Monday, September 13, 2010

Salman Khan's family should be shot by terrorists.....

Sounds a harsh title? I am sure it does, but I mean it only figuratively. I am surprised why this moron who is a convicted criminal is not in jail yet. And now this killer himself has the nerve to make a statement to the effect that 26/11 was hyped up because the attacks were on "elite" targets. This is another bollywood muslim celebrity whose hidden love and passion for Pakistan suddenly comes out in a reported TV interview to a Pakistan TV channel. This is after the "pakistan-is-a-good-​neighbour" crap from Shahrukh Khan.

Suddenly Salman, the criminal, accused of killing innocents in a drunken driving episode, and is convicted for killing protected animals has discovered the wisdom to differentiate "elite" and "ordinary" victims of terror. Suddenly the poor people who lost their lives to terrorism have greater sympathy from him. That he forgets there were poor victims at the CST station can be forgiven. But to state that 26/11 was hyped because the targets were "elite" is like a moron talking at his best.

If Salman Khan's entire family were to be killed by terrorists he would shun all sympathy I suppose. After all, being a celebrity family he would be OK with his family being killed by terrorists and the incident being played down, being among the "elite". These are the idiots that the media promotes. When he was convicted of killing protected wild-life killing Thums Up was smart and wise to drop him from their campaign as a bad role-model for children.

Still, the media treats him as some kind of darling. They show-case his love for children as if he was a good samaritan. He is a killer and a convict and needs to be in jail for good. We can tolerate a lot, but we do not need opinions of scumbags who should be in prison. Let him serve his sentence before he opens his stinking mouth again.


  1. Do you now still hold on to this?! Have guts to defend your bad mouthing - am neither a congi chamcha, aaptard or an internet hindu ! But I must say while you bad mouth others vehemently about being unfair - please read ur articles and tell me if you have taken a middle ground ! I get so annoyed that there are no sane alternatives to the people of my country! Stop writing blogs for heavensake dont mislead!!!

  2. Rejart should rename his handle to Retard.


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