Saturday, December 11, 2010

2G Scam - Outlook Reveals More Radia Tapes..

No one should be in any doubt whatsoever that the last of the Radia tapes have been released. It will be safe to expect that these will be released in installments as the political battles continue. In a way it's a good idea. For those who have been lying and wrongly defending themselves in the media over their involvement in this unholy scam, the truth will slowly but surely painfully out.

Outlook magazine has released 4 more sets of taped conversations. I am not reproducing them on this post, but they can be heard here and the related article can be read here. This time it involves former chief of CII Tarun Das and has references to Barkha Dutt and some more people. None of these should surprise anyone anymore.

The government has filed an affidavit in the SC stating suspicions of spying, money laundering were the reasons for the phone tap. This has to be taken with a bucket-full of salt. It appears implausible that when so many people, nations, and so much money is involved that all the suspicions pointed to one person, Nira Radia and that hers was the only phone that was tapped. The 'unnamed' Tamil Nadu politician from the tapes would be a simple guess for anybody. The Congress can keep dodging the parliament on the JPC issue but I have no doubts that the one person who has to really come clean on the whole issue is P.Chidambaram. As former Finance Minister and then Home Minister none of the phone tapping or real reasons for it would be outside his knowledge and approval. I am absolutely sure 'spying' was involved in all of this, but I have serious doubts if the spy is Nira Radia. The spying definitely has a different angle and motive, and its the Congress that can provide the real truth behind it all.

That said, I have already made a strong request to NDTV to fire Barkha Dutt. A journalist appearing to be a fixer does no good for anyone. Now, I may have to go a step further and even consider requesting NDTV to wind up. Their financial mess with ICICI and many other related issues makes sorry reading.

I have to only repeat what Deep Throat advised Bob Woodward in the Watergate scandal: "Follow the money".

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  1. It has been proved beyond doubt that all the media people were brokers in one or other way. They too have proved boot lickers of both corruption father and munni. It is indeed puking of listening media if they appear.fie. It is imperative that those declared holy earlier it is sure their linen will be washed in public but yet it is skeptical if they have any sense to digest


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