Thursday, November 18, 2010

Manmohan Singh, Sonia Gandhi Should Be Held Criminally Liable...

Manmohan is no Saint and Sonia is no Prophet..

The latest scam-trilogy, 2G Spectrum, CWG and Adarsh Society had some heads rolling. Under the most severe pressure and no defences left this is now a standard practice. Why, though, should that be enough? The criminal ministers, politicians and bureaucrats should be prosecuted to the full extent of the law and should be crammed up in jails with other ordinary criminals.

That is just one part of it. What concerns me even more is that the media morons cannot stop issuing certificates of honesty, integrity and character to the likes of Manmohan Singh and Sonia Gandhi.
Sometime back, the Bhopal Gas tragedy verdict had the media up in arms baying for the blood of Warren Andersen, then chairman of Union Carbide. Why? Did Andersen gas the people of Bhopal? Did he directly kill anyone? Was he directly responsible for the gas leak? I would think not. Yet none in our media spared the man of criminal culpability.

Closer to a citizen at home. Narendra Modi. For almost a decade the media has pronounced Modi guilty of genocide. They perpetrated lies and half-truths, almost anything in their attempt to seek Modi hauled into a court and sentenced to prison. Why? Did Modi himself kill anyone? Was he an active participant in the Gujarat riots? Did he burn any family or rape any woman? None of that. The only logic was that it happened under his watch and so the media concluded that Modi had approved it all.

"Head-In-Sand" Manmohan Singh

Now, come these scams directly under the watch of the oh so clean and honest PM and the the Prophet of the Congress Sonia Gandhi. She who cannot be blasphemed. If a PM is unaware of what goes on under his nose is he worthy of being a PM at all in the first place? Instead this PM sermonises the CAG on being fair and balanced and attempts educating the CAG on the process of decision making in the government. And why, if the media targeted Andersen and Modi the way they did, is Manmohan Singh being given a clean chit all the time by the left-liberal media?

And Sonia Gandhi as the chairperson is no less culpable. Where did all the loot go? It is hard to believe that much of the kickbacks from all these scams have not gone to the Congress coffers, or at least some part of it. The other beneficiary, one has to assume, has to be the DMK. What was so wrong in what K.S. Sudarshan (former RSS chief) said about Sonia? Nothing he said was new. All his allegations are already posted on various sites and blogs on the internet. Subramanian Swamy of the Janata Party has been following many such cases openly and these are no secrets. The only error that Sudarshan may have made was that he called her a CIA agent, when it should have been KGB as is widely being published on various internet blogs and sites. In response the Congress spokesman threatens violent protests and the goons from his party carry out his threat. Is Sonia Gandhi beyond question for the media. She may be the Congress prophet, but since when is she above blasphemy for the media?

As for the “head-in-sand” Manmohan Singh, the less said the better. He is fast turning out to be the most incompetent, incoherent and the most servantile prime minister that India has ever seen. He may be a faithful pet of Sonia Gandhi, but surely at his position one has to expect there will be times he will act out of his conscience. Wilfully allowing the looting and sacking of India under his nose has to be make him as criminally culpable as those directly involved in these scams. The same goes for Sonia Gandhi, the so called chairperson of the UPA. 

Both Manmohan Singh and Sonia Gandhi should be considered  criminally culpable for allowing the scamsters to loot the nation. And the media? Well, if they can stop their ass-licking reportage they might start introspecting their own role in the blatant loot of this country.


  1. Why PM took 18 months to even react?
    Why he said that everything is ok in G2 allocation because Raja said it is?

    How come he did not know the quantum of under-pricing? UK spectrum auctioning a few years before is a case-book study for reverse auctioning? Surely he should have known about it. He did raise his objections and Raja did what he did and PM kept quiet. Incompetent, to give him the benefit of doubt. Is the survival of the coalition and being the PM so important that he maintained stoic silence for that long?
    The most dangerous thing about the PM is he is lending his Mr. Clean image to the most corrupt party...Congress. He should step down, for his own good. Otherwise he will be remembered as the inept (as yet not corrupt) PM under whose watch the largest ever scam was carried out by his Cabinet minister.

    And SG is not even mentioned anywhere as if she is beyond all these. She must be laughing her head off looking at us Indians!

  2. @ MR

    Thanks for the incisive and accurate comments. I hope the media does finally wake up to this..

  3. Congress is one party who has the maximum experience and appetite for "khanna and pachanna" (eat & digest that too without burping)

  4. why not hindu businesmen (who usually spend lacs of ruppes on cheap vinod agarwal jagrans and asha rams' yagnas) declare cash bounty to Police and persons for the arrest or encounter killing of anti national islamic terrorists sending blasphemous emails on Hindu dieties and useless killing of innocent citizens? This is required to counter systematic campaign by pseudo secular media and saleable NGO activists in the guise of human rights to save islamic terrorists from justice of india. VHP can start collection and declaration of bounty for each case of terrorist act.

  5. actually sonia gandhis sister is involved in the spectrum scam. she got a hefty sum in this. thats why congress doesnt want the jpc.
    sonia gandhi has faked her educational degree. accordin to cia sonia gandhis boyfriend quattrochis business partner is said to be involved in the assasination of rajiv gandhi.

  6. All the members of congress including police officers must be sued, and supreme court must punish them

  7. It is difficult to pin MM Singh but he does seem to be complicit in this scandalous affair. Ms Sonia Gandhi is certainly deep into this cancer game of corruption. It amazes me that how she is being shielded by her corrupt cronies like Digvijay Singh who cries at the top if anyone raises his voice for corruption. It is a shame. I wish Dr, Swami gets her in the dock to answer for herself.
    Dr. O. P. Sudrania


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