Thursday, November 4, 2010

Obama: "Yes We Canned"

The media, more than anyone else, is all excited about the US President's visit to India. None of them forgets to keep reminding you that this is the longest visit to a country by Barack Obama. Indeed, something to gloat about I suppose. Anyone with a decent understanding of this president's performance so far will have been quick to point out that this man is no friend of India. Some in the US even wonder if he's a friend of Americans themselves. The drubbing his party received in the recent mid-term US elections makes him a lame-duck president in many ways in his very second year itself.

I first heard an Obama speech in 2004, made at the Democractic convention. His oratory charmed everyone. That same oratory with catchy lines like "yes we can" endeared him to voters. Not just Americans, people across the world were charmed, and were delighted with the story of a black man being able to become the president of the US. It was a fairy tale everybody loved. Till he actually became president and his true colours started showing up. Much of his electoral oratory seemed to be just that - oratory and nothing else. He has turned out to be a man without any substance, harbouring deep resentment of Americans themselves, and actions that have led him to be taken for a muslim by some. Sample some of these:

1. He starts off appointments to his cabinet with many who were tax defaulters. Prominent among his appointments is Tim Geitner - incharge of treasury. He was the head of the NY Federal reserve while the collapse of 2008 was building up.
2. Starts off a policy of muslim appeasement (some Indian politicians will cheer that of course). Gives his first interview to Al Jazeera an Arabic channel. Gives a speech at Cairo University apologising for America. Sets an agenda for NASA to reach out to muslims! NASA? Is that their mission?
3. Bows to the king of Saudi Arabia, a first for any American president. Forgets that America was created in despise for such undemocratic kings and queens.
4. Holds Iftars for muslim community, claims "its the tradition of the white house" . A blatant lie that has been exposed all over. Frequent outbursts against Israel lends to suspicions of his being a muslim.
5. Claims muslims contributed a lot to the founding and growth of the US. Another lie nailed by thoughtful American historians and journalists. Muslims had nothing to do with America's founding or growth. Supports ground zero mosque and at the same time attempts to stop the Florida pastor from buring the Koran so as to not offend muslims.
6. Ignores the Tea Party movement as nothing more than a Right-wing backed movement.
7. Has alllowed himself to be misled by left-liberal writers, TV channels and comedy channels (like John Stewart's) as reflecting the pulse of American people's sentiments.
8. Continues his idea of big government, and ignores serious issues of economy and concerns of his own public.
9. Continues to fund the terrorist state of Pakistan despite severe resentment by Americans (and India too) Talks of pull-out deadlines from Afghanistan without a clear direction or victory. Supports talks with the Taliban.
10. Renames "war on terror" as "overseas contingency operations". Not clear if anyone understands this kind of nonsensical tactic.

Well, the Indian government and media even expected Obama to support them for a permanent Indian seat on the UNSC. For what? Of what significance is that seat anyway? This is the manner in which the Indian media fools the public, bearing similarities to the manner in which Obama fools the American public. The UNSC is a tooth-less body just as much as the UN itself. It is astonishing that a severely corrupt body like the UN sermonises the world on Human Rights, Climate Change and such other matters. In modern times the UN has become more of an extension of the OIC (Organisation of Islamic Countries) and proposes international laws on blasphemy. Is that the UN's job? It is time India pulled out of the UN itself instead of longing for a stupid seat on a stupid UNSC.

In short, let us welcome Obama as a state guest with honour in true Indian tradition and send him off with nothing more than our affection and best wishes. It would be foolish to expect any significant treaties with the man. Great orators do not necessarily make great leaders.

All the teleprompters probably just rehash many of his routine lines. He could now say:  "Yes We CANNED"

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