Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Is CNN-IBN Plagiarising From MediaCrooks?

Don’t let the title of this post surprise you in the least. The mainstream media is notorious for lifting pieces from blogs and passing it off as their own. Even fake  news and spoofs.  Here is what I wrote in my post titled ‘UPA Govt. May Not Have A Case Against Nira Radia’ on December 14. can safely assume the complaint to the then Finance Minster, P. Chidambaram, on the basis of which the phone tapping commenced might as well be fabricated. Else, Chidambaram can and should reveal who the complainant was. That is neither a matter of national secrecy nor a matter of grave danger. I wonder if the complaint was signed by anyone or was an anonymous one.

This morning, reporting on the CBI raids on Nira Radia, CNN-IBN’s Bhupen Choubey asked the very exact question that I asked above. So why does it strike me? Because nobody, no one in the MSM had asked this question before. Who is the complainant? Is the complaint signed or is it anonymous? This was the exact question that Bhupen Choubey asked.  Picking up pieces from various journals or sites is no crime at all, as long as the source is mentioned. Let’s see if CNN-IBN refutes what I have called plagiarism.

Even if they did, I have no problems. This blog was any way meant to persuade the media to ask the right questions. And for once CNN-IBN, at least, has asked the all important question. Who was the person who filed the complaint against Radia? Was it anonymous? I believe the answer to this simple question will solve the entire drama surrounding the 2G Scam. The CBI raids, eye-wash as they are, on Nira Radia and others is bound to reveal absolutely nothing. With all the intelligence at their disposal it seems outright stupid for the government to be raiding Radia or others now.  Even the tape-leaks are nearly a month old. Everyone involved had enough time to cover their tracks and clean up. I am confident the CBI is working like an old dog that has lost the sensory effectiveness of its nose and smell (or should I say Congress’ ‘pet-dog’?)

Regardless, now that CNN-IBN has asked the question, others in the media should pick it up and pressurise P. Chidambaram to come clean.  The questions that the government should answer are:

1.   Who filed the complaint against Nira Radia that instigated the phone-tap?
2.   Was the complaint signed or anonymous?
3.   If the complaint was signed, was the complainant ever queried or questioned?

The media must now put pressure on P. Chidambaram to come clean. These 3 questions hold the key to the entire phone-tapping and 2G scandal. My personal bet is the complaint was anonymous and was probably fabricated once the Supreme Court got involved in the case.  Will the rest of the mainstream media now pick up the challenge and ask these questions? Even if PC can't reveal the name for some reason, he can definitely inform whether the complaint was signed or anonymous.


  1. In a way, you merely need to add this aspect too in your blog title where you have mentioned "Crooks and Liars in the Indian media are the greatest danger to our democracy. Bias, outright lies, paid news, political leanings characterize much of our media."

    This erosion in basic honesty has been a bane of our society and precious little is ever done to correct that. The words "smart", "pragmatic", and "practical" have become euphemisms for dishonesty, crookedness and other such unethical practices.

    So, there we have, liars, money embezzlers, corrupt hypocrites as demagogues, educationists, opinion makers and name what you will.

    Hypocrisy in politicians is so rampant that it cuts across all party lines. See for example this.

    Arresting this decline and degeneration is the greatest challenge facing us. This is one of the reasons we request competent and conscientious persons like you to not only identify problems but also to propose a solution strategy.

  2. Shortly you may read the rebuttal attributing the same as delipathy. Assuming that they borrowed your question why selectively? They could have taken en block? Therefore, it is clear that the media in question is also a part one way or other to envelope the total episode as dead letter.

    I used to sit in front of the idiot box but now I renounced since it has become truly an idiot's box

  3. There have been cases where I have noticed a similar coincidence on a channel which had almost identical quotes as in my blog post.It didn't occur to me till I read this post from you.
    As for Chimbaram is concerned, he too sly, sharp to get caught in the trap.


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