Friday, October 29, 2010

They will lie about Narendra Modi, but our comedy channels will suppress accomplishments..

Not an incident concerning Gujarat passes without our media tarnishing and rubbishing Narendra Modi. They have gone as far as "inventing" lies to damage him. The list of liars is long.. but prominent among them are Barkha Dutt, Teesta Setalvad, Rajdeep Sardesai, Suzanne Arundhati Roy, and in a bigger way their comedy channels like NDTV, CNN-IBN, Headlines Today and Times Now. I consider it unnecessary to even mention some Hindi channels in the list because they are nothing more cheap "titillation" But here is something the UN seems to have recognised which our comedy channels refuse to report or highlight...

They won't report it even for the sake of verifying the document being genuine. Barkha Dutt and Rajdeep Sardesai received Padma Shri awards for some great ass-licking of the Congress. So I wonder if they thought Narendra Modi did some ass-licking like they did to get a certificate like the one above. Fortunately, there are many citizens who observe the lies the media perpetrates, willfully.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

“Alcohol for Azadi” - The Indian Government is waiting for Geelani to die..

It is a known fact the Syed Geelani, the Pakistan-backed separatist Kashmiri leader is suffering from some major ailments. It is also known he was denied US Visa for treatment because he preaches violence.  According to news reports, at a convention in Delhi on 21st October 2010 called “Azadi – The only way” the man has promised alchohol for non-muslims should Kashmir get “Azadi”.  Indeed, the greatest quest for people seeking freedom has to be alcohol. And that, according to Geelani, is the greatest gesture on equal treatment of non-muslims. Instead of roasting him, the media overlooks these utterances. It does not occur to the man that the prohibition of alcohol in the valley was instituted by Sharia/Islamic law and not through the normal process of legislature. It was implemented by death threats and violence. And he promises peace and equality to non-muslims under his rule. Bravo!

Geelani would have us believe that should he get this Azadi, non-muslims will lead a very peaceful and prosperous life. Sure, under an “Islamic Kashmir” following Sharia law. Our government frequently places this man under “house arrest” which the media honestly reports.  Somehow, nobody knows when this house arrest is revoked and the man keeps moving around as freely as any other in this country. The sheer audacity of travelling to Delhi, addressing a convention titled “Azadi the only way” reflects the complete surrender of the Indian government to this terrorist. Yes, he is a terrorist, both verbal and in practicing violence.  Geelani is an honest practitioner of the concept of “Taqiya” in Islam – lying and deception. He is not alone, the UPA government is partner in this “Taqiya” too. Constantly lying and deceiving the Indian public. And the media is not very far behind.

One has to wonder how the government allowed such a convention in the first place. Freedom of speech? Sure! If that is so, where is the freedom of speech to question the tenets of Islam and Sharia which run absolutely contrary to any democracy? The media obviously will not ask these questions or why the government allows this man to vent his hatred of India. The only reason can be that Geelani may be hurtling towards his death and the government is whiling its time. Someone must have reminded them of the mistakes made with a dying Jinnah during the partition. That the convention was sponsored by communists, supported by India-baiters like Suzanne Arundhati Roy, supporters of Khalistan and Maoism doesn’t seem to be of much consequence to the government. If I were to hold a convention called “How we can destroy India” the government will still turn a blind eye and then say they have videographed the event and will see if any law is broken. Mr. Chidambaram, how silly can you get?

