Wednesday, May 19, 2010

"CHRISLAM" : The new religion of the media and Congress (I)

Just when I thought all the nonsense about "Aman Ki Asha" had died TOI comes up with more crap than ever before. This time a business meet between Indo-Pak business groups. And wait, thats not all we have people like Narayana Murthy saying things !! Oh he knows everything! After all he's the guy who started something with 10000/- bucks, didnt he? (And if you didnt have the answer to some trivia, go ask Narayana Murthy...he knows everything. He..the one that contributed to the lousy Bangalore airport!!)

Its a very dangerous signal for this country that a new religion called CHRISLAM is being formed by the media. Christian front from the ruling top and MUSLIM front on the votebank front. Together they have truly formed a new theory called CHRISLAM.

Many years ago, in my homestate a CM formed a KHAM theory (Kshatriya, Harijan, Adivasi and Muslim) Now the Congress and the media have taken it a lot higher and formed a Chrislam theory. Among the front runners of this campaign has to be the ethically bankrupt organisation called the Times Of India. Among all media morons, this particular newspaper is like the Pope. Full of abuses with no one to question them and they go on in their own merry way. Are they alone? No ! They will be joined by the likes of the Prannoy Roys, the Barkha Dutts, the Rajdeep Sardesais, the Sagarika Ghouls, and they will now deliver a new religion to this nation.

I thought Scientology was silly, but this CHRISLAM takes the cake. And they're all in love with Pakistan. The worst country on earth. Even lipstick on a pig couldnt change that country, but our media morons simply love that country. Why? Because they have some Sania-Shoaib wedding, because they have some Adnan Sami flab and they dont tire telling us why we should love Pakistan. They even roped in Narayana Murthy to tell us how the impossibile is possible. For sucking up to that war criminal called Musharaff NDTV got broadcasting rights in Pakistan. One just has to wonder what the Times Of India is angling at. Chrislam is truly here.

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  1. i completely agree with you .....this country will goto hell.....beacuse of the biased media and corruption party of india ..loved yout article on Rahul ghandhi ......


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