Thursday, October 14, 2010

Who wore the first underwear in the world? Don't Know? Ask Times Of India...

When a national newspaper slides down to hit rock bottom in content it can be considered the sign the of  the "Times" ! How else does one explain the crap that the TOI seeks to peddle. Supposedly a newspaper wanting to serve the well-informed reader TOI now tom-toms its "Crest" edition. It  would be more appropriate to call it the "Crest-fallen" edition. Thats how low the TOI has sunk.

Grandly advertising the completion of one year of its so called Crest edition TOI asks us to master trivia. Who wore the first bikini, Who was India's first sex symbol, What passed through Sachin's mind on various occasions, When will India have its first Dalit PM..and what not. The people at TOI must strongly believe that Indians have dumbed-down so badly that these are the pursuits that now occupy their minds the most. Well, if this were coming from a comedy channel or the guide to IAS exams I would have quite understood the compulsion.

If these are the brains that the TOI now employs it probably expects that there are millions of Indians out there whose brains have similarly been obsessed with such "impotent" nonsense. And if you weren't convinced,  on Sunday 10th October, they even gave you all a hint with Sharmila Tagore in a bikini. Well, I suppose the mullahs must not have noticed, else they would be up in arms against the paper for portraying a muslim woman thus.

To digress a bit, The Times Aman Ki Asha campaign finally paid them some dividends. Awards apart, they are now able to carry matrimonial ads from across the border under a new category. Now I am able to understand the motive of it all. Finally, since the Crest-fallen TOI has answers to all the trivia in the world I have one question - When will the Times of India wind up?

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