Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Indian Media - 'Manmohan is dead and long live Rahul' ?

The headline is a direct quote from Ram Jethmalani's article mentioned in this post. On August 27, 2010 I wrote this post: 'Rahul Gandhi – India’s biggest disaster in the making'. Nothing has changed in the least bit since then. From equating the RSS with SIMI back then, this moron has travelled some more distance in equating Narendra Modi with Mao Zedong. This when he was confronted with straight, honest questions by young students in Ahmedabad. Straight, honest questions that the media should be confronting him with. Following the recent scams Rahul, like his mother, handed out a certificate of ‘cleanliness’ to Manmohan Singh.

Various allegations against Rahul Gandhi are floating on the internet for a long time now. Some of them serious enough to warrant a thorough investigation. Yet, our ass-licking media will neither report those nor even remotely mention those. Very few news papers carried bits and pieces in inner pages as an afterthought.
There is this allegation of rape against Rahul Gandhi which should have made front page headlines everywhere, but there was hardly a whisper. The only report being the legal notice sent by his lawyers to those who published the allegations. His being detained at Boston airport by the FBI in 2001, along with his latino girlfriend and US $ 200,000 in cash went unreported. He was supposedly travelling with his Italian passport. Questions have been raised over his education as well. His M.Phil claim is not supported by his certificate as can be seen in this article. And in all of this he travels abroad and has certificates  under the name of Raul Vinci. Effectively, this is a two faced man child who is being touted as the next  Prime Minister of India by the Congress, its cronies, and of course the servantile media. One magazine, India Today, went as far as asking Pranab Mukherjee if he would work in Rahul’s cabinet. The poor man out of decency responded stating it was time for him to retire.

Subramanian Swamy, the maverick politician of Janata Party,  has long been waging a lonely war against Rahul Gandhi and Sonia Gandhi. His speeches and articles against the two would read like a charge sheet, yet neither the Congress or the media raises these issues. They will probably wait till the whole chapter has reached a 2Scam-like situation before they answer the questions. Unfortunately, by then India would be down the drain by a few more lakhs of crores. It is in this context that Ram Jethmalani’s voice and concern needs wide coverage and here is what he wrote in The Sunday Guardian on December 5 (Excerpt provided below, read the full article here.)
Some questions for Congress’ Prince Charming” (By Ram Jethmalani)

1. We have no objection to your mother's ambition to see you installed as India's Prime Minister. Obviously she did not entertain this ambition either for herself or any of her children in 1991. Are you prepared to take the nation into confidence and disclose the qualifications you have acquired since then to take into your hands the destiny of this complex and most populous and poverty stricken democracy?
2. Do you agree that the best available statesman in the country should fill that post? If yes, how have you convinced yourself that you are the one? We would not mind if your mother answers this question. We hope you will not turn to our dear friends Mani Shankar Aiyar or Abhishek Singhvi to ghost write the answers.
3. We are highly appreciative of the Election Commission which compels candidates for public office to disclose their material assets.
We wish they logically mandate the disclosure of intellectual assets as well. But if democracy is all about transparency, would you kindly let the nation know what academic qualifications you have acquired, when, how and from which institutions. It will help if you also tell the curious Indian nation what books you have read during the last five years; have you published any articles or any readable material on politics, economics, terrorism, war and peace? Is there any speech in Parliament, to the local Rotary Club or to a bunch of tiny toddlers with a single quotable quote that illumines or inspires and gives us some clue to your intellectual attainments? We know quite a few talented young men in the Congress party and naturally people would like to be satisfied that you are better endowed than them all. That your mother is Soniaji or your father was Rajivji is not enough evidence.
4. There have been oft-repeated charges of financial impropriety and worse against your family, including by the president of Janata Party, Subramanian Swamy, Swiss magazines and, most unusually in a book on the KGB. Why have you not responded?

If you plead ignorance of all the stuff mentioned in the questions you do not deserve to be India's Prime Minister any way. Will the free press look into this serious business and make effective the People's Right to Know?
It is time our servantile media picked up the cue and started asking questions. India deserves her dignity to be restored once again. The ordinary men, women and children of this country could do with an honest and sincere PM for a change, not a two faced toddler like Rahul Gandhi or Raul Vinci. With so much written about Rahul Gandhi on these lines let us see if Barkha Dutt, Rajdeep Sardesai, Arun Poorie, Prabhu Chawla, Vir Sanghvi, M.J. Akbar can finally start asking truthful questions. (The first in the list should be fired anyway) Else, they will continue to cement their reputation as stool pigeons and not journalists.


  1. Let us wait for the media to build some guts and MMS to show his guts.

  2. Nehru-Gandhi family is like Ceauşescu family of Romania and one of the biggest enemies of the country

  3. Media itself is stupid so they do stupid things like projecting this worth for nothing candidate as prime minister.

    You put up many things like that rape case but you must be careful about your sources; I am sure you must be knowing this.

    I think you should have added Salman Khurshid to the list of Anti Indians.


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