Friday, December 17, 2010

Rahul Gandhi - 'Uneasy Lies The CLOWN That Wears a HEAD'

WikiLeaks: Rahul Gandhi voiced fears of Hindu terror !!
There is no end to the moronic and stupid utterances by Rahul Gandhi, the two-bit manchild. And this is supposed to be the PM in waiting. The same Congress (I)talian that keeps making statements about terrorism having no colour or religion has this Clown mouthing off about 'Hindu Terror' to the US Ambassador, according to Wikileaks.

It is no more a case of an uneasy head with a crown. It is an uneasy clown with a brainless head. The hat in the picture probably has more brains than this moron. It was my belief all along this guy doesn't have brains and is mentally retarded and he never fails to provide more proofs than required.

Reproduced below is a count of terror attacks from the Religion Of Peace for the benefit of Rahul Gandhi, Digvijay Singh, P. Chidambaram, Sonia Gandhi and her Congress (Italian).

Wikileaks has proved beyond any doubt that the Congress is the most communal party in India, apart from being Anti-Hindu. So people who are supposed to spend their energy fighting terrorism from across the border are busy finding ways to accuse the majority community of Hindus of being terrorists. Time to pack the scumbag Gandhi family for good from India. Rahul Gandhi is not just a retarded moron, he is anti-national as well. So much for prime-ministership.

It's a sad day that the nation has fallen in to the hands of corrupt and anti-national lumpen who parade as Congress or UPA members. Good to see Wikileaks expose what we already knew.

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  1. see this. fake tweets on cnn ibn.

  2. I am keen to know if Rahul has wrong advisor or is he just stupid?


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