It is known world over that Islamic radicals have nurtured the grievance of a “wounded beast”.  Being rulers once in many parts of the world and having lost their quest for a “caliphate” is unpalatable to them. This is their real quest.  A true “Caliphate”. And only fools would believe that they will stop at Kashmir. And they are ably supported by communist sympathisers  and the pseudo-secular political parties of India. As for Mr.Geelani preaching equality to non-muslims maybe he should first start by restoration of land and property to displaced Kashmiris. Maybe he and the spineless Indian government should learn lessons from Lebanon, Palestine and Egypt where life for non-muslims is a living hell. Why go that far even. We have the very bright Pakistan and Bangladesh as neighbours who have systematically brutalised non-muslims, conducted genocides with state backing and have perpetuated turmoil in their countries.  The Imam of Jama Masjid, Delhi (Bukhari) has publicly stated that  ‘we ruled India for 800 years and we will rule India again’. The communists and the pseudo-secular parties and media can hardly wait! Poverty and living conditions are cited as reasons for violence  and suicide-bombings. Well, there are more Hindus, Christians and others living in poverty and squalor. They don’t go around blowing themselves up or blowing up others. Stop offering excuses for mindless and Pak-sponsored violence. And sure enough, the greatest joy of freedom for non-muslims, according to Geelani, is the freedom to consume alcohol.  Only a sick mind can come up with such a thought.

The smooth talking Chidambaram has appointed interlocutors and offered concessions to the agitators in Kashmir. On what grounds? Is there any give and take involved? Have the agitators renounced violence? Have the stone-pelters released unconditionally assured not to indulge in those acts again? Why is Geelani released from house-arrest? Why house arrest in the first place, this traitor should be in a proper prison and yet walks around freely. The only reason I can see is that the government is waiting for him to die.  Let me remind Geelani that Kashmir is not his grandfather’s private property nor is any part of India. There will not be any more partitions of India and the likes of Geelani and Bukhari are only brewing the anger of all other Indians and testing their patience. One day this patience will run out.

No Mr. Geelani, nobody buys your bullshit except those who want an Islamic Kashmir. We will have our alcohol and enjoy it too and we don’t need your generosity. We don’t need crumbs from haters like you.

And no Mr. Chidambaram, nobody buys your bullshit either. Stop humiliating the pride of Indians and start acting tough. We have had enough of your “limpbizkits” !!

Friday, October 22, 2010

Ambedkar wanted to burn the constitution.. And he should have !

It should be evident to anyone following politics that our constitution, although well-intentioned, severely lacked in prudence and an even more severely lacked  foresight. If the parliamentarians today lack any concern for propriety or sense of justice then our founding fathers and those who framed the constitution are equally to blame for it.  Starting with Nehru right down to Rajiv Gandhi our constitution has been manipulated very frequently. Over 100 amendments in about 60 years. In contrast the US Constitution in over 200 years has undergone around 27 amendments.

In the episode from a Rajya Sabha discussion of 1953 it is clear Ambedkar wanted more powers to Governors. If he were alive today he would have burnt those "words" as well as the constitution of which he is supposedly the architect.

I am quoting below some excerpts from an article by Arun Shourie (The Manu of our times - 
From Rajya Sabha September 2, 1953

"Now, Sir," the member said, "we have inherited a tradition. People always keep saying to me : 'Oh, you are the maker of the Constitution.' "My answer is I was a hack. What I was asked to do, I did much against my will."

He ridiculed the "notions of democracy" the country had acquired because of its hatred of the British, like the notion that to leave any discretionary powers with the Governor is undemocratic. "We have inherited the idea that the Governor must have no power at all, that he must be a rubber-stamp," the member explained. "If a minister, however scoundrelly he may be, if he puts up a proposal before the Governor, he has to ditto it. That is the kind of conception about democracy which we have developed in this country," he continued.

"But you defended it," interjected a member from Rajasthan.
"We lawyers defend many things....," said the member. Several members were on their feet protesting.

He proceeded to ask the Home Minister : were our Constitution to give discretionary powers to Governors on the lines of the Canadian Constitution, how would it become undemocratic ? The Home Minister said his answer was that the member had been responsible for drafting the Constitution. The member shot back, "You want to accuse me of your blemishes?"

He returned to the point a little later in his speech : "Sir," he said, "my friends tell me that I have made the Constitution. But I am quite prepared to say that I shall be the first person to burn it out. I do not want it. It does not suit anybody...."

The member ? B.R. Ambedkar, of course!

If the conduct of H.R. Bharadwaj in the recent Karnataka assembly incidents and many such governors is any indication Ambedkar would have had to eat his words all over again. I am convinced Ambedkar would have indeed burnt this present constitution of ours and sought a complete rewrite all over again.