Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Media Sensationalises Judges’ Blame-Game.. But Where’s The FIR against A. Raja?

SC judge puts Ex-CJI in dock over Raja’ screams the TOI(let) paper of India. Our stupid news channels have once again fallen over each other again in sensationalising the ongoing blame-game between the three judges over the letter mentioning the attempt of A. Raja to influence a judge of the Madras High Court. Times Now even claimed Justice Reghupathy spoke to them ‘exclusively’. This ‘exclusive’ nonsense has gone on a bit too far. With lots of mikes being thrust upon them the judges involved have been talking to the media in general and as a whole. Yet every Comedy channel (yes, our so-called news channels are nothing more than comedy channels) claims ‘exclusive’ interviews.

With the sole purpose of sensationalising wrangling between judges the media has once again failed the nation by not asking the real question.  What is quite obvious is that although the judges may be passing the buck, one thing is now beyond any doubt. That one judge did mention clearly that A. Raja tried to influence him on behalf of two murder-accused known to the DMK politician.

The real question from the media was totally missing. Where is the FIR against A. Raja? If influencing or attempt to influence a Judge in India is an offence then Raja needs to be prosecuted.

The conflict between judges is surely a news-worthy incident and should be reported. That is making headlines everywhere, when there is apparently no action against the crook who has committed an offence.

When will our media wake up and stop sensationalism and start asking the right questions?  When will we see an FIR against A. Raja for this particular offence?


  1. Dalit and minorities criminals cannot be at par with other criminals. They are above laws.

    six daliths decoits set an RTC bus and allowed all the 16 passengers to be charred to death. The court gave life giving reason they were all daliths and their poverty rented them there

  2. A few years ago it was common to talk of Politician-Criminals-Bureaucrat nexus. Corporate and Media were carefully excluded, as the propaganda was made by media itself.

    The main hulla-balloo started with V P Singh's allegation against Rajiv Gandhi as "Corruption at High Places". Since then, corruption and crime have merely grown in size.

    It is evident now that Corporate-Media nexus is the invisible foundation on which the other nexus-infrastructure of politicians-bureaucrats-criminals is erected.

    Media vilifies its enemies with utter disregard to its duty of identifying its own black-sheep. Times of India, The Hindu have been at the forefront of this with NDTV and so on joining them as they became significantly big players.

    The very common scenes of "young and smart" boys and girls screaming and screeching on TV as correspondents shows the utter immaturity in news-reporting.

    Our society's foundations are being shifted so that the whole structure rests on the false. Despite Satyamevajayate being a part of our National Emblem, what we see around ourselves is a sea of falsities!

    Media has played and is continuing to play a very crucial role in furthering this agenda with money-power and politician-power augmenting this willingly and wantonly.

    The perils of an impending doom can hardly be over-emphasized. And yet, rather than despairing, we must girdle up our loins and fight this evil. Hopefully in this fight, the unknown and uncelebrated common-person (Not the Aam-Adami voting for Congress!) will come out victorious.

    Such is the cherished wish and prayer of all right-thinking people.

  3. We have been forced to lose faith in Judiciary,Police, politicians, Babus. What do we do?
    Where is an FIR against Barkha, Vir?


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