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Ayodhya Verdict: Why the mainstream Indian Media cannot digest it.

Since the moment the Ayodhya verdict was delivered on September 30, 2010 our “secular” and largely communist mainstream media have celebrated new slogans. Times Now came up with “India First” and the commentators and the rest came up with “India has moved on” (since 1992). Really?

Unable to digest the fact that the Allahabad High Court verdict was largely in favour of the Hindus the media could do nothing but somehow colour their disappointment with statements like “India has moved on”. This is meant to mean that India has moved on since December 1992 and nobody really cared that much about the Ram temple or the Babri masjid.  To back this logic they quoted figures like much of the youth today was born after 1992 and weren’t really bothered. Then they had grim-faced communists like Sitaram Yechuri stating the same.  To further substantiate this argument they quoted stock market figures that were booming post 1992, increase in the number of billionaires in India post 1992 and, of course, interviewing some stray youngsters who said they don’t mind whether its a mandir or a mosque or whatever.

They keep talking about “secularism” and “constitution” as if these are divine gifts. None of the people in the media appear to have the balls to call the facts. And the first fact is Islam neither recognises any constitution nor any kind of secularism.  It was their own counsel  Mr.Jilani who is reported to have stated that “it is unislamic to surrender a mosque” So no matter what the nature of our constitution it will be Islam that drives their basic campaign. And if that isn’t enough here is what the Imam Bukhari stated (while recommending peace and calm) : "We are also not willing to give an inch to anyone." So even if the supreme court handles the case and comes to the same decision what will the Imam have to say?

No, we have not moved on.  Because there are youngsters in majority today or because we are economically doing better does not mean we have moved on from certain historical injustices and crimes. Would the same media, which was suddenly baying for the blood of Warren Andersen, now say that the Bhopal Gas tragedy happened two decades ago, India has moved on? 3000 Sikhs murdered in November 1984 by Congress goons. I suppose India has moved on! Lets get busy with our malls and BPOs! It is shameful how these so called journalists who are actually communists twist the truth. Not one of them even mournfully mentioned that if an issue that had roots in 1528 was alive today how is it that we have moved on? None of the actors in the current scenario even existed at that time, not even maybe their forefathers and yet the issue is alive. So what makes these media crooks state that India has moved on and doesn’t care anymore about these issues?

One sarcastic comment on twitter really sums it up:

jhunjhunwala : Watching this Ayodhya Verdict on TV is a matter of deciding who you hate less. Barkha Dutt, Rajdeep Sardesai or Arnab Goswami.

To the credit of the media though they did manage to cut out the drama that accompanied the 26/11 reporting. So I would say some lessons have been learnt.  But the act of subverting the truth continues. And for all the reference to our Constitution, that most abused piece of paper, do not be surprised if the Congress and the Communists join hands to subvert it again to favour muslims in some way or the other even after the supreme court may deliver a verdict.  (Remember the Shah Bano case? Anyone?)  The Congress has mauled the constitution with over 100 amendments in 60 years.  In contrast the over-200 years old US Constitution has undergone just 27 amendments.  That should show up how easily our constitution can be manipulated to favour one particular community.

Here is my message to the media and their communist loudmouths: "NO! A COUNTRY DOES NOT MOVE ON FROM HISTORICAL INJUSTICES AND CRIMES. They stay with a nation’s conscience till they are resolved . So grow up and face the truth!"

In living history there is the case of Somnath temple. One destroyed and looted by Islamic invaders many times over.  Yet, it has now come to stand. Did we move on? Did we forget? The Hindus are not seeking criminal punishment for any muslim. They are simply seeking their faith to be honoured by restoring a few significant places of worship that were destroyed and looted. I repeat, A FEW, not all that were destroyed. Does that mean zealots should destroy mosques? Not at all. But if the government does not respond to the sentiments of a community then the community has every right to revolt.  The government had every opportunity to do so for eons. They did not. The reason why Americans have a right to carry weapons/arms is not just to protect themselves from their enemies or intruders. It is also to protect themselves from their own government.The Hindus have increasingly realised that they have to protect themselves from their own governments. They are not playing victims. But Hindus would be silly not to see the possibility of the foolishness of centuries ago when their country and culture was savaged by invaders being repeated in other forms by the communists and the congress and the media. Today the external threat is far less than that of their own government. And of course, their own media. Therefore, if moving on means forgetting and ignoring the past, then the morons in the media are the ones who look like sorry fools, not the youngsters or billionaires in this country.

There is one aspect where India has indeed moved on. And that is the Hindus. They are not being  defensive, apologetic and subservient with regard to their faith as well as political standing. Not anymore. This is what disturbs the media and their communist partners.

If at all, the media and Islamists themselves must sit up and introspect why so many laws are being passed in Europe against various Islamic practices. Asking 18-year olds if they care about Babri or Ram is the most foolish exercise the media conducts.  Ask them when they are older and have understood the true context of history. You will then realise that there are certain issues from which you neither move on nor walk away, till they are resolved.

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  1. Random 18 year olds freshly minted out of the Romila Thapar brand education system are unfortunate targets of a biased campaign. Of course they say that they don't care Mandir or Mosque, it just means they have studied their text books well. India will not move on, the issue will not be forgotten. This wishy-washy solution seeking hasn't done any society any good ever. Sometimes, you just have to pull the band-aid. It will hurt like a hell for a while but then it's over.


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