Monday, August 30, 2010

Saffron Terror: Chidambaram's Cheap Trick

Ravi Shankar Kapoor not so long authored a book 'How India's Intellectuals Spread Lies' . Prominently featured among the lie-mongers were Jawaharlal Nehru, Suzanne Arundhati Roy, Mani Shankar Aiyar and of course P. Chidambaram. That PC routinely indulges in intellectual claptrap is largely ignored by the media. His latest "Saffron Terror" trick is one such lie to camouflage issues of importance and to perpetrate more insults on Hindus as a community. That is not surprising, considering India has been ruled for much of her independent years by a Muslim-Christian family, the Nehrus and the Gandhis.

Chidambaram needs education. Historically, there have been only two kinds of terrorists - Christians and Muslims. Hindus have been at the receiving end of the atrocities of both these religions. But that is history. To a large extent Christians did manage to formulate some reform in their religion and become civilised. One cannot say the same of Islam. In much of the free world it is a recognised fact that Islam is rendered incapable of any reform because of its violence-prone leaders. That much of the terror from muslims stems from their very own holy book, Quran, is also recognised across the world, since the terrorists swear by it. The term 'Islamic Terror' is not strange to the universe anymore. But the exception is the Congress and its supporters and, of course, the Communists in India and our servantile mainstream media. Switzerland has banned minarets. The Netherlands is seeing a mini-revolution against Islamic intolerance. France has banned the Burqa. All, with some reasons. These are countries that are liberal and tolerant in ways similar to India. In India, its people like Chidambaram, his Congress party and the Communists who willfully allow the cloaking of 'Islamic Terror.

For long, the Congress, the Communists, TV Channels like NDTV, Times-Now, CNN-IBN and newspapers like Times of India have talked about the "Root Cause" of terrorism. A faulty argument that has now been burried. They then came up with the spurious theory that those who commit acts of terrorism are not muslims. This had also received vocal support from many muslims. One wonders, if these terrorists who swear by the Quran, consider it their holy duty to kill, believe that they will reach paradise and be rewarded with virgins are not muslims. However, finding that they were unable to fool people any longer with the stupid argument that  "terrorists have no religion" that has stopped. So to counter this constant accusation of sympathy to muslim terrorists what does Chidambaram come up with? Saffron terror, of course. In his, and the Congress party's, bid to malign the BJP or RSS politically this man and his party continue to malign Hindus as a whole and a colour that is sacred. A colour that has never been flown in aggression, terrorism or war over anyone. Their major acts have been one of self-defence. Hinduism was not preached and promoted world over like Christianity or Islam. Even Buddhism was preached, but they did not run around with guns and swords killing people, the way Christians and Muslims have done. Therefore, Mr. Chidambaram, Islamic terror has existed before you were born. To avoid issues of Islamic terror, Maoist violence, Naxalites and all other evils that confront our nation, don't try to fool a nation by diverting attention to so called "saffron terror"

In recent history Christian terrorism was at its worst in the Northern Ireland dispute. Fortunately that has been resolved to a large extent and peace reigns. Among muslims, there is no such specific territory or cause. Theirs is a permanent Jihad and while the West is waking up to that fact, it is only the Congress and the Communists who willfully turn a blind eye to that truth. Needless to mention, India is the homecountry to the largest population of muslims, who have largely not involved themselves in any such terror activities. But the fact that muslims from abroad have been involved in terrorism in many countries makes it the only single community that gets the tag of "Islamic Terror"

Millions of Hindus killed by muslims, temples destroyed, Kashmiri Pandits displaced, Hindus dragged from buses and killed by Khalistanis, a country partitioned, funding of Islamic institutions and muslim pilgrimages, calling Bhagat Singh a terrorist in school text books. Nothing delights the Congress party members more than continually insulting Hindu sensitivities. Their ministers have gone to the extent of defending a pornographer like M.F. Hussain painting nude pictures of Hindu Gods as works of art. Not that we mind, you can draw as many dirty pictures of Hindu Gods that you like, we will not come running with swords and guns to kill you or pronounce 'fatwas', unlike the Islamists.

An Indian arrested in Canada a few days ago, Misbahuddin Ahmed, was a Muslim. Sometime back another Indian arrested in Australia on suspicion of terrorism and later released, Hanif Mohammad, was a Muslim. Afzal Guru sentenced to death by the Supreme Court for terrorism, is a Muslim. None of these appear to be "Islamic Terror" or "Muslim Terror" for the Congress. Chidambaram is not an ignoramus to know that most people arrested on terrorism related charges are muslims and not hindus. The phenomenon of the present day terrorism is entirely Islamic. Yet to the Home Minister, it is one colour alone that seems to pose a new threat of terrorism. Perhaps he avoids using the term 'Green-Terror' as it might sound eco-friendly terrorism!

Organisations like the RSS, VHP and Bajrang Dal are all outfits that were born to counter the nonsense of the Congress pandering to the muslims. Much of the Hindu anger and action are retaliatory in nature. This is not to suggest that those involved in any acts of violence should be let off. They must be investigated and prosecuted. However, when you can allow a man like Afzal Guru to continue living then one has to question the morals and motives of the Congress. Chidambaram is just a foolish pawn in the hands of the ruling dynasty that is the Gandhi family.

If there are terrorists who also happen to be Hindus, they don't swear by the Gita or the Vedas to kill people, that is why it cannot be Hindu terrorism or saffron terrorism. Why? Because there is nothing in those books that promotes killing of innocents or any kind of killing whatsoever.  In contrast the muslim terrorists swear by the Quran and Islam before they kill people.

Mr. Chidambaram, if you can't see the difference don't assume everyone is a moron like you, especially not the Police Officers you addressed. They know what form of terror really exists. Its time you pulled up your lungi and confronted facts. And yes, if you do not act to curb Islamic terror, you will one day provoke Hindus to take the extreme step of taking up arms and defending themselves. We have had enough of you 'Chrislamists' in the Congress and the UPA and, of course, your stooges in the media.

As for other politicians, including the ones in the opposition, who keep repeating the line "terrorists have no religion' they must have their head and ass seriously examined. Terrorism is a hundred percent outcome of nothing but religion. It is only religion that has created so many wars, conflicts and terror acts. Particularly, Christianity and Islam.


  1. Sir I stand up and salute you for such a good article.



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