Sunday, December 12, 2010

26/11: Wikileaks Shows Up Communal Congress, Communal Media

Post 26/11, Congress played religious politics: WikiLeaks

What the media tried to hide for ages, Wikileaks brought up through an independent observer. David Mulford, former US Ambassador to India spoke the truth when he said "The entire episode demonstrates that the Congress Party will readily stoop to the old caste/ religious-based politics if it feels it is in its interest".  This is about A.R. Antulay’s comments post 26/11 and Digivijay Singh’s related comments about Hindu terrorism, and that Hindus might be responsible for Hemant Karkare’s death. (Read the Wikileaks here) Only yesterday, liar and scumbag par excellence Digivijay Singh mentioned fake phone calls received from Hemant Karkare prior to his death on 26/11.

Mulford’s independent and classified comments establish beyond any doubt that the real ‘communal’ party is the Congress (I).  The Congress, along with the Communists and other ‘secular’ parties,  has long practiced religion-based and caste-based politics, while accusing others such as the BJP, RSS and the Sangh Parivar of being ‘communal’. (The DMK can beath them hollow any day in that department though.) Rahul Gandhi, the moron, inspired by none other than Digvijay Singh went as far as equating a nationalistic organisation like RSS to national enemies like SIMI. Without doubt the BJP, RSS or the Sangh parivar do have their own identity politics but that’s where the media plays the Congress puppet.

The Congress and the Secular brigade may have political compulsions to coin terms such as ‘communal’ and ‘saffron terror’ and ‘Hindu Terror’. But what are the compulsions of the media? Two comedy channels in particular, NDTV and CNN-IBN are now thoroughly exposed as the mouthpiece of the Congress. More so in the case of two individuals, Barkha Dutt and Rajdeep Sardesai, the suspicions of being Anti-Hindu had started way back with the Gujarat riots. Their biased and slanted reporting, generously dosed with untruths and concocted stories is not surprising anymore to anyone. This nation is blessed for the tapes of Nira Radia and the Wikileaks for finally outing the truth beyond question.

Last heard, post Varanasi blasts, an NDTV reporter was heard live during the coverage “not to mention the IM (Indian Mujahideen) email”. There is only one terror right now in the world and that is ‘Islamic Terror’ whether Mr. Chidambaram and the Congress and our media like it or not. The tainted A.R. Antulay has already slipped into oblivion. As for Digivijay Singh, he should completely retire from politics and endure the rest of his pathetic life as a ‘Dhimmi’ in some Islamic country.

A friendly warning to Barkha Dutt, Rajdeep Sardesai and, of course, many others in the media: In this day and age of technology there isn’t much room to hide. Your ‘emperor’s clothes’ are there for everyone to see. Barkha Dutt, of course, must go and so must NDTV. If CNN-IBN has to restore any credibility for itself it has to stop Hindu-bashing and restrict its comedy to simple opinion-mongering.

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  1. Ravinar,

    My heartfelt thanks to you. You have just words to my thougths. I hope the nation wakes up at least now and show these scumbags the right place that they belong to.


  2. My sixth sense blinkers with nightmarish opinion that our munni was paid one crore, Raul two crores by Pak through the ex bar owner where the former was a bartender and she instructs IA plane to be highjacked to Pak and kill two passengers. Lest others will be killed both Afzal and Kasab are liberated in India itself with all police protection such that he can throw some more shit.

    Tomorrow, PC declares they learnt from saffron party as to how to handle from crisis which will be tinkered by Jayanthi. If Rs.10,000/ given the spent force, Singh will say when the BJP was answerable for the critical question in the house they arranged such drama to put cong in fix.One between the dead telephoned him stated to have eavesdropped a conversation among the terrorists who hijacked the plane, before killing.

  3. Communal nature of Congress was obvious from the days of Mohandas himself. Mohandas was one of the most communal: apparently Hindu, actually anti-Hindu and Muslim-appeaser politician the world has ever seen, with Jawahar giving him a tough competition.

    Indian Media, having a brain of a crocodile, and mind fed on potions brewed by the druids of Romila-Thapar clan, was always 'Communist-Socialist'. So its anti-Hindu nature is obvious too.

    What we must say is that 26/11 wiki-leaks have re-established for the n'th time these obvious facts.

    Please note that besides their insidious and evil plans, the above two are also known for their utter and absolute shamelessness, a cornerstone of an incorrigible uncivilized brute.

    Thus, having grasped the nature of the problem, the pertinent question is: what are plausible and possible steps towards a solution?

    May we request you to hazard your guesses?


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