Monday, December 6, 2010

Between BJP, Congress and the Media..

A reader posted an anonymous comment in response to my article ‘Parliament Blockade: NDTV’s Dorab Sopariwala Gets It Wrong Again’:

Anonymous said...
“While I do agree on you on your views of the Congress or of the national media, I feel that you are very biased towards the BJP, which goes very much against the spirit of such a nice and honest blog. You never seem to mention the scams done by the BJP and its cover up, Yedurappa for instance. December 06, 2010”

The comment raised a question on my bias,  I thought I should respond with some clarification. There are a few more comments on some other posts with similar sentiments.  First off, this blog is not about corrupt politicians. It is about our corrupt media.  And as the headline for the blog indicates I consider a corrupt media more dangerous than anything else to a democracy.

Where scams, or Rahul Gandhi, Congress or Narendra Modi appear in my posts that is mainly because the spins of the media. The media consistently suppresses facts and plays puppet to the Congress. Recent events like the Radia tapes expose have pretty much settled that doubt. This blog has been carrying posts on such issues much before the Radiagate incident.

For instance not one single media outlet still holds Manmohan Singh or Sonia Gandhi culpable of any wrong doing. The first person to openly write about Manmohan’s corruption is Ram Jethmalani in The Sunday Guardian and in his own blog. This is the job of the mainstream media. 

Furthermore, the msm (mainstream media) tends to tag parties or outfits mouthing the same language as the ruling party (saffron terrorists,  communal etc) when that is not its job. The Congress may have compulsions not to use the term “Islamic Terror” when that term is now used worldwide, but why should the media have similar compulsions and suppress facts?

If B.S. Yeduriappa is guilty of corruption then the media has more than exposed him, granting the issue almost equivalent news space as the 2G and other scams. Therefore, it is not a case where I have to comment upon the media.

If my personal opinion on Yeduriappa is being sought, I have absolutely no doubt that he should resign or should be sacked. Such scumbags should not be in politics again. Last I heard the illegally allotted lands to his relatives are now being returned. Can we ask the Congress and DMK to return the money stolen under various scams? Not that it makes Yeduriappa any less guilty. The question is about the media not asking the right questions or avoiding the questions altogether.  I have written on Rahul Gandhi being excessively being promoted as the next PM by the media. Is this their business? If they were promoting Varun Gandhi then I would be questioning that too. Read some more important questions to the clown prince Rahul by Ram Jethmalani here.

Lastly, unlike our corrupt media I do not have to write because of any political compulsion. I do not have any sympathies for any political party, but I definitely am against an anti-national Congress and because much of the media play its puppet, it attracts my passionate condemnation. If  our media were honest and impartial, half the corruption in the country would disappear. When the supposed ‘watchdogs’ fail in their job, it is for ordinary people to make our voices heard.  That’s what this blog is all about.


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