Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Anti-Indian Of The Year Awards

Our ass-licking news media does not fail to fall over each other in conferring 'Indian of the year' award each year to politicians and businessmen, among others. I consider it extremely unwarranted and inappropriate for any news media outlet to be giving out such awards. I also consider it a conflict of interest. You cannot be handing out awards to the very people you are supposed to question and monitor. That's the job of a 'watchdog'. When watchdogs turn into lapdogs, ordinary citizens must revolt and make their voices heard.

Therefore, in revolt against this repugnant practice Mediacrooks has instituted the annual 'Anti-Indian Of The Year Award'. The nominees may not be too hard to pick and some of them have also been conferred the 'IOTY' award by both CNN-IBN and NDTV. The lack of prudence on the part of these channels cannot be lost on anyone now.

Your poll and choices are available on the right side of this page. Please do go ahead and vote. If I have missed out any names, please add them in a comment and I shall be happy to add them to the list. Also, I do not have the kind of lavish money to conduct a grand ceremony but, hopefully, more bloggers and online media will conduct such a poll and institute such awards.

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