Saturday, July 17, 2010

The (Twisted) Times Of India - The "Aman" Preacher

I couldn't help laughing at the Times View in today's edition of the TOI. The preacher of "Aman Ki Asha" now tells us that there cannot be peace with Pakistan when the 26/11 masterminds are "..preaching murderous hate against India. There can't be any closure of 26/11 until there is justice" Bravo !

Here are questions to the TOI. Were they not preaching hate when the AKA campaign was launched? Were they not dodging actions on 26/11 when the AKA campaign was being run? And you wanted our children to send them "Love-Kerchiefs" ?? Pakistan is a country desperately in need of toilet paper like TOI, not our love-kerchiefs.

It does not take great intelligence to imagine what kind of brains the TOI employs to have run the scam called "Aman Ki Asha". One can only conclude that there must be ulterior motives and profits at stake, apart from the desire for some silly awards for such a campaign.

Yours truly has written over and over again that we need not desire war with Pakistan but there simply cannot be peace with them, unless they initiate it and deeply desire it. India should not be making any moves at all. It is impossible to make peace with a failed state like Pakistan simply because it exists only on a map and has no political foundation. It is hard to imagine that with all the experienced journalists that the TOI may be employing they could first come up with the stupid campaign of "Aman Ki..." and then now this same journal sermonizes us on what should be the basis for peace talks. Obviously, the "AKA" nonsense wouldn't be the idea of journalists, I have to presume that would be the marketing geniuses in the TOI.

This reality of no-peace-possible with Pakistan is evident to anyone with a decent common sense. Unfortunately, it is the Indian media that consistently displays an acute lack of any common sense. One can easily fathom why politicians behave is in their genes. Why else would India still send a Krishna to Pakistan? Maybe they aren't done with appeasing our muslims yet. Krishna should have retired long ago. And anyone who has watched Qureshi even once would know that the man with the perennial ugly scowl on his face, is matched only by his own foul-mouthed tongue.

India doesn't need Pakistan. It is time we put this nonsense called peace-talks in cold storage for a long long time and get on with our business of running our nation. We must deal with terrorism with the specific understanding and knowledge that Pak will continue to sponsor it forever. Anything else will only be as foolish as the Times of India.


  1. Is this is not the common view share by almost every true citizen....with obvious exception of most in MSM, Government and pseudo-liberals/secularists? Once, Sardar Patel had a sarcastic comment on Rajaji, who was of the opinion that we should win them with Love. Sardar shot back saying, he (Rajaji) forgot that our Love couldn’t prevent creation of Pakistan. When I see such mindless, almost anti-national farce like AKA, quote like "we have enough proofs and we have registered protest to highest level", "We warned them that peace process will be derailed", "We are keeping close watch on the developments" and all such gutter talks...I severely miss Sardar Patel. What kind Impotent and selfish people, we are encouraging to handle our nation's fate at Political and media level.
    Creation of LOC is also Jawaharlal Nehru's one of the many blunders. He overruled Sardar and asked our army to Stop due to the pressure of Lady Mountbatten’s husband and his own lust mongering for International prestige of peace maker statesman – desh gaya bhaad me!!!.

    I hope...I sincerely pray that whenever NaMo comes to helm of Bharat's government, He keeps his current attitude and does not get bogged down.

    1. The quotes remind me of the monotonous announcement "deri ke liye hume khed hai" on suburban railway stations. Our PM and other politicians (not leaders) give us homlies like perpetuators shall be brought to justice. Nothing happens and the same sick words are repeated when another incident happens. It makes me believe that we have the army only for Republic day parade where they salute good for nothing politicians.

  2. MC -

    The main reason behind "Aman ki Asha" and cricket matches is plain simple - Govt sponsored programmed to appease minority votes. I am not sure how moslem population in the country will be impressed if we have better ties with Pakistan but apparently thats what seems to be the motive of this government. Why else would they give Miadad visa? call their cricket team here? send Krishna, etc? We granted them the "most favored nation" for trade. But when was the last time Paki's actually helped us genuinely? Dawood is still out there, fake currencies are still printed thanks to ISI, 26/11 mastermind is still at loose. And why do we care to even have friendly ties with them? With a terrorist state that the world loathes?

    As per retired army majors on tv during debates, these infiltrations have been never stopped. I distinctly remember during the Vajpayee government there atleast used to be a reference in the daily news about "ghus paith". Why have I not heard anything in the news since UPA 1 or 2. The UPA congress is going to great depts of deceit to hide these facts from the general population. Motive is to build a stronger (fake) foundation for these AKA kind of programs.

    I have always believed that the nations were divided for a reason and whats done is done. The best we can do is not wage wars but yet be vigilant with them as it should be. Atleast we know what to expect rather than these kind of backstabieng.

    1. "The main reason behind "Aman ki Asha" and cricket matches is plain simple - Govt sponsored programmed to appease minority votes"

      I completely agree! vote bank politics which was killed in Gujarat in just concluded eleections.

      Please also note that nobody is talking about "overflowing Love" of our Behari seculars namely Lalu and Nitish...Why they love going to the neighbour country? simple..Votebank..pathetic mindsets and Nitish wants to become Prime Minsiter! heard now that even Shatrugnya Sinha is currently in Pakistan.


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