Tuesday, August 31, 2010

India's Worst Journalists...

(This post was made on August 31. Since then the media skeletons don't seem to stop tumbling out. Some of the faces here are prominently connected in various scams including the Nira Radia tapes. I thought an update to this post may not be a bad idea. Updates made on November 26 are in Red.)

India's 10-Worst Journalists: In a very 'scientific' poll conducted by Mediacrooks the following were voted the worst contemporary journalists around. Readers have to be warned that this poll was conducted only for the English language media otherwise the list would have been longer than 10 and it would have run into many pages. So here goes..

10. Shekhar Gupta, Indian Express: He is the chief of a fast-sinking newspaper and bides his free time (of which he has a lot) in a mundane program called "Walk the talk" on NDTV. Voters found a lot of similarities to BBC's 'Simpson's World' but lacking in any substance. Much of the interviews or discussions on this program is a platform to scratch the back of the interviewee. If you are looking for any serious questions or answers this is certainly not a program for you. In fact, some voters have very strongly suggested that the title of the program should  be called  'Time Pass.
Update: No change in status. Remains where he was. Boring as ever!
9. Veer Sanghvi, Hindustan Times : Voters were unclear why this journalist even appears on television at all. His newspaper his fast losing circulation and readership to a competitor. Apart from mediocre stuff on television he is alleged to have dabbled in appointment of the current telecom minister (who is alleged to be involved in the spectrum scandal). Voters had no idea what Sanghvi actually does, whether news or entertainment.
Update: Since this post, has prominently figured in the Radia tapes. Has climbed 7 places to No.2 on this list and has since also suspended his column "Counterpoint" in Hindustan Times.

8. Vinod Mehta, Outlook: I once wrote to Outlook to stop sending me any more issues against my subscription and that I didn't even want a refund of the balance. So blatant was their support for the Congress. Suddenly, in 2004 before the elections this became anti-Congress and anti-Sonia, and then after the elections, again pro-Congress. Voters have wondered if Outlook sells only in foreign nations as their letters to editor page contains mostly emails from other countries and not Indians. Voters were also under an impression that Suzanne Arundhati Roy won the Booker prize for her articles in Outlook. Mr. Mehta, of course, has never commented on this issue at all. Update: No change, but Outlook published the transcripts of the Radia tapes.

7. Prannoy James Roy, NDTV : Voters were more interested in finding how many communists Roy was connected to. Pioneer of election polls and reporting and analysis, Roy's NDTV is perhaps the most reliable indicator of election results, swings and all that. It is just a matter of sheer bad luck that on most occasions NDTV predictions on Gujarat polls did not work out well for the Congress. Voters were curious to know how NDTV and its anchors became such huge fans of Narendra Modi. NDTV is, of course, India's only 'secular' channel, broadcasting in India, Pakistan, Middle-East and elsewhere. Update: Has climbed up the chart to No.3. His NDTV has come across as the puppet of the Congress. A long held belief of many viewers has proven to be true. Appears more frequently on the channel now to cover up for the mess created by Barkha Dutt. Has yet to show any spine by retaining Barkha Dutt.

6. Rajdeep Sardesai, CNN-IBN:  I'm personally a big fan of Sardesai, especially because his dad was such a great cricketer. Voters felt he left NDTV because that channel wasn't enough anti- Narendra Modi. So CNN-IBN really gave him the platform to spew venom at Modi. Its not on the TV channel alone, Rajdeep did not spare Narendra Modi even at an HT Summit where he was the host. (Of course, he ended up with egg on his face though) Voters still give Rajdeep some credit for reform and balancing his approach to news, especially when his channel runs extensive coverage of issues of national impotence like Rahul Mahajan and his Swayamwar and all that. Update: Has been a little more cautious on his utterances. Read my post "Hammam mein sab nangein hain"

 5. Suzanne Arundhati Roy:
She is India's only global journalist. Be it a politician, a minister, head of state, saints, print journals, tv channels, everyone relies on her to deliver considered and scientific opinion on everything. And she never fails. Be it literature, nuclear threats, dams, environment, maoists, naxalites, mining, rocket science, environmental problems on the moon and mars, saving martians from pollution. She knows everything! For her knowledge, writings and sympathies for Maoists many voters believe she was awarded the Booker prize. Last heard Ms.Roy was being offered the leading role in a remake of "Mother India" by Bollywood. Update: Has since degenerated into a lunatic scumbag. Wants azaadi for Kashmir. If we had more patriots like this asshole, we wouldn't need enemies. FIR filed against her for seditious speech.

