disgusting. The politicians are scumbags and no one doubts that. It’s the media that is more corrupted. It is the media that divides the nation more than politicians. Rajdeep happened to be one who reported on the Gujarat riots and even received awards for it. Will he explain why his channel never highlighted Hindu deaths in those riots? Is it because more muslims died? By that logic the fact that Islamic terror is a universal phenomenon is why it gets that tag and that is why Hindu terror cannot be given that tag because a few individuals resorted to revenge killings. And Hindus are not defending any Hindu killers. In contrast muslim clerics praise the terrorists and Osama is a hero to many muslims. How does Rajdeep explain that? Can Rajdeep explain why he has never managed to question that scholar Rahul Gandhi who equated RSS with SIMI?

As for the BJP members defending any Hindu killers, Rajdeep needs to ask himself a question. How did a party with just 2 seats 25 years ago in the parliament come to this strength? How did it gain such a prominent voice? These questions might give him some answers if he ever asked himself. But honesty is not a strong point in our media

If the focus of Sardesai’s post under reference is politiicisation of terror then he himself is the one to blame, along with other media crooks in the business. Who puts up two politicians of different hue after every terror attack or arrest on TV channels? Who interviews Digvijay Singh after every stupid utterance of his? Mind you, reporting what some politician has said is fine, but why give them all a platform for discussion or interview them after every incident or arrest or developing story? More than the politicians it is media crooks like Rajdeep Sardesai who could be held responsible for dividing the nation on communal lines and polarising the population because of their biased and slanted reporting.

As of January 19, 2011
This is the very same Rajdeep who tweeted how Salman Taseer was a liberal who loved his wine and women when the guy was killed. That should have been enough evidence for any moron to understand that Islamic terror is not just a threat to others but to muslims themselves. If someone can be killed for just questioning blasphemy laws you can imagine how strong the motivation for Islamic Terrorism can be. The underlying principle and cause for religious terrorism is INTOLERANCE! And intolerance is not a feature of Hinduism as a religion but predominantly a feature of Islam and its followers. Two Sikh guards killed Indira Gandhi. Do we call that Sikh terrorism? Yet most accusations of Hindu terror will invariably start with Godse,as if that was some terrorist act. Acts of deranged men are not consistent with systematic terror. Islamic terror has been systematic, consistent and religion-driven over centuries. For Rajdeep’s benefit I have once again put up the statistical pic from “’

Rajdeep Sardesai would do well to himself listen to the advice given by B.Raman which he quotes at the end of his post : “They should just shut up and let the investigators do their job!" That piece of advice should hold good for media crooks like Rajdeep too!

Finally Mr. Rajdeep Sardesai, Terror’s creed is NOT violence. It is terror itself! Violence is merely the physical outcome. Don’t believe me? Search and take a look at all the Fatwas issued and you will find an answer there! When you are robbed of your freedom, religious and otherwise, through threats that too is terror. The ultimate robbery being your life itself! If we were living in Saudi Arabia, you and I may not be writing our blogs. You and I are able to do so because of the absence of Hindu Terror. Grow up and get real!