Monday, November 8, 2010

Obama: "Yes we CON"

Among pathological Presidential liars who have visited India, Barack Obama probably has only one predecessor in Richard Nixon.  Obama, has misled his country in his election campaign and continues to do so on various fronts. It is, therefore, not very surprising that he and his party received a drubbing at the recent US elections.

His silence on the Pak involvement in terrorism may be a political compulsion. Staying at the Taj Hotel in Bombay with the area virtually a fortress hardly makes any bold statement to terrorists. But his worst lies were saved for a response to a young college girl’s question on ‘Jihad’ at the St.Xavier’s College in Mumbai. Obama’s response:
"All of us recognise that this great religion, in the hands of a few extremists, has been distorted... The religion teaches peace, justice, fairness and tolerance. All of us recognise that this great religion cannot justify violence...”

Distorted? In what way? Those who choose to kill and die, commit suicide bombings and beheadings swear by the inspiration derived from the Koran. They read verses from it to support their crimes. And yet it is distorted?

Justice, Fairness, Tolerance? Stonings, amputations, death to apostates, death to homosexuals, inequality of women, suppression of freedoms, free speech. All signs of fairness and tolerance? Countries like Saudi Arabia, Iran, Pakistan etc. fall into the category of Islamic countries with Islamic laws and practice the worst violation of human rights and the worst punishments. Do these countries fall into the “distorted” category? And these countries are fair and tolerant of other religions? And each time a crime is committed and claimed to be inspired by the Koran, the apologists don’t hesitate to say it was “misunderstood” or “distorted” by “few” extremists.

The greatest uprising against Islam today is in Obama’s own home country, the USA. Does he ever bother to understand why? Dismissing it all as Islamophobia is one thing, but to seek to understand why so many Americans are up against Islam is a question any serious President would ask. It has gone far enough for the state of Oklahoma to ban the use of Sharia law in a preemptive legislation.

The list of sites dedicated to a watch on Islamic Jihad is growing. Not only radical Islamists but even scholars from Islamic universities and Imams are overt in their call for implementation of Sharia law across the world. They make no secret about their goals.

There’s a good chunk of the population in the US that believes Obama is a muslim owing to his words and actions ever since he was elected president. His words actions in India seem to follow that pattern. In a Hindu majority country the most important shrine he could find to visit was Humayun’s tomb? And following that he will visit the largest mosque in Indonesia. Surely, Manmohan Singh, Sonia Gandhi, the Congresss (I) and its allies couldn’t have found a greater “muslim-appeaser” as a guest than Barack Obama.

After listening to his answer to her Jihad question, the student must have muttered under her breath “what a load of bullshit”! Obama’s real line has to be “Yes we CON”


  1. My dear just wanted to tell you that before saying anything you should upgrade your knowledge..

    ur are an extremist and to prove ur point u should read all the religious books available around..

    i could have answered u in a harsh way too..
    but this is not what my religion has taught me..

    when u talk about the punishment..
    what should be the punishment for rape and murder. u tell me..

    it should be death...right or u still dont agree

    and this is implemented in muslim countries..

    ur beliefs still seems to be childish..

    grow up...

  2. I agree with what has just been commented. The author is a fanatic and as an anti-national has extreme views.
    Please stop talking rubbish about Muslims for no reasons.
    Grow up.. Look up the Quran and you will know.
    Islam is a great and peaceful religion and muslims know about respecting other communites.
    Dont try and connect isolated incidents and link them to religion.

  3. why these blog bashers do not teach the same to islamic terrorists? why holy teachings do not influence and calm down beard weilding thugs? if such thugs can not learn to live peacefully then it seems there is someting wrong about teachings or humanity at large is illiterate to understand?

  4. For the two earlier posts:

    Please read quran. This time not in arabic that you can not understand, but with proper translations.

    Yes, ofcourse not to mention hadeeths.

    Then you will be able to understand the author of this blog.


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