Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Times Now's Twisted Tweets

A reader posted a comment on my previous post about Manmohan Singh & Caesar's wife about this incident involving Times Now. It is getting to be increasingly unbelievable that the headlines of my blog about crooks in the media lying and spreading falsehoods are being so frequently confirmed by the media.

The CNN-IBN fake tweets incident is still fresh in our minds, but here comes another one from Times Now that has twisted a tweet to flavour its political persuasions:

This has been reported in great detail by Swathi Pradeep at her blog which makes very interesting reading, and I reproduce some parts of it:

That's the tweet that Suresh sent to Times Now, and below is how Times Now reproduced it on its channel:

“Congress should not lose its focus by worrying about Modi”.

Evidently, Times Now makes a tweet criticising Congress to appear as if it's sent by a sympathetic adviser. This is shameful and Arnab Goswami goes around shooting circulars to his staff about ethics in journalism. After much protracted communication Times Now finally apologised to Suresh Nakhua.

Read Swathi Pradeep's full article at her blog here.

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