Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Manmohan Singh & Caesar’s Wife

When you see a doctor, you trust him with your body and life. When you board a flight, you trust the commander of the flight. When it comes to the nation, wouldn’t you trust your Prime Minister?  The answer to all three questions has to be a resounding ‘Yes’. But it’s also a fact that accidents can happen, lives can be lost, nations can be harmed.  Personally, I have no doubts that Dr. Manmohan Singh is an upright, clean statesman but he has failed in his job as the prime minister. The nation has been subjected to grave harm and serious danger and he indulges in his favourite theme of ‘Caesar’s wife being above suspicion’. This is to his own Congress (I) members. If you have to make bold statements, make it to the nation and not to your party-men who will neither challenge you nor debate your utterances. If you have to be bold, face a JPC.

Firstly, it is as good as a Flight Commander saying he did everything right but his co-pilots screwed up. It’s like a doctor blaming the nurse for having given him the wrong knife. Most importantly, it reflects an utter lack of a sense of responsibility for his government’s and ministers’ deeds. MMS is offering to prove he is innocent, when no one is accusing him of guilt. People are merely seeking the truth. Despite the scams most people have unfailingly given him a ‘clean’ certificate. It’s the failure as the Prime Minister that he should accept and act upon and not on whether he should prove his innocence where corruption is concerned. Silence on various other issues is equally damning. It is for this very reason I call him the ‘head in sand’ prime minister and equally criminally culpable for the misdeeds of his government. If your dog bites someone, you are liable. Some of the prime minister’s cabinet ‘dogs’ have bitten the entire nation and left it bleeding. The PM is answerable and equally liable for those dogs.
Head In Sand Prime Minister

As for Caesar’s wife, MMS uses it as a convenient line frequently for his own benefit. Here is  what a critical analysis of his career has to say: When advised by admirers to leave the Congress in 1996 and concentrate again on propounding economic philosophies, he had dismissed the plea with his signature feeble voice, thus, "But I am in politics!" It seems somewhere in his subconscious he fancied his chances in a possible second innings in the future. Soon after the 1996 elections at a meeting of the Congress Parliamentary Party, he quoted the "Caesar's wife" proverb. the insinuation was clear; he was distancing himself from Narasimha Rao. (Read the full article here.)

What MMS does hide is the fact that Caesar made that statement to explain why he divorced his wife and not as proof of his wife’s innocence. The story behind that proverb can be searched anywhere on the net. The prime minster failed to divorce his cabinet wives who should have been above suspicion. If he himself, like Caesar’s wife, is above suspicion then he should divorce the Congress (I) or divorce himself from the responsible position he holds, because he has been clearly suspected of shielding corrupt ministers and covering up misdeeds of his government. For a change, the media is telling him these facts and are showing him why Caesar made that statement.

Far from the Caesar’s wife proverb, I would like to ask MMS “Et Tu Brutus”? That would be a more appropriate line for him.


  1. Madhusudan ThakkarDecember 21, 2010 12:44 PM

    MMS is complete disaster as PM.Since independence this is the darkest period in Indian history.The so called "honest PM" is only loyal to Sonia Gandhi and her Son.Our Parliamentary democracy is in peril because of nexus between journalists,lobbyists and corporates.All institutions are verge of total collapse under his weak leadership.Please desist from calling him "upright and clean statesman"

  2. Manmohan singh is modern day Gandhari who has blind folded his eyes with two purposes one to stick to power [he is not the elected representative of the people of india] & be faithful to 2Gs Soniaji & Rahulji.

  3. Good article. MMS waited for parliament session to get over to make this "grand" offer. The constant certificates being issued to him can be summarized as "but Brutus (MMS) is an honourable man!" Meanwhile, new tweet scam. this time on Times Now. see http://swathipradeepworld.wordpress.com/2010/12/20/times-now-twists-tweets/

  4. Manmohan is Brutus imposting as Caesar's wife!

  5. Dear All,

    Thanks for the comments and kind words. You keep me inspired to research and write.

    Thanks again!

  6. Thanks for explaining the correct context of the "Ceaser's wife is above suspicion" statement. We have a Super Prime minister in Sonia Gandhi, who calls the shots in cabinet formation, and important policy initiatives of the Government, "with out accountability", restricting the PM to some mundane administrative responsibilities. It is convenient for the Congress to hide behind the PM's integrity and honesty, to cover up scams.

  7. SHEKHAR SHIRALIMarch 08, 2011 4:30 PM

    Hello I am Shekhar Shirali from Mumbai.Like most other people I too feel that Manmohan Singh is using his image of an honest,clean man.I personally think that when people call him clean they may be referring to his personal hygiene and not his character.And when Manmohan refers to Ceaser's wife he must be referring to his old friend Ceaser D'silva from Goa with whom he used to share a few drinks when he was younger.
    But jokes apart,I strongly feel that Manmohan Singh is as corrupt as any other corrupt politician in India and is nothing but Sonia Gandhi's puppet.It is a well known fact that it is very difficult task for an honest politician and that too a congress politician to servive in India.
    Manmohan Singh reminds me of the unforgettable character in the great Indian epic Mahabharata King Dhritarashtra the father of the Kauravas who turned a blind eye to the misdeeds of his 100 Sons and other relatives.And when accused by people of being as responsible as the Kauravas for the various sins they committed such as disrobing and molesting Draupadi and cheating the Pandavas,Dhritarashtra conviniently said that he was not a sinner as he was blind and therefore helpless.
    Manmohan is exactly the same.He shamelessly proclaimed on national television before bore than a billion people that he is halpless 'Main Majboor hoon'.Is this the way the prime-minister of a country is supposed to cry in front of his countrymen.He is expected to inspire confidence in his people and not be the crybaby like Manmohan is.Manmohan reminds me of the ostrich which digs it's head in the sand when faced with a problem or emergency.Shame on Manmohan.We just dont want want him.He deserves to be kicked out of office.
    We need patriotic people like Swami Ramdev,Anna Hazare and other such people to lead the country and guide it properly because India is going through a tough period.

  8. i was once debating with a friend of mine (mms supporter) and i told him: mms is like me travelling in a public transport, i'm seeing a pickpocker pulling out the wallet of a co-passenger and i seeing everything is sitting quietly and patting my back "so whats the big deal in whats happening, i'm honest". mms might well be the cleanest person on this planet, he might be taking bath with harpic, but what good is his honesty when he can't stop corruption happening right under his nose.

  9. Ravinar - Nobody can give a clean chit to MMS. He is equally corrupt!! When you stand by seeing your party men loot the nation, rape the country's resources and do nothing about it, then you are equally culpable and you are morally corrupt - dangerous coz he is hiding under the garb of goodness - a Wolf in Sheep's clothing. He may not be enjoying the spoils of the loot, but he took a oath as PM to protect the nation and its resources and he has failed so dismally and does not seem to even care that he has failed!!!!!!!!!!!!! he is so down below even the six feet under does not suit him!!!

    This Government has become unaccountable to its citizens, loots with impunity knowing that none of them will ever get convicted, allows incursions without worrying about protecting the nation's borders, plays the communal card and ensure muslims stay insecure, poor and illiterate coz it suits them.

    Let them fight the 2014 election only on the development plank and honest administration and they will lose so dismally- they would even lose their deposits!!

    But they will fight again with the help of media by demonising one man - Modi!!

    2014 is the best opp for BJP - I really hope they dont lose it!!

  10. Not upto the standards of MC. Sorry to say this but either you have a soft corner for MMS or got 'MMS'ed ( silenced) by someone :( RIP MC

  11. As the leader of "Corrupt Cabinet" pack, however clean, character of this man doesnt matter. The mere fact tht so many scams on National level have happened under this cleam imaged PM proves how unworthy & mute puppet he has been. Detest his Doctorate & posotion if it aint powerful & helpful for the country. Sorry, morally this MandMohan is utter failure as a PM & leader.


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