Friday, December 10, 2010

Islamic Terror, Government & The Indian Media

Condemning the  recent Varanasi bomb blast, Prime Minister Manmohan Singh said it was an attempt to "weaken" India's resolve to fight the "evil forces of terrorism" in which they would not succeed. Hmmm, resolve? Resolve is the last thing I would associate in any way with a man who has headed the most corrupt government in the history of this nation.

Let’s hear another voice though, of  Veerappa Moily (of the Moily tapes fame) on laws needed to combat terrorism. "Yes yes... there is a limitation as law and order is a state subject. We need to evolve ourselves to meet these kind of challenges. We need to evolve such systems and also the laws to meet such challenges". Who the hell is ‘WE’?

As for the third stooge from the UPA, P. Chidambaram, he just feels it’s a lesson for the police and security is a state matter. Wait, this guy even says UP government was provided intelligence reports 8 months ago about possible attacks. Eight months ago? And how updated was that intelligence report? Poor Mayawati! She waited months for this attack to happen and unfortunately it happened after that report was outdated. Well, she need not worry. Next time Chidambaram’s departments will provide security warnings 2 years in advance. That should be comforting for any state government.

So let’s understand what the 3 stooges have said. The first stooge, PM talks about resolve. Resolve is usually shown by messages or by action. There is neither any message nor any action. Afzal Guru still continues to live in some jail. Killers of Rajiv Gandhi are still in jail. Ajmal Kasab continues to dance around Indian courts every week. Now that, I suppose, is resolve for you.

Now law minister Moily, he wants appropriate laws. Mind you, this is the same UPA government which has repealed POTA. This is the same government which has disallowed the GUJCOCA bill of Gujarat (while a similar law exists in Maharashtra).  He also laments that NGO and other activist groups stand up for terrorists and not for victims. What? This asshole is the law minister? And he complains about NGOs and activists? That’s courage for you!  Laws don’t fight terrorists Mr. Moily, people do! And as representatives of people this government has removed all shackles and fear from the hearts of terrorists. So having dumped laws targeting terrorists, stop educating us on what laws are needed.

The third stooge! The smooth-talking Chidambaram, who was quick to realise how dangerous ‘saffron terror’ is and educate police chiefs on that,  had said there was no intelligence failure after the Pune blast a few months ago. He also said it was an ‘insidious’ act. So by logic,  there can be terror attacks which need not be ‘insidious’. He went on to say after that incident that the terrorists had picked a ‘soft target’! Okay, so why don’t you Mr. Home Minister give them a list of  hard targets they should pick upon? Would you be a hard target for them? Someone has to crack it into the skull of this minister that a majority of victims of terror are innocent civilians. And they indeed will always be soft targets. So after the recent Varanasi blast this HM again suggests there was no intelligence failure. Now, he has a added another line to that as well as his ‘soft target’ and ‘insidious’ line that security is the primary responsibility of the state. Damn! So all the CMs in this country are idiots who didn’t know that yet?
Now, the last stooge in this whole drama has to be our beloved media. They will run campaigns, candle vigils and play activists for issues like Jessica Lal, Niraj Katara and the Mattoo lady. As they should. Now where are their campaigns against terrorism. NONE! On the contrary, they run deplorable and parochial campaigns like ‘Aman Ki Asha’.

Time and again the media treats terror attacks for sensational reporting and nothing more. The 26/11 reportage received almost as much derision as the terror attacks themselves. Besides, they will use the same language that the government uses to tackle terror issues. If Chidambaram calls it ‘saffron terror’ they will harp on it. Nothing beyond that. Not one journalist, I repeat not one journalist or TV anchor has the guts to call a spade a spade. Truth of the matter is India has been the worst victim of ‘Islamic Terror’. Politicians have motives to coin terms like ‘saffron terror’ or statements like ‘terrorists have no religion’ or terrorists have hijacked Islam. (Hijacked a religion?) But what is the compulsion of the media beyond being politically correct or being faithful to their real paymasters?

Why is the media not bringing the same kind of pressure on the government on terror as it did with those famous murder cases? Why this fear? To me it is clear that those in the media are simply afraid of themselves becoming targets by using the term ‘Islamic terror’. P. Chidambaram smartly used the saffron terror term knowing well Hindus are not going to pull out guns and knives for his comment. So does the media. Do they have the courage to face those who will pull out guns and swords if they correctly identify ‘Islamic terror’? Or as wikileaks reported terror funding by Saudis, are our politicians and media also being funded by similar sources? Who’s their sugar daddy?

Fighting a real battle or war against terror requires identifying the enemy correctly and honestly and not by resorting to semantics and systematic eyewash.  Lt. Col. Allen West of the US Army who has served in Iraq and Afghanistan had this to say :

“...I’m sick and tired of people saying “war on terror”. There is no such thing as war on terror. In World War Two, how smart would it have been, if the United States of America said they were at war with the Blitzkrieg. Or if they were at war with the Kamikaze.......  A nation does not go to war against a tactic. A nation goes to war against an ideology, and that’s what we’ve been talking about here today....” His speech in February 2010 can be youtubed.

If the ideology has to be identified then there shouldn’t be any doubt that the war is against Islamic Jihadists.They have not ‘hijacked’ any religion, they swear by it,  as the email of Indian Mujahideen following the Varanasi attack clearly shows.  If Barack Obama dodges that call, the American people don’t. Jihadwatch.Org is almost a chronicle of daily atrocities, terror attacks and cases of intolerance of the ‘religion of peace’. As of date, the site ‘Religion of Peace’ lists 16493 terror attacks since 9/11. And the most lives lost in such terror attacks are Indian. More than Iraqis and Afghans.

So will the three stooges ever wake up and speak the truth? I don’t expect them to. But where is the media. Why are they quiet and untruthful?

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  1. It should be made mandatory that the rulers should be patriotic in the first place and all morons who have been tainted and their election is under question should be kept at distance.

    Having tasted that their crimes are absolved by usurping in power they unabashedly blabber as if they are chaste.

    Moron PC is a member though his election is questionable and under courtesy of Election Officials on the dictation of MK pronounced elected.

  2. Nation comes last.Politics and appeasement is the main agenda.What we expect from MMS?He is a nominated and appointed PM.PC and all others mentioned by you are only concerned with power and money.

  3. Dear Ravinar,

    I am greatly impressed by your blog and your non-nonsense posts. It helps dispel some of my disillusionment with the media as a tool of change. Social media has become, in my opinion, more honest, unbiased, hard hitting and challenging than the MSM.

    Your blog deserves to be read by many many more people and I hope that you endeavour to achive this by garnering more publicity, somehow.


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