4. Karan Thapar: He is India's most charismatic journalist. He is also the only one whose programs have been plagiarised by the BBC. In fact voters strongly feel Thapar should file a case against Tim Sebastian or Stephen Sackur for plagiarising his program on BBC's 'Hard Talk'. Karan Thapar has a very beautiful smile but to really annoy and irritate his guest as also the viewers he puts on a scowl, grits his teeth and growls like a hundred wolves so that the guest is forced to speak the truth. Some believe he was once voted as having the most beautiful smile among all TV journalists. Update: Appears to be more sober on his programs. Will not pronounce yet if he has learnt any lessons.

3. Arnab Goswami, Times Now:  No one in the world of TV in India can be
as serious and short as Arnab. Guests on his show have often complained that he does not ask any questions at all,  and if at all he does they are so short that they have too much time to answer such questions. This often leaves the guests idle on his shows. Sometimes the guests on his show are rotten, they do not allow Arnab to ask questions or speak at all. Voters have hoped this will change and Arnab will get to ask some questions in the future. Update: No change. Times group's double speak on 26/11 and emotional claptrap over victims are available elsewhere on this blog.

2. Sagarika Ghose, CNN-IBN:
She is the only journalist in India to have journalistic qualifications from the state of Gaul (the one in Asterix comic books). It is for that very reason that she is fondly referred to as "Cacofonix" by our voters. Of course, the Vegetable Vendors Association Of India are planning a protest against her for drowning their voices with her unwanted screaming and loud voice. For her expert knowledge on law and on matters of defence of accused she once got a figurative spanking from none other than Ram Jethmalani.
Update: I wish she was gagged. 

1. Barkha Drabu Dutt, NDTV:
The Buck for worst journalists really stops with her. She has been so unbiased and critical of the Congress and the UPA that the government threw the Padma Shri at her in an attempt to shut her up. But the daring Dutt won't stop. Her unbiased reporting of the Gujarat riots apart,  the Congress is also disturbed for her deep affection for Narendra Modi. A staunch defender of Hindus, she has been wrongly accused of being very pro-muslim, anti-BJP and there are blogs that unfairly call her a "terrorists dream come true" for her reporting on the 26/11 Mumbai attacks. Voters were also appreciative of her program called "I The People" on her channel. One voter in fact showed us copy of a book authored by NDTV on "How to scratch a politician's back and win a Padma Shri"  Barkha also has fan pages on Facebook " "Take Barkha off the air" and "Barkha for worst journalist on the planet" !! Nobody, nobody does it better than our Barkha. She was a hands-down winner !! Update: Is now on the defence over the Radia tapes leak. Retains her no.1 position and probably is now too low for even zero.

Disclaimer: Author would like to inform readers that in all 7 voters participated in this poll. This is in line with the daily polls that our TV channels conduct regularly. Except that in the polls that the TV channels conduct by SMS there are normally 5 participants, so we have exceeded them by 2. We have received complaints from the Hindi and other language channels on their journalists missing from the list. That poll is for another day. This is a work of fiction and protected from plagiarists, especially from our TV channels.

Monday, August 30, 2010

Saffron Terror: Chidambaram's Cheap Trick

Ravi Shankar Kapoor not so long authored a book 'How India's Intellectuals Spread Lies' . Prominently featured among the lie-mongers were Jawaharlal Nehru, Suzanne Arundhati Roy, Mani Shankar Aiyar and of course P. Chidambaram. That PC routinely indulges in intellectual claptrap is largely ignored by the media. His latest "Saffron Terror" trick is one such lie to camouflage issues of importance and to perpetrate more insults on Hindus as a community. That is not surprising, considering India has been ruled for much of her independent years by a Muslim-Christian family, the Nehrus and the Gandhis.

Chidambaram needs education. Historically, there have been only two kinds of terrorists - Christians and Muslims. Hindus have been at the receiving end of the atrocities of both these religions. But that is history. To a large extent Christians did manage to formulate some reform in their religion and become civilised. One cannot say the same of Islam. In much of the free world it is a recognised fact that Islam is rendered incapable of any reform because of its violence-prone leaders. That much of the terror from muslims stems from their very own holy book, Quran, is also recognised across the world, since the terrorists swear by it. The term 'Islamic Terror' is not strange to the universe anymore. But the exception is the Congress and its supporters and, of course, the Communists in India and our servantile mainstream media. Switzerland has banned minarets. The Netherlands is seeing a mini-revolution against Islamic intolerance. France has banned the Burqa. All, with some reasons. These are countries that are liberal and tolerant in ways similar to India. In India, its people like Chidambaram, his Congress party and the Communists who willfully allow the cloaking of 'Islamic Terror.

