Saturday, December 11, 2010

‘Hindu Terror’ & Digvijay Singh – Liar & Scumbag Par Excellence

First the widow of Hemant Karkare, the police official who was martyred in the 26/11 attacks, calls Digvijay’s lie about phone conversations with her husband. Second,  this out-of-work Congressman has frequent bouts of this ‘Hindu terror’ fever.  And the timing couldn’t have been better. Just a few days after Islamic terrorists explode a bomb at Varanasi killing a young child, this scumbag goes on his ‘Hindu terror’ rant. Again!

His first rant about Hindu terrorism started around 2007 during the Gujarat election campaign. He got his ass soundly kicked by Narendra Modi and the voters of Gujarat. Having nothing to show for his loss in MP elections a few years prior, after 10 years of mismanagement, he came up with this frivolous nonsense then. Two years after the 26/11 attacks and Karkare’s death, he suddenly remembers the phone conversation he had with him.

Digvijay Singh is a gutter-mouth known to talk gibberish and unbelievable crap. Now is that anybody’s problem? I wouldn’t think so. He received a resounding slap for his stupid utterances from Mrs. Kavita Karkare and stands exposed as a liar and scumbag par excellence. All his theories about Sunil Joshi (the RSS activist murdered in MP) and Sadhvi Pragya are a load of rubbish with nothing to ever back up his theories.  By himself Digvijay Singh is nothing more than an ‘useful idiot’ for the Islamic groups through his utterances. A ‘dhimmi’ posturing as an insightful observer.

Now, many of us have already heard enough from the man. So let it be no surprise that his ‘apt pupil’ lately utters lines similar to Digvijay Singh himself.  Yes, Rahul Gandhi, his student and supposed PM-in-waiting gets all his moronic lines from the master liar and scumbag himself. One sample would do. When Rahul Gandhi said “RSS=SIMI” you can well guess where the line really comes from. Not that Rahul Gandhi is not capable of stupidity on his own. So what’s the bright side of it all? Having destroyed his own career Digvijay will now do the nation a favour by completing his job by turning Rahul Gandhi, the half-moron, into a complete moron like himself.

Whatever the colour of terror, the nation does have something to cheer about when a frustrated Digvijay Singh plays Don Quixote and Rahul Gandhi his faithful Sancho Panza. Anything will do for the Congress to distract from the current problems and scams it is involved in. For us, the silly season is just starting.


  1. Mashup Page of Media Syndicate has a nice link bashing this poisonous scum-bag. The link is:

  2. Thanks, will add the link to the post..

  3. He is very well slapped by the wife of the deceased officer thus the truth has come from horse mouth. He is deserved to be admitted in a hospital meant for mentally retarded. If sound negative, take for narco test. yet proved -ve, prosecute him for having screened the fact without outpouring the same to competent agencies to protect his life which was stated to be under duress of threat. Thus he stands vicariously responsible to have allowed an officer to be murdered by some antisocial which fact he was well aware

  4. I don't know anyone who can write with such clarity of thought and language other than you.


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