Monday, December 13, 2010

Digvijay Singh – ISI’s Dream Come True

DS (Dhimmi Shit) could well be a dream come true for ISI and Pakistan.....

Digivijay Singh’s (DS) chronic habit of spreading lies is not new to any observer. It was just before the state elections of 2003 in MP that the former CM started levelling baseless allegations of ‘Hindu Terror’ to counter the BJP surge in his state. Having turned the state into shambles in his 10-year misrule he had to somehow isolate the muslims in favour of the Congress. He went on to accuse RSS being involved in bomb making without once ever offering the slightest of evidence.  

In 2003, when DS lost Madhya Pradesh after an unbroken 10 years in power, he took a vow: he would do "prayashchit" (penance) for 10 years, working quietly behind the scenes in the organisation. Guess what, his penance is to target Hindus in every which way possible and accuse them of terrorism one way or the other. After the Malegaon blasts in 2007 his anti-Hindu rant started all over again. This peaked before the Gujarat elections of December 2007.  Releasing the party manifesto, DS said those who spoke of “Muslim terrorists” must know that there were some Hindu terrorists too. A sting operation, he said, revealed the latter made bombs with which they maimed and killed innocents.  

The chronic liar was pulled up by the Election commission and has never substantiated these bomb-making charges or the sting operation. Of course, he foolishly played into the hands of Narendra Modi who used these lines to score an even greater victory in the Gujarat elections decimating the Congress.

Now, apart from the ‘penance’ which he is supposedly doing since his defeat in the 2003 MP elections, the out-of-work DS also mentors Rahul Gandhi. As stated in an earlier post, Rahul is capable of immense stupidity and moronic statements on his own. To complete his clownsmanship he had DS to learn from. Thus, one can see where Rahul’s RSS=SIMI and similar statements originate from. And Digvijay’s ‘penance’ appears to be solely devoted to tarnishing Hindus for his loss in MP. Maybe the Communal Congress has an Anti-Hindu spin department of which he is the head.

All of Digivijay’s utterances somehow seem to be a justification for Islamic Terror and Jihadi operations. If utterances aren’t enough Digvijay would go one step further by visiting the houses of terrorists at the Batla house and Azamgarh. The victims of terrorist attacks were not important to him probably because they were Hindus. Once again he shows that victims and martyrs of 26/11 aren’t important but implies that Hindu terrorists were somehow involved.  His recent comments about Hemant Karkare’s (fake) phone conversations should deliver some much desired distraction from all the scams for the Congress.

No one would be more delighted than the ISI of Pakistan. While the nation is still grieving over the 26/11 attacks, while India is seeking justice for the perpetrators, DS’s frequent finger pointing at supposed ‘Hindu Terror’  over the deaths of Hemant Karkare and other police officials would please ISI and Pakistan enormously. If the ISI ever wanted a real spin master to support or justify their imaginary causes for anti-India terror operations they need not look further. Digvijay does a dream job for them.  Don’t be surprised if and when Pakistan again denies ISI involvement they quote Digvijay Singh’s statements as proof.

Only yesterday Rediff carried an article on how ISI uses underworld to regroup terror in India. Madoor Isubu, an aide of underworld don Chota Shakeel, who was arrested recently by the Bengaluru police..... The arrest of Isubu has thrown up certain interesting points. Firstly, the ISI has been driving the underworld to help set up base for these two organisations in India.... Now, with the arrest of Isubu, who is closely associated with Alia, new leads are coming out and the police say that the underworld is now in talks with some political parties to help SIMI and the IM set up their base once again...... "It won't be fair to take names of these parties at the moment, since we will need to ascertain what exactly he is saying before coming to any conclusion" a police official, on conditions of anonymity, told

ISI and underworld using ‘political parties’ to regroup SIMI and Indian Mujahideen? I have a wild guess which political party that could be. And with the likes of Digivijay Singh does the ISI really need the underworld? DS or ‘Dhimmi Shit’ could well be a dream come true for ISI and Pakistan.


  1. Lying, they say, is the root of all evils, and lying is at the root of all Congressmen (and women too of course!).

    With the media that delights in offering lip-service to the backsides of the UPA-breed of politicians, it is not surprising that this blighter who you have rightly called a scum-bag, who should even more correctly be called a blob-of-poisonous-turd, has been disgorging fecal matter once again. Both the orifices of the blighter being used for similar purposes, it is a wonder how this creature eats!

    We do apologize for the unparliamentary expressions, but is there anything soberer which is even marginally appropriate for these creeps?

    All the very best for your endeavor.

  2. It is a general belief that in congress party, no one opens his/her mouth unless asked to do so.
    DS is considered to be from within Rahul's camp in congress.
    Do you think DS could have said a word without getting a clearance from the boss?


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