Thursday, August 5, 2010

Tainted? Have a chat with Barkha Dutt !

While surfing TV channels a few days ago I found Suresh Kalmadi chatting with Barkha Dutt of NDTV. He was painfully explaining that the CWGOC had done nothing wrong and he himself was in the clear. I could not help wondering why is it that Congressmen or Muslims run to Barkha Dutt to give an interview to explain their position even when the actual accusations or expose of some misdeed has come from some other channel. In this case, it would appear that it was TIMES NOW that was airing the CWG scam day in and out with repetitive cacophony. But Mr. Kalmadi surprisingly found that the right person to give all the answers is to an NDTV journalist. Of course, Barkha Dutt. She, the one, who helps soften the blow for all those crooked Congressmen and other crooked celebrities.

Not long ago we had the "pakistan-is-a-peaceful-neighbour" Shahrukh Khan doing interviews with her explaining how the Shivsena had targeted him wrongly for his stupid utterances. I am no supporter of Shivsena and despise them for their stupid behaviour. But when someone like Shahrukh Khan is in trouble, who does he run to? Barkha Dutt of course. She's the only person who can help tainted people put across the truth to the nation. Especially when it comes to congressmen and muslims.

I am perhaps getting ahead of myself. But then there was this "happy-tongue" pseudo-secular called Shashi Tharoor who ran into trouble. While all the media was exposing his crooked deals in connection with the IPL, who does he run to? Barkha Dutt, of course. Who else would give him the complete opportunity to present his side of the story and show how innocent he was and did nothing wrong. Only Barkha Dutt and NDTV.

I would be offending NDTV if I keep maintaining that Barkha Dutt is the only saviour of tainted souls. Wait, there is Prannoy Roy! At the height of the Global Warming scam, which is truly a major scam of the century, he was delighted to present Rajendra Pachauri with the chance to present his case as having done nothing wrong. So servantile was the interview Prannoy conducted with Pachauri, one would think this global warming and climate messiah was actually a spiritual leader and not the scamster he was portrayed as.

So I was least surprised when lately Suresh Kalmadi ran to Barkha Dutt and NDTV instead of the other channels to present his case. So the lesson is simple, if you are tainted, run to NDTV, especially if you are in the congress or happen to be a chrislamist.


  1. Sttoped watching Ndtv a long time ago ..........hav no trust on electronic media ......only read the paper use to do it earlier .also started now.......

  2. Good job, keep it up.

  3. hahaha .... exactly my thoughts .... but you forgot to mention omar abdullah ..... :P

  4. most of the media is biased. gone are the times when journalism was independent of external influence. i feel betrayed and frustrated for having lost my last friend ( the media) whom i cannot rely upon now.we trusted these people like barkha dutt that they were our voices, championing the causes ( to which an average indian like me can just curse under his breath at his, as well as the government's impotency to curtail the problem and move ahead with his life). now i see barkha as judas iscariot!

  5. don't forget that when whole media was hounding sheila dixit for delhi government's role in CWG, there was not an iota of talk on this on NDTV. Instead they questioned the CAG itself on the 3rd day of delhi government's ducking!!

  6. Why is every single comment Anonymous? (Just wondered)Yes.

    If anyone has sinned the de facto confessional to visit is NDTV where "in persona Christi" the Diva will be waiting to absolve and heal them of their sins. And the only difference to the orthodox christian practice is that it is not limited to min 4 times a year. Anytime Anywhere service (at what cost? Not sure)

    Great blog yet again. And expecting many such scamster queuing upto to confessionals very shortly

  7. This is true even today #srk. Wish I have the power to shut down this channel. Keep up the good work.

  8. Mediacrook, do write about scams by NDTV, specially share-scam via there NDTV-Imagine. CBI inquiry on Pranay Roy should also be exposed.


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