For long, the Congress, the Communists, TV Channels like NDTV, Times-Now, CNN-IBN and newspapers like Times of India have talked about the "Root Cause" of terrorism. A faulty argument that has now been burried. They then came up with the spurious theory that those who commit acts of terrorism are not muslims. This had also received vocal support from many muslims. One wonders, if these terrorists who swear by the Quran, consider it their holy duty to kill, believe that they will reach paradise and be rewarded with virgins are not muslims. However, finding that they were unable to fool people any longer with the stupid argument that  "terrorists have no religion" that has stopped. So to counter this constant accusation of sympathy to muslim terrorists what does Chidambaram come up with? Saffron terror, of course. In his, and the Congress party's, bid to malign the BJP or RSS politically this man and his party continue to malign Hindus as a whole and a colour that is sacred. A colour that has never been flown in aggression, terrorism or war over anyone. Their major acts have been one of self-defence. Hinduism was not preached and promoted world over like Christianity or Islam. Even Buddhism was preached, but they did not run around with guns and swords killing people, the way Christians and Muslims have done. Therefore, Mr. Chidambaram, Islamic terror has existed before you were born. To avoid issues of Islamic terror, Maoist violence, Naxalites and all other evils that confront our nation, don't try to fool a nation by diverting attention to so called "saffron terror"

In recent history Christian terrorism was at its worst in the Northern Ireland dispute. Fortunately that has been resolved to a large extent and peace reigns. Among muslims, there is no such specific territory or cause. Theirs is a permanent Jihad and while the West is waking up to that fact, it is only the Congress and the Communists who willfully turn a blind eye to that truth. Needless to mention, India is the homecountry to the largest population of muslims, who have largely not involved themselves in any such terror activities. But the fact that muslims from abroad have been involved in terrorism in many countries makes it the only single community that gets the tag of "Islamic Terror"

Millions of Hindus killed by muslims, temples destroyed, Kashmiri Pandits displaced, Hindus dragged from buses and killed by Khalistanis, a country partitioned, funding of Islamic institutions and muslim pilgrimages, calling Bhagat Singh a terrorist in school text books. Nothing delights the Congress party members more than continually insulting Hindu sensitivities. Their ministers have gone to the extent of defending a pornographer like M.F. Hussain painting nude pictures of Hindu Gods as works of art. Not that we mind, you can draw as many dirty pictures of Hindu Gods that you like, we will not come running with swords and guns to kill you or pronounce 'fatwas', unlike the Islamists.

An Indian arrested in Canada a few days ago, Misbahuddin Ahmed, was a Muslim. Sometime back another Indian arrested in Australia on suspicion of terrorism and later released, Hanif Mohammad, was a Muslim. Afzal Guru sentenced to death by the Supreme Court for terrorism, is a Muslim. None of these appear to be "Islamic Terror" or "Muslim Terror" for the Congress. Chidambaram is not an ignoramus to know that most people arrested on terrorism related charges are muslims and not hindus. The phenomenon of the present day terrorism is entirely Islamic. Yet to the Home Minister, it is one colour alone that seems to pose a new threat of terrorism. Perhaps he avoids using the term 'Green-Terror' as it might sound eco-friendly terrorism!

Organisations like the RSS, VHP and Bajrang Dal are all outfits that were born to counter the nonsense of the Congress pandering to the muslims. Much of the Hindu anger and action are retaliatory in nature. This is not to suggest that those involved in any acts of violence should be let off. They must be investigated and prosecuted. However, when you can allow a man like Afzal Guru to continue living then one has to question the morals and motives of the Congress. Chidambaram is just a foolish pawn in the hands of the ruling dynasty that is the Gandhi family.

If there are terrorists who also happen to be Hindus, they don't swear by the Gita or the Vedas to kill people, that is why it cannot be Hindu terrorism or saffron terrorism. Why? Because there is nothing in those books that promotes killing of innocents or any kind of killing whatsoever.  In contrast the muslim terrorists swear by the Quran and Islam before they kill people.

Mr. Chidambaram, if you can't see the difference don't assume everyone is a moron like you, especially not the Police Officers you addressed. They know what form of terror really exists. Its time you pulled up your lungi and confronted facts. And yes, if you do not act to curb Islamic terror, you will one day provoke Hindus to take the extreme step of taking up arms and defending themselves. We have had enough of you 'Chrislamists' in the Congress and the UPA and, of course, your stooges in the media.

As for other politicians, including the ones in the opposition, who keep repeating the line "terrorists have no religion' they must have their head and ass seriously examined. Terrorism is a hundred percent outcome of nothing but religion. It is only religion that has created so many wars, conflicts and terror acts. Particularly, Christianity and Islam.

Friday, August 27, 2010

Rahul Gandhi: India's Biggest Disaster In the Making...

There are abundant stories about Rahul Gandhi on the internet that the mainstream media will never report. Full of ass-licking reporters and journalists that our MSM is filled with it is only the small bloggers and passionate patriots who report the stories of this wonderboy called Rahul Gandhi.

It is perhaps the greatest tragedy for this nation to get prime ministers like Manmohan Singh. His utterances on various issues or silence on issues of significance makes me wonder if we really deserved something as bad as this. His latest on the Kashmir issue offering "autonomy" is one such foolish statement. The Congress is virtually leading up to the path where Kashmir will soon be an Islamic state. That there is already something like Article 370 in the constitution, displacement of millions of Pandits from that state, and TV channels and immoral intellectuals promoting the cause of separatists is beyond this prime minister. Instead of coming down firmly in a war-like approach towards the separatists this constant talk of dialogue is nothing but a sure recipe for disaster. It has been fashionable for Congress to coin slogans like "Garibi Hatao", "Aam Aadmi" and so on, when the greatest gift to the nation by the party has been Corruption! Corruption in every form possible, from politics, businesses, the Babus, and even to the Commonwealth Games. Nothing has been spared.

It is in this context of pandering to muslims, vote-bank politics, destruction of everything that stems from the age-old Hindu values of tolerance and peace that the thought that the Congress' future prime minister will one day be Rahul Gandhi. The man is the biggest disaster in the making for India. Except for playing the drama-queen, like Indira Gandhi once used to do, in going to villages or places and dressing up like tribals, having a token meal with a poor family, or running around local trains in Bombay (with a minister carrying his footwear) to the inconvenience of other commuters, mundane speeches telling tribals how he saved their village, what does the man really have for substance?

Lets start with his education! He is supposedly M.Phil, Computer Scientist, Harvard Graduate, St. Stephen's alumni. With such academic background I wonder why he isn't in NASA instead of being a lousy politician. Or probably, as many investigative reports would frequently suggest, he is not more than 12th Class pass. There is nothing in his utterances that would even vaguely suggest that he has gone through some form of higher education. Nothing wrong with that. You don't need a great IQ to be in Indian politics. Well, even his father didn't get through Cambridge and returned with an au pair for a wife. His mother is often reported to have studied at Cambridge. I wonder why Cambridge University never takes these fallacies as an insult to them! Still, lets give the man a pat on the back, he is definitely an improvement upon various politicians who have never got past 7th Class in school. And, I don't for a moment believe that formal graduation has anything to do with anyone's wisdom or character. This is where Rahul Gandhi is suspect. The least I would expect of a future prime minister is wisdom and character.

He is reported to have travelled to the USA on an Italian passport with his Latino girl friend and detained at an airport by the FBI in 2001 with a bag-full of dollars. Surprisingly, the issue was reportedly hushed up by the then NDA government, when it should have conducted a full-scale investigation of where the money came from, what its purpose was and why the FBI had detained him. Maybe this runs in the family, his uncle Sanjay Gandhi (then Sanjiv Gandhi) was once arrested by the London police for a petty car theft. If these are rumours then Rahul Gandhi would do well to stand up and provide a concrete and conclusive explanation. However, it doesn't stop with that.

There are abundant reports on the internet suggesting Rahul was involved in a gang-rape in Amethi in December 2006. The police are said to have hushed up the case and no FIR was ever registered. Any ordinary man who's aware of a rape case being reported against him would immediately work and go all out to have his name cleared if he was innocent. No such thing by Rahul Gandhi yet to my knowledge. There are also reports that immediately after the Bombay carnage of 26/11 our heir apparent was partying away in Delhi in the first week of December. This is supposedly the man who shares the grief of the common man and villagers. It is also our big misfortune that we have a lame media that gleefully keeps off all such news from people. Instead, our media never fail to fall over each other in covering Rahul Gandhi's tours and giving ample air time to his stupid and childish utterances. This is also the man who, while nearing 40, went on a "Discover India" trip. And the one who reportedly went on a trip to Afghanistan because "he was bored in Delhi"!

That Rahul Gandhi has neither wisdom nor character is beyond any doubt to me. Where does this come from though? His family has a history of perpetrating unwanted miseries on India. I have nothing against Jawaharlal Nehru, but cannot help thinking he nearly turned India into a communist state, repressed free enterprise, compromised Kashmir, had a flawed China-policy leading to the 1962 war and defeat by China, who grabbed parts of our land and are still in possession of those, fathered the now redundant Non-Aligned movement. All this only indicates lack of vision in a leader of young democracy. Of course, Nehru is also the man to have caused the perpetual imposition of "reservations" in this country, one of the most divisive policies ever.

Then we had the infamous Emergency imposed by Indira Gandhi and following her death the slaughter of Sikhs by Congressmen who still roam free. Amid the tragedy, Rahul's father Rajiv Gandhi, could only come up with a stupid statement "when a great tree falls, the earth is bound to shake" (or something to that effect). To Indira Gandhi's credit one can say she was at least bold and courageous. I see nothing of that sort in Rahul Gandhi.

What about his father Rajiv Gandhi? The man came to parliament with the biggest ever majority and the only thing he used it was to reverse a Supreme Court order in the Shah Bano case with a constitutional ammendment. An ammendment that deprives muslim women of rights available to other women. Yet, this party is supposedly the champion of muslims. It doesn't end there. Rajiv Gandhi is alleged to be involved in the big Bofors scandal, also involving Sonia Gandhi's relatives, and letting off Warren Anderson in the Bhopal Gas tragedy. In short, Rajiv Gandhi was another prince who was just as stupid as his son is. Yet instead of being ashamed of such a prime minister we have an unending number of roads, airports, bridges being named after the man.

With all that in his blood it is too much to expect Rahul Gandhi to be an epitome of wisdom or character. I would not be surprised if on a thorough medical examination he is found to be mentally retarded. Such are his utterances and behavioral patterns. I am a patriot as much as any other Indian but I must woefully state that it has to be a nation of idiots and fools, that deserves a prime minister like Rahul Gandhi. Sonia Gandhi was wise enough to realise that her ignorance would be thoroughly exposed if she had ever taken that office when she had the opportunity. I am not sure Rahul Gandhi even has the slight wisdom his mother had. I can only hope the Congress party disappears soon if their only hope for the future is this moron. When he opens his mouth I cannot help being reminded of Moose in the 'Archie' comics. Duh ?

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Tainted? Have a chat with Barkha Dutt !

While surfing TV channels a few days ago I found Suresh Kalmadi chatting with Barkha Dutt of NDTV. He was painfully explaining that the CWGOC had done nothing wrong and he himself was in the clear. I could not help wondering why is it that Congressmen or Muslims run to Barkha Dutt to give an interview to explain their position even when the actual accusations or expose of some misdeed has come from some other channel. In this case, it would appear that it was TIMES NOW that was airing the CWG scam day in and out with repetitive cacophony. But Mr. Kalmadi surprisingly found that the right person to give all the answers is to an NDTV journalist. Of course, Barkha Dutt. She, the one, who helps soften the blow for all those crooked Congressmen and other crooked celebrities.

Not long ago we had the "pakistan-is-a-peaceful-neighbour" Shahrukh Khan doing interviews with her explaining how the Shivsena had targeted him wrongly for his stupid utterances. I am no supporter of Shivsena and despise them for their stupid behaviour. But when someone like Shahrukh Khan is in trouble, who does he run to? Barkha Dutt of course. She's the only person who can help tainted people put across the truth to the nation. Especially when it comes to congressmen and muslims.

I am perhaps getting ahead of myself. But then there was this "happy-tongue" pseudo-secular called Shashi Tharoor who ran into trouble. While all the media was exposing his crooked deals in connection with the IPL, who does he run to? Barkha Dutt, of course. Who else would give him the complete opportunity to present his side of the story and show how innocent he was and did nothing wrong. Only Barkha Dutt and NDTV.

I would be offending NDTV if I keep maintaining that Barkha Dutt is the only saviour of tainted souls. Wait, there is Prannoy Roy! At the height of the Global Warming scam, which is truly a major scam of the century, he was delighted to present Rajendra Pachauri with the chance to present his case as having done nothing wrong. So servantile was the interview Prannoy conducted with Pachauri, one would think this global warming and climate messiah was actually a spiritual leader and not the scamster he was portrayed as.

So I was least surprised when lately Suresh Kalmadi ran to Barkha Dutt and NDTV instead of the other channels to present his case. So the lesson is simple, if you are tainted, run to NDTV, especially if you are in the congress or happen to be a chrislamist.