Friday, December 3, 2010

Supreme Court Shows Manmohan Singh How To Do His Job..

It is one thing for Manmohan Singh to be Sonia Gandhi’s poodle, but to be a ‘sleeping dog’ is an altogether different thing. On December 2, the Supreme Court of India rapped A. Raja (the man who nearly sold India) on the knuckles.  The SC noted Raja had shown ‘disrespect’ for the PM. According to news reports here are some of the comments the SC has made in admonishing Raja.

Supreme Court to A. Raja:

1.       When you write to the Prime Minister, your language needs to be tempered.
2.      You cannot use words like arbitrary, discriminatory, capricious and unfair... 
3.      This is not ‘gloss’, look at your attitude...  (this in response to Raja’s lawyer explaining the language used)
4.      How can you brush aside the Law Minister’s advice?
5.      Law ministry’s advice to refer the matter to EGoM disregarded.
6.      Why was Finance Secretary excluded from the Telecom Commission?
7.      SC also noted that Raja, had not paid heed to the Prime Minister's letter which advised him to wait for some days before taking action on the allocation of spectrum.

Ordinary people like me have already written on various forums that these thoughts should have occurred to Manmohan Singh himself.  The words of the SC are the type a ‘Boss’ uses to address an errant subordinate. Yet, the man holding India’s most powerful position, glossed over all of Raja’s wrong doings. Condoning the acts of Raja is nothing short of willful negligence.

What could be the possible reasons for the PM allowing this? There must have been a pact between DMK and Congress that the DMK will be allowed to run its ‘ministries’ without let or hindrance by the Congress for its support to the UPA. In other words, the DMK  would have bargained to have the absolute power to loot the nation. Raja is just a small joker in the whole pack. The media still remains silent on the wrong doings of Manmohan Singh and continues giving him certificates of “honesty’ and ‘integrity’. The media response is this is a “relief for the PM” now that Raja is being admonished. It’s the PM who had given a free run to one of his corrupt ministers, and the SC observations should be interpreted as an indictment of the PM not doing his job.

Lately, it is mostly the Supreme Court doing the job for various government heads and the media. It has, without intending to, educated Manmohan Singh on the job he should be doing. It would be in order for the PM to accept moral responsibility and resign. India can do without such complying cowards.

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  1. kya aaj tata ke paas jhook jayega supreme